Our planet needs you! If you are foundering and unclear as to  the reason you are here now on Earth and what your job is your life will be filled with problems not solutions. This intutivie life reading is to to help you get clear on what you are supposed to be doing NOW in your life, what is your mission here on Earth now and how to take the steps to become part of the solution. When you do this your problems will disappate and your life will flow with ease. You will begin to learn skills that will stop you from playing the victim and begin to take your power back.  I have discounted this session because it it imperative that everyone get their lives and finanaces on tract now so they can create the earth we have all been longing for for so long.

This is an Intutive Life Reading is to help you determine your highest soul purpose here on Earth now and to remove limitations that may be blocking you from fully emboding your highest essence,  timeline trajectory and  Soul Mission. It will help you best  utiilize this powerful time frame we have now entered to step into the highest vibrtion of yourself  intutitively draw  on the unique gifts and talents you  bought with you to share with humanity.  All sessions are via Zoom. Please email  elizabethleemonroy@gmail.com to arrange for your personal time. 

Infinite Human Coaching Session


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