The Infinite Human

Applied Alchemy Retreat

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   The Esoteric Renaissance

Applied Alchemy Retreat


 You are a pebble who’s ripple will awaken humanity!



The Retreat Includes:


 Lectures, Meditations, Creative Visualizations, Creative Storytelling,  Transformational Art,  

Performance Art, Creative Movie Making,

Mask Making, Sculpting,   Esoteric Renaissance & Storytellers Tour

 and much more!


Using these creative mediums you will explore your current limitations, and have the opportunity to rewrite your life story creating a higher vibratory version of yourself.  You will expand your palette to paint your life canvas with vibrant colors that are better attuned to your true INFINITE self and soul mission.

Isn't it time to live La Dolce Vita?


                                 The Esoteric Renaissance Tour


If a picture is worth a thousand words a symbol is worth a million. This Tour takes you behind the scenes of the Renaissance to explore the spiritual and metaphysical practices that fueled the quantum leap in consciousness which inspired the Artists, Philosophers, Poets, Architects, Scientists to take the world out of the Dark Ages and into the age of Enlightenment. We will discuss occult symbology, the true practice of Alchemy and correct many of the blinds have been planted into both religion and esoteric principles to keep humanity from their ascension.   You will also learn how powerful spiritual symbols have been inverted by the dark forces to keep you imprisoned and learn the keys to self-liberation. We will visit the palaces, museums, and churches.



                                       Esoteric Renaissance Tour Reviews:

The best unconventional tour I could ever had! Elizabeth is so brilliant, funny, smart and Kiki is so adorable! Can't thank you enough for the good time!



Elizabeth has an extraordinary knowledge of history and demonstrates this using the beautiful backdrop of Florence. Elizabeth's tour is intellectually stimulating and provides thought-provoking examples of history and the relationship with our lives today. I highly recommend spending time with Elizabeth for a tour, unlike the usual tourist experience.



The tour proposed by Elizabeth initiates some very interesting questions and shows the art and the city with a new perspective that ensures you long discussions for the rest of the evening.



It was a great tour with an exciting group of women. Learned all about the hidden esoteric symbolism of Florence with the bubbly Elizabeth. Highly recommended. She has a great energy. Very interesting topics. My only complaint was the wind! I'd love to hear more. Thank you for the tarot reading as well.


This tour was amazing!!! Fun, engaging and packed with information - Elizabeth is extremely knowledgeable and generous with what she knows. I'm seeing Florence with new eyes and it's very exciting!! Thank you so much Elizabeth and Kiki :)



It was a great tour .. a tour with different insights. A great alternative, you're truly lovely. Thank you.



        An wonderful tour into the hidden side of Florence. Informative and fun, and after the tour you will keep looking for hidden signs!




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