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MerWorld is the first in a series of books that tells of the Rise and Fall of the Divine Feminine symbolized through an ancient underwater MerCulture where the Whale Woman once communed with Mother Ocean and the Divine Whale Mother until the Shark Brotherhood destroyed them replacing them with their Shark God and Poseidon.  It is a story of healing and freeing the intuitive inner voice, and sexual powers of the Divine Feminine within us all.  As you journey with Serena and Corbin into the depths of the Sea you will learn the power that resides in harmonizing the Masculine and Feminine through their passion, fears, anger and inner and outer battles which rage within us all and between the two sexes. You see  Serena's transformation from a pampered spoiled princess into a true leader of her people and Corbin's transformation from an arrogant, womanizing, sailer to a man who loves and empowers his Siren Queen. This all occurs  through the power and magic of sexual alchemy which can only create the miracle of eternal love!

The Chronicles of MerWorld: Serena's Tale

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