New Earth Co-Creators

No matter where you stand on the spectrum of awareness about what is happening on planet Earth, NOW, the truth is our Earth will never be the same. I think at last this is sinking into the minds and hearts of humanity. What this happening is a New  Earth is emerging. It is being created as I write these words. It is being created by YOU. The truth is you are extremely powerful whether you know it or not. You create your own reality moment to moment and as collective your thoughts are extremely powerful. This there is so much energy placed on controlling your “perceptions” of reality from marketing, media, to the deeper levels of mind control.  Each and every one of you have has a consciousness, and an immense power to influence the future of our planet with the power of your thoughts. Thought directs energy. And if you look deeper into the plot this is exactly what this entire event is about. It is a war to control your mind, your perceptions of reality, and hence control the kind of world YOU create for yourself. Those that control the perceptions of reality control the minds of the masses and determine the outcome or future of our planet. Many folks are waking up to the truth that the world is not as it seems. That perhaps there could be a highly organized shadow government that can indeed close the entire world in a few short words. A One World Order that can create and enforce the same draconian mandates, regulations, and procedures from China to Italy from Portugal to Guam, from Spain the USA. As more and more people awaken to the truth that there is and has been a One World Order manipulating and controlling the minds of the masses on this planet and herding humanity into future earth that is perhaps not optimal for our true spiritual nature, tour personal freedom and the health of our planet earth and all of its organic life forms the more people can make informed choices. The more they can wake up from the accepted narratives that are flooding the minds of the masses and see they have an infinite number of options to create a new earth that they desire to live in. 


No matter what our differences about what is going on, about how we should proceed into the future about our individual relationship with God it is becoming apparent that we need to overcome the old divide and conquer tactics and come together in the unity of love and oneness to create an optimal new reality and a new earth that we ALL would love to live in. True it begins with you and it is always an inside job. But I know one thing for certain we are all divine infinite human beings with the divine sparkle of the infinite God, Source, love whatever name you choose. The degree to which we access our own infiniteness is our own individual journey. As we awaken to our own inner divine infiniteness we realize we are all one and we are all infinite and we are all humans. It is in this unity we need to come together,in love to co-create a new earth. In truth, we all want the same things here on Earth: love, freedom, abundance, a clean healthy planet where we can thrive and not survive. We all truly want in our heart of hearts to live in peace and harmony. This is our chance to create that new infinite earth with infinite possibilities outside the net of control that has been in place for far too long around us and is now is becoming highly visible.


We can choose to continue to give away our power to an old broken world whose structures and systems no longer serve us or we can create something amazing free from the dark shadow agendas that are at long last being brought out into the light of day. The choice is yours! One thing is for certain, YOU  have the power to choose choice wisely. You also deserve to have your voice heard and not muffled. So in this time of great deceptions, great censorship, massive loss of freedom and above all the inability to speak your truth I have been guided to create a sacred space via a zoom live conference where we can come together in love, and in our deep concern for humanity, our mother Earth and all its life forms. Everyone who feels called to participate can be heard. The only requirement, of course, is to be polite and respectful to one another and trolls will be evicted. This will be a space to share information, inspiration and solutions. To help one and other to move beyond our current limitations of our present finite earth and onto an infinite new earth with infinite possibilities that serve humanity, OUR mother Earth and all organic life to thrive in love, harmony, and peace. It can happen but it starts with YOU! So if your feel called show up! 

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