Embracing Your Divine Vision

The Infinite Human Online Meditation and

Mindfulness Workshop Series

                                                   Your Divine Soul Vision


Have you ever wondered why you are here on Earth now? Have you everthough there is more to life than the current job or lifestyle you are now living? Have you secertly longed to do something but  perhaps have been too fearful to try it or maybe you are just so confused about how to start or lack the clarity and the people to get the ball rolling? 


The truth is you are an Infinite Human being and have the power to create whatever you have come to Earth to create. But you just may need some motivation, inspiration and clarity as to how to take the first steps. Perhaps you have been trying to make your  new job fit into the old fintie broken world.  Maybe you need help to Align with your Divine Mission in Life and your unique Soul BluePrint. 


You are as unique and your finger print and your finger is a finger on the hand of God!


 What you do is important!

What you do matters!

What you do can change the world in small moves.


 You have been conditioned to fit in but the truth is your power is in your uniqueness! 


                                                  This is your time to shine!













 You will receive a personal Divine Soul Vision Coaching Session to help you determine your areas of interest, your unique gifts, talents and your passions. You will create a Soul Vision for your life during the workshop and learn to trust, honor, and respect your unique way of being and doing things.


We will be using exercise to help you gain clarification and confidence:

Brain Mapping, Mission Statements, Vision Boards, Transformational Art and Imagery, mask making and much more! We will help you break down the barriers of confusion, self-doubt, procrastination, and apathy transmuting them into your greatest strengths so you can get on with why you came to this planet and be and do what you were destined to be and do NOW!


We will meet weekly LIVE for one month via the magic of Cyber Space and you will have fun,  creative assignments,  meditations, plus healing and teaching videos uploaded to your special facebook page weekly and much more!  Check available times via email elizabethleemonroy@gmail.com   SEE YOU THERE!!!