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Ascension has been called many things throughout history. It has been referred to as attaining Enlightenment, God-Realization, Nirvana, Christ Consciousness and Ascension. In Alchemy this process is referred to as the Great Work or Magnum Opus and is defined as, “to perfect any substance, creation or situation through its transformation back into its essential divinity.” 


While many ancient practices speak of striving to achieve this perfected state of being, I see it more as returning to our true natural essence or what I call our eternal infinite human status. I liken the process to the way Michelangelo approached the task of sculpting his David. He found the perfect stone and carved away everything that was not the perfect essence of David.  That is the task at hand. We must purge, purify, detox, and let go of everything that is not of our true pure divine essence. 


Historically only a few achieved this heightened vibration or state of awaken-ness.  However, it is now becoming much more readily accessible for those who choose to ascend. The truth is ascension is really the only game in town. It may be a bit challenging as all of your issues and dis-eases surface for examination and dissolution, but isn't it much better to free yourself from this darkness forever, rather than putting a band-aid on it and limping through life? The truth is if you are not consciously choosing ascension you are passively consenting to de-cension or inorganic de- evolution. The choice is yours. Chose wisely. 



This Great Work of transmutation or ascension includes detoxing all of our bodies, Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. This becomes highly important as ancestral miasm and genetic defects and traumas surface to be purified and released. We must correct misalignments and inorganic attachments in all these bodies, releasing the pain body and emotional dis-ease from our physical and emotional bodies. We must end the mind control programming and limiting belief systems which have kept us imprisoned and correct spiritual misconceptions from our rewritten history and false tyrannical gods. We must and purge beliefs and practices that keep us enslaved in the victim, victimizer's roles and end sexual misery programs. We must end the misogyny that has stunted our planet's growth and embrace all organic life and our mother Earth for the living consciousness being she is and fully understand how her ascension is deeply tied into our own. We must move from our brain into our heart and be of service to others rather than self-service. 

                                 Infinite Human Coaching Classes

 Healing & Clearing

All Bodies


Upgrading your physical body

Correcting Nadial Complex

Healing the pain body

Clearing the Emotional Body

Breaking Reptilian Mind Control Programming:

Weeding out Seed Fears

Debunking Archetypical Drama Programs: Victim/ Persecutor 

Ending Sexual Misery Programing

Clearing Ancestral Pain


Love relationships: Twin Soul Mates

Balancing the Masculine and Feminine

Dismantling the female moon matrix

Self Love 

Divine Love or  Hieros Gamos 


                              Spiritual Clearing

Clearing the False Male God of Tyranny

Connecting with the True Divine Mother and Divine Father

Clearing False Architecture and Timelines:

Clearing  Crucifixion Insert, Tree of Death, False Cadeus 

Connecting with our monadic soul family

Connecting to Our Mother Earth & Grids


                                Soul Mission

True History of Humanity

Clearing false timelines

Clearing False Ascension Programs 

Understanding your place in the cosmos

Learning about your Divine Origins

Exposing the Negative Alien Agenda


I have created several programs for those committed to deep transformation and their own personal ascension and that of our planet. So please reflect on if this feels right for you.
Please contact me if you would like to go further.

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