Embracing Your Divine Vision

The Infinite Human Online Meditation and

Mindfulness Workshop Series

                                                   Your Divine Soul Vision


Have you ever wondered why your life just never seems to pan out? Have you so desperately tried to do new things? Follow your dreams? Create abundance in your life. Use your SECRET Manifestation skills to create but never quite get what you desire?


Or perhaps you were too fearful to try something new or maybe you are just so confused about what you want out of life you just keep on living a life of quiet desperation not really happy with the life you are leading but not really having a clue about what you do want?


The truth is you are Infinite Source and have the power to create whatever you have come here to create. But the SECRET is you probably have been trying to create desires i not in Align with your Divine Mission in Life and your unique Soul Blue Print


You are a finger on the hand of God and your fingerprint is the unique blueprint you have created for yourself. It is a  unique one of a kind way to carry out God’s work here on Planet Earth. You have a soul mission and divine vision that no one else in the world can do it. It may look like someone else's purpose but the way in which you carry it out is unique only to you . You may be a writer or a painter but the way you write or paint it unique only to you . All the great masters found their uniqueness and lived it. Only Michealangelo  could have sculpted the David or painted the Sistine Chapel or Leonardo Da Vinci, the Mona Lisa in their unique and powerful way. Your power is in your uniqueness. Yet all our lives we have been taught to conform, fit in and be like all the rest.


                                                  This is your time to shine!














You have a unique fingerprint, a unique heart beat, a unique rhythm to your life. You have a unique signature, a one of a kind way to moving, walking, dancing. All the struggles and challenges, the tears and pain you have encountered in this life have added to your uniqueness! It is time to embrace all that is you and all that has made you the magnificent unique individual you truly are! When you do this you will come together with the other fingers who have embraced their fingerprints and serve as the right hand to God and make the changes in the world.


If people, places and things have fallen from your life know that they were only in the way of your moving to the rhythm of your fingerprint and finding the other fingers who will make up the “right” hand of God.  So your task now is only to examine your finger print. Inside all the wrinkles, cracks and crevices is your unique life story, life vision and the key to creating heaven on Earth for you and for others. Look deep within,  have the  courage and faith to go where your fingerprint leads you!


This Workshop will be utilizing the powerful energy on the planet in this amazing time frame we have now entered to assist you to better define your Divine Soul Vision and uncovering you onec of a kind way of expressing it. You will receive a personal Divine Soul Vision Coaching Session to help you determine your areas of interest, your gifts, your talents and your passions. You will create a Soul Vision for your life during the workshop and  learn to trust, honor and respect your unique way of being and doing things.


We will be using exercise to help you gain clarification and confidence:

Brain Mapping, Mission Statements, Vision Boards, Transformational Art and Imagery and much more! We will help you break down the barriers of confusion fear, self-doubt, procrastination, and apathy transmuting them into your greatest strengths so you can get on with why you came to this planet and be and do what you were destined to be and do NOW!


We will meet weekly LIVE for one month via the magic of Cyber Space and you will have fun,  creative assignments,  meditations, plus healing and teaching videos uploaded to your special facebook page weekly and much more!  Check available times via email elizabethleemonroy@gmail.com  Sunday Evenings 9 p.m. Italian time. SEE YOU THERE!!!




Every month we offer online live support to help you shed the old you and step into the new Infinite YOU! We focus on helping you to let go of old patterns that keep you limited to the past and support you into stepping into the new expansive life you have designed for yourself filled with love, abundance, bliss and fulfilling your Divine Soul Mission here on Earth! You are the Author holding the pen of your life story!


We meet LIVE once a week and throughout the week there are fun assignments and supportive uploads of healing and inspirational videos aimed at helping you reach your goals! Also, each month all participants will receive a  private coaching session.  This is very intense work which transmutes all levels of your natures: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially and financially. JOIN US!  



Included in Each Month:

One  Individual  Coaching Session

 Transformative Art,

Creative Writing Assignments,

Healing Meditations,

Live Group Interactive Sessions, 

Meditations,  Inspirational videos and more!

Each month we will address different themes

which will help you to best utilize

the powerful ascension energies

coming to the Planet NOW!



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