Infinite Human Coaching

   Infinite Human Coaching: 

Use this Year to Change Your Life!

Consciousness Clarity Session

Accessing 20/20 Vision






20/20 Vision

One Month Intensive 

Accessing  your 20/20 Vision

What kind of Life would you



Program 1:  Be an Infinite Human:

Module 1:  The Alchemist’s Journey 

Module 2: Transmutation

Module 3: Re-Write Your Life Story

as an Infinite Human 






Program 2: Imagineering a New Earth:

Module 1: Freeing Yourself from

the Old Earth Paradigm

Module 2: Embracing Your Soul Mission

Module 3: Imagineering a New Earth: 


Program 3: Co-Creating a New Earth: 

Module 1: Finding Your Soul Tribe

Module 2: Creating your Soul Signature Product 

Module 3:  Being a Spiritual Entrepreneurship

Retreats in Italy

Retreat 1: Infinite Human Applied Alchemy Retreat 

 Florence, Italy 


Retreat 2: Imagineering a New Earth:

Sacred Sicily Pilgrimage  


My Secret Sauce

My work is based on the healing modality outlined in The Pathway Home,

a book I co-authored with my husband, Peter Monroy, a Physician, laying a foundation

for a holistic healing modality that addresses all six natures of the Human:

physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial and social.

True ascension activation only occurs when all six of the human natures are

transmuted allowing the individual to become whole or “holy”.

    Tools & Modalities 


Art & Alchemy

Creative Writing

Transformational Art 

Creative Visualization


Creative Moviemaking 

Sacred Ritual & Ceremony 

Esoteric Knowledge

Art Therapy

Mask Making

Tarot Coaching

Creative storytelling

Mythic Story Structure

Jungian Archetypes


Reiki Crystal Healing 

Intuitive Coaching 




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