Infinite Human Ascension Guidence

Intuitive Reading

This is a fun and very revealing session where I scan your energy field for any blocks and distortions then use a number of tools to help you see where you may be limiting yourself. I draw on my skills as a Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Meditation Instructor & Tarot Coach. 

35 euro

Infinite Human Intuitive
 Coaching Package
12 powerful individual intuitive coaching sessions that help you go deep, exposing the ways that you are limiting your own expansion, expression, success, and self- growth. It can be a bit challenging and quite life altering.  
  Ascension Guidance
This community includes  monthly themes and  fun, creative and growth-producing assignments that help you to shed destructive patterns that no longer support your ascesnion process. Group Networking and Discussion Forums and 
we meet LIVE once a month to  interact, share the assignments and recieve individual coaching within the group . 

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