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Over thirty years ago I wrote the words, "There is emerging on the face of the Earth, a new human, an Infinite Human," That time is NOW and that human is YOU!

We live in an extremely pivotal time where your every thought and action packs great power in determining your future and that of our Earth. You are not here on Earth NOW, by accident, nor on this website. You play a very important role in this Earth story that is unfolding and you have brought with you, many unique gifts, talents, and visions to share with humanity to assist in this process of creating new infinite earth!


At the Infinite Human School, we are here to support YOU! Isn't it time to be the Divine Infinite Human Being, you truly are, and embrace the uniqueness of your Divine Soul Mission? Isn't it time to let go of the old, finite, broken Earth and co-creator a New Infinite Earth?


The Infinite Human School 

for the 

New Consciousness Renaissance

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All Purchases Help to Create Videos, Blogs, Video castes that educate and empower s humanity and our Mother Earth in Ascension !

To be Infinite
You Only Need to Let go of the Finite!! 

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