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“The New Infinite Earth Builders will be the artists, painters, poets, writers, healers, inventors and visionaries who are not distracted by the current narratives running on our finite 3D Earth. These spiritually mature Infinite Human Beings will not wait for someone or something outside of themselves to take care of things, but will roll up their sleeves and create a world they want to live in! The New 5D Earth will be populated by Infinite Human Beings who have freed themselves from the scripted dramas and finite illusions of the 3D World and can focus on their creations! This New Consciousness Renaissance, unlike the past one, will not be based on ancient scriptures, documents, bibles, tablets and external sources of information which can be co-opted to misdirect individuals from the Truth. Rather, it will but founded on each person’s direct connection to Infinite God Source within. The information will come from SOURCE. It will be born from the soul, from the heart and from every Infinite Human Being who has ascended to their own freedom within. They will be, as Plato wrote, “individuals who attain this world of perfection within.” One by one, as each human awakens to the Infinite within themselves, this expanded awareness will pick up speed like a massive snowball! There will be no stopping it! This time the Dark Side will not be able to corrupt that which is pure and created in the higher frequencies of truth”

THE INFINITE HUMAN is a book unlike any book I ever written before! Most books when completed are they cast out into the world of readers to do with them what they will and that is that. But not this book! Oh no! This book definitely has a life of its own and I the writer found myself deeply bound to it! It seems that the divinely downloaded words were not meant to remain on the page but to become a blueprint for the next phase of not only my life but the awakening human family. So I found myself leaving the comfort of my Villa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea of Sicily and traveling America first on my Book Tour of Spiritual Expos and then into the Jungles of Central American in theYucatan Peninsula to co-create New Earth Communities. And who do you think I met in the jungles of Mexico but Sacha Stone.


A particularly interesting part of the Hopi prophecy relates to the choosing of leaders. According to the story, “a leader will not be the one that talks the loudest, boasts of successes, or has the support of the elite. Leaders will be those whose actions speak the loudest, the ones that have demonstrated wisdom and courage and have proven that they work for the benefit of all.” Most people who want to be the leaders now are coming from a place of ego. They have not done their own inner work and just want to be in the spotlight. You must begin to trust yourself as your own authority. Do not give your power away to people who talk the good talk and say the right words but are not the real things; to aggressive charismatic speakers of the False Parent architect! Many of the champions of the people emerging now, who have the microphone and “talk loudly” are “talking the talk”, but are they “walking the walk”? You must ask yourself if they have had the courage to look within? To expose the lies they have been telling themselves? Have they had the courage and the humility to fully “Know Thyself,” and to “Thine Own Self Be True”? The key to a true leader is the degree to which they, can be honest with themselves. To have the courage to look at themselves profoundly and heal all the lies within. To practice self-love, self-respect and self-honesty. To take responsibility for their actions and the consequences of their actions and demonstrate honesty and integrity. “

Christmas with Sacha Stone

( A Man with a Vision)

I met up with Sacha in Bacalar Mexico where he was working on realizing his New Earth Community in Bacalar Mexico. I found a very humble, kind man with a grand vision who was working tirelessly to realize it. He graciously invited me to spend Christmas with him and a group people who had gravitated to Bacalar to realize a New Earth Community.I happily accepted his generous invitation since Kiki and I have spent the past seven Christmass alone! We had a delicious dinner and for the first time in years I actually had very stimulating conversations about visions of an uplifting future with the many souls who had gravitated to Bacalar.I met woman with amazing star-seed children who wanted to create homeschooling networks. I saw vast potential! I believe Sacha and many who are drawn to this high vibe area are turning to a “future memory” which was becoming very clear to me as I traveled the Yucatan forging my way through jungles filled with the ancient ruins of pre-fall Atlantis. I followed the 5D timeline to the ancient healing Mayan Mecca. I believe those individuals who can anchor onto this true organic 5D timeline will full fill their soul missions and lay the foundation for enduring 5D New Earth Communities. All else will crumble away unable to exit in the higher frequencies of truth.

I know Sacha Stone as many visionaries has been highly criticized. I too have been heavily criticized which is the price for stepping outside of the herd and making things happen. We are all imperfectly perfect, works of art in progress. I have heard the gossip about Sacha in the online spiritual communities and yes he does have a different pirate energy and operates from a very 3D masculine space but perhaps that’s what the job requires at this point. Carving a path through the jungles of Mexico dealing with all the dirty politics is not an easy job! Perhaps it is time for those in the online “spiritual” communities to stop criticizing others and come out from behind the safety of their computer screens and actually DO SOMETHING! Get on a plane drive a rental through the jungle roads over the Tope (cement speed bumps that appear out of nowhere!) Hack through the jungle with a machete! Brave the crocodiles, jaguars, mosquitoes and bloodsucking horse flies! Learn Spanish! And actually co-create a New Earth rather than complain that the trucks not carrying their food supply and passing judgment on those who are trying to BE THE CHANGE! Whether Sacha will succeed in his project does not matter for he has served his purpose by supplying a vision to which people can magnetize themselves to. It really is up to the people who come to the area to make a community work.

“wherever you go... there you are”! You bring yourself and all your dirty baggage! It wasn’t until I hurt my foot and was unable to run away that I finally realized that true spirituality comes from healing all within! Opening up all your suitcases and airing them out in the light of day. Scrubbing what needs to be cleaned and throwing out everything that no longer serves you. Only then can you clear away your own weeds, create a paradise within, where you can then plant yourself into the fertile soil of 5D Earth. Then you can create your own Shangri La. “The Kingdom of Heaven ( you seek) is within”. Wherever you are it begins and ends with you!”

We chatted about the prospect of bringing groups of people together who still had shadows from 3D timelines.We spoke about it being the Divine Feminine that will lead the way. Sacha was very ill when I spoke with him and I felt he was working himself to the bones to correct his past karma (something we all have to do) . But the old paradigm of the Martyred Christ is not part of the 5D timeline but part of the 4D astral plane of illusion and will not endure. People investing in the community looking for a spiritual leader and someone outside of them to "do things for them" will not succeed. I believe Sacha's real job is to serve as a magnet to bring the right people to this incredible high-vibe area so they can learn through their own inner journey, dig in get their hands dirty and carry out their soul mission.

I was dying all the time I was in the good ol USA, but here my cells are regenerating. The Waters of Bacalar are very restorative, the food is amazing and there is no 5G!I I don't know how anyone in the US is able to maintain any form of health in that ever-growing toxic environment, much less begin the biogenesis journey of ascension.The genocide of humanity is growing stronger every day. People are dropping like flies and sadly people are becoming numb to their fellow human beings' pain and suffering. The Death Culture is spreading like cancer!

I myself have been guided by the Guardians to create a Spiritual Healing Eco retreat village here in the Yucatan. More will be revealed about that project in the future….


For now, the 3D and 5D Earth’s are running parallel like two horses galloping side by side. Some of us have a foot on one horse and a foot on the other as we serve as a bridge in 4D between the two Earths. I do not know how much longer these two Earths will continue to exist side by side. But at the end of 2023 they will separate! The time has come to populate the new 5D Earth and create infrastructures outside the old Earth paradigms. To create counter cultures free from the parasitic toxins of the Old World. Many of the builders of the New Infinite 5D Earth are being called to provide a foundation on the New 5D Earth to serve as a place of refuge where souls can come to heal, recharge and recalibrate and eventually populate as they transmute. They need a place where they can heal. Our Mother Earth needs to be healed and regenerated, seeds of change need to be planted, new self-sufficient homes and communities in harmony with the Law of One need to formed! Don’t remain stuck like crabs in a barrel. You must climb out of the matrix and find the higher ground so you can serve as an anchor for those trying to climb onto the New 5D Earth! This is your Mission should you decide to accept it!

Now it is up to you to choose what kind of world you want to create. As each of you come into your own personal consciousness renaissance, you will lay claim to your birthright as the Guardians and Sacred Keepers of our planet, our Mother Earth, and all her creation. You will be the pioneers, the vanguard, the Founders, the key builders, the Rainbow Warriors of the New Infinite Earth. You will be the leaders of the New Consciousness Renaissance who will in turn create more leaders!

“So, stop playing it safe! Safe is boring. Stretch your wings and fly and let the winds of spirit carry you into the higher dimensions!”

Staying in the safety of the cyber AI inter "NET" IS NOT expanding into the Infinite! As I gaze into my Krystal Ball I SEE many people leading a spiritual life within the containers of Spiritual online communities where their attention and actions remain confined to the “NET”. They never DO ANYTHING in the physical to ground their 5D lives into the ascending earth. This is just where the controllers want you.They have captured all of your energies within their artificial NET. Yes it is a good thing to learn things on the internet, to share ideas in online communities, to expandour consciousness but unless you are grounding it in your physical realtiy and BEING THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD you are NOT co-creating the new earth and…THEY HAVE YOU RIGHT WHERE THEY WANT YOU!

The New 5D Earth will not be created by followers. The New Earth will be co-created by pioneers, adventurers, explorers, and visionaries. Individuals who have the courage to do it differently! But most importantly we must come together differently. We must embrace our uniqueness and authenticity and break away from the old paradigm of leaders and followers. Everyone has something unique to offer and we must learn to respect our diversity while blending our unique talents to co-create something amazing! We are a symphony of notes when put brought together with unity and harmony we create a song of the soul!



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