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ReWriting Your Life Story


Rewriting Your Life Story Classes You are the hero in your own life story. Perhaps you have forgotten, perhaps you have been too distracted by events going on in the world today. Perhaps you have been living your life for others a parent, a friend, a spouse, a cherished loved one and have forgotten how to write your own story. Or perhaps you are holding the pen but keeps repeating the same tired old chapters, longing for something new but not quite sure how to write it. Perhaps you have grown tired, apathetic, soul-weary, and don’t even care how the story goes or even ends. Perhaps you even long for an end to the story that you are living. Perhaps it seems you and your life story have no real connection to who you are, to your authentic self. You long for something different but you just cannot seem to change the words. If any of my words resonate with you then this course is for you. I feel guided to offer “ A Year of Writing to Uncover your Authentic Self”. We will be using some exercises by Rachel Astor along with transformational Art, Storytelling, Guided Meditations and Group Coaching. The Class is called “Rewriting Your Life Story.” I feel this is the perfect time for many who have chosen to be on our earth at this very powerful and pivotal time. I have always said it is an inside job and begins with you, since we are creating ourselves and the world anew. Many of us are leaving behind “victim” roles we have played for many lifetimes. Many of us have lost loved ones which weighs heavy on our emotions. Many have left jobs, friends, family for one reason on another. Many of us feel a great sense of grief while at the same time, stirring deep within is something new and exciting that is to be born. Perhaps you have a deep inner knowing that things are growing, stirring and but aren’t sure how to proceed because what you feel guided to create has never before been created. Perhaps you lack the confidence, clarity, and courage to take the next leap of faith. This class is for those who have the desire, the energy, and the commitment to set aside one hour a week for a class and one hour a week to do exercises to help you gain clarity of vision, confidence and form supportive loving bonds with others who have chosen to be on this planet now to make a positive difference. This class will be last one year, 12 months. It will consist of weekly zoom classes along with weekly writing assignments. The cost is 100 euro a month or one payment of 1000 euro. I have made the price very reasonable and am willing to work on a sliding scale for those in need because I realize that our world has changed and many of you are just starting to come into your own. This course is focused on helping you to do just that physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially, and socially. We are the builders of the new earth and we are doing things differently. If this resonates let us arrange a zoom session to see how we can best serve one another.

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