Infinite Human Coaching



Soul Mission Reading

This powerful life coaching session draws upon the practical and intuitive skills of Elizabeth Monroy as a psychotherapist,  Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, and Tarot Coach Reader. 

   Infinite Human Coaching
This one-hour plus session offers an in-depth soul purpose reading combined with deep coaching to explore what is holding you back and to help you to heal and move forward in all areas of your life: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
Infinite Human 
 Coaching Package

Infinite Human Coaching

was created specifically for souls like you, to help you remove the limitations that stand the way of you owning your true divine infinite nature and living your soul mission.


Workshops Includes:

Private Infinite Human Coaching Sessions.


Healing Videos

Private Social Media group for networking.

12 Coaching Sessions :


First Three Month Program:


Becoming an Infinite Human:


Module 1:  The Alchemist’s Journey

Module 2: Transmutation through Self Love

Module 3: Being an Infinite Human


The Modules:


Rewriting Your Life Story: Becoming an Infinite Human


Module One The Journey of the Alchemist.

In this module, you will examine your current life story and your current timeline trajectory. You will determine whom you have permitted to hold the pen that is writing your life story. Where you have let your fears, wounds hurts, blames, grief and anger pull you out of your bliss!


Module Two: Transmutation:

Using the power of Art & Alchemy you will explore your shadow, (fears, wounds, hurts, blames, grief and anger) that has been holding you back and transmute your lower frequencies into higher frequencies using the power of self-love.


Module Three: Being an Infinite Human:

You will learn how to master the Vibrational Frequency of being in the NOW as an Infinite Human Being, in every aspect of your life. You will create yourself anew from a peaceful, balanced center, and rewrite yourself a new infinite expansive life story.



Secret Sauce

My work is based on the co-healing modality outlined in The Pathway Home, a book I co-authored with my husband, Peter Monroy, a physician, laying a foundation for holistic healing that addresses all six natures of the Human: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial and social. True ascension, or (in)-cension occurs when you are able to journey inwards transmuting healing your fragmented selves into an authentic, whole or “holy” Infinite Being.


Tools & Modalities:


Creative Journaling

Transformational Art

Creative Visualization


Acting& Film making

Esoteric Knowledge

Art Therapy

Tarot Coaching

Mythic Story Structure

Jungian Archetypes

Hypnotherapy /Reiki crystal healing

Instructional Videos

Intuitive Life Coaching


Recommended Readings

The Pathway Home

The Infinite Human

The Little Shell

The Magical Mist