When the Captain of a World War II submarine Captain is fished out of the Bermuda triangle in the year 2025 halting the testing of the planet’s most destructive weaponry to date, Cosmic Energy the President of the Federated States is called in. To complicate the situation the Sub Captain, Captain Corbin is discovered to have transformed his DNA into that of an amphibian.

When Corbin is ordered to explain he begins telling his story, a story of love, adventure and tragedy, a story that in the telling of it heals something deep within him. Corbin recounts the events surrounding World War II and how he pulled out of Pearl Harbor a few days before it was bombed. He tells how his sub sank off of the Marshall Islands and plummeted to into an underwater Cavern leading them to an ancient underwater world called MerWorld...


What a great book…I would fully recommend this book to anyone who is on one …It’s a captivating love story, where deceit, rape and lies, whether above or below the oceans are hard at work…The Author has shown great skill in blending fiction with fact, the past and the present…This mystical love tale of Corbin and Serena makes one feel as if they are present observing this love story unfold below the seas…It also makes you think about the responsibility of stewardship we as people should have of this earth…The Author, Elizabeth has done an excellent job with the Illustrations and Poems she has written throughout this book…In a word, “Brilliant”

The Chronicles of MerWorld :Serena and Corbin's Tale (epub)