Visionary Artist 

Certificate Program:



                                      The Visionary Artist Program 





The Infinite Human school was created to realign education with Infinite Source. To help you remember who you are, why you are here, and to support you in manifesting your Vision for Humanity!


In a supportive, nurturing environment you will fine-tune yourself to the Divine Infinite so you can manifest your Soul Vision!


You will plant the seeds for a New Earth co-creating it with other Visionaries. You will learn how to work not only creatively but energetically so your Visions initiate deep-seated alchemical transmutation of souls, bringing the highest eternal light frequency into this world and pioneering Consciousness Technology. 



In this our programs, you will be able to combine and experiment with many different mediums, interact with other Visionaries and create multimedia exhibitions and consciousness immersion experiences that will raise the vibration of audiences around the world. The program is made up of classes, workshops, residencies, internships,  retreats, and professional projects. 


                                                        The Modules:




















 Writing from the Soul

3-D Art


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