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The Visionary Artist Retreats emphasizes the importance of connecting your inward spiritual expansion with your creative expression. You will have to time for reflection, inspiration, gestation, production and to enjoy La Dolce Vita of Italy!


You will engage in Meditation, Transformational Art, Creative Visualization, Yoga and other mindful practices in a nurturing, creative environment to help you more completely align with the Divine Infinite and the high-frequency energies coming into our planet NOW. You will learn how to infuse your Art with these high-frequency codes to help awaken, activate and liberate yourself and the beholder.

You will have the opportunity to explore and experiment with a variety of mediums finding the mediums that best help you to express your vision for humanity. Some of the mediums used for self-exploration and expansion are: 





*These retreats last for one month and are available throughout the year. To reserve the time frame you would like,  want please email: and include the month you prefer to attend and your preferred theme.