The Esoteric Renaissance Tour


                                      The Esoteric Renaissance Tour

                                                          October 7th- 12th 2019  

This unique five-day retreat utilizes the Art and Alchemical Energy of the Renaissance to help you transmute the limitations that may be still holding you back and help you to rewrite your life story to more fully embrace the Infinite you! 


Through fun-filled activities, you will enjoy la Dolce Vita of Italy and learn more about the magnificent creature you truly are! Using the Mythic Story Structure of Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey, Jungian Archetypical images and employing the Alchemical secrets known to only a few of the great masters of the Renaissance you will experience your own personal renaissance here in Florence, Italy.


The Retreat last five days and will include guided esoteric walking tours, museum visits,  mask-making workshops, Yoga, Creative Journaling, Meditation, Creative Visualizations, Alchemical Secrets and much more. As well as welcome Aperitif and buffets, Celebration Dinners, Gelato Feasts, Wine tasting and much more. Experience  Florence from a completely new perspective and let the beauty and energy of the city forever change your life!!


Esoteric Renaissance Walking Tour of Florence

Learn the Secrets of hidden in the esoteric symbols of Florence and in the Masterpieces of the Great Masters such a Leonardo Da Vinci and Michaelangelo.

 Dante'sStory Tellers Tour

Palazzo Vecchio: In this fun and exciting tour, you will not only explore the myths and legends behind many of the fascinating paintings and statues of the Renaissance but also their hidden symbols. You learn the secrets of the Alchemy and Art of the Esoteric Renaissance and have the rare opportunity to journey inward using the powerful Jungian Archetypical Imagery and Mythic Story Structure employed by all great writers, painters, and poets throughout the ages. You will find this essence in the Art adorning these beautiful palaces and museums. Then you will have a chance to use these powerful images to journey inward and find the artwork that reflects these archetypical images inside of you! You will find what symbols and metaphors are unique to you and your own life story. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore not only the timelessness of great art, the secret passages and corridors of Palazio Vecchio and the esoteric history but also learn how it ties into you and your life personally.  

Included Tickets to the Medici Palace Palazzo Vecchio

Uffizzi:  This is a unique look at the esoteric symbols left behind in the works of the Great Masters the true Alchemical meanings left behind like bread crumbs leading us to the truth hidden in plain sight. We will also explore ascension art and use it to help you with your own personal Transmutation process. 

Dinner Celebration

Workshop Celebrate your transmuted self-release all that no longer serves you Create the new Infinite You. Create the mask try it on for size. How does it feel?

The Academy of Art and Michangelo's David Palazzo Ricardi the Medici's First Home.


5 Nights Lodging 

Welcome buffet, Celebration Dinner, Wine tasting, Gelato Festa, Celebration Dinner & all breakfasts.

All Museum tickets, tours. workshops and activities








*no refunds