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The Pathway Home was written by Peter Monroy, a Physician and his wife Elizabeth Monroy, a Mental Health Counselor, in an attempt to return compassion and the Art of True Healing back into the Practice of Modern Medicine. This book serves as a guide for your own inner journey of healing back to wholeness or Holiness. The Pathway Home also serves as a  cry to awaken the New Co-Healers  of our planet to create a new model of Divine Inner Healing based on self  love, self responsibility and a Holistic approach to Wellness that addresses all four of the human natures: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Peter Monroy and his wife Elizabeth, impart much wisdom from their experiences and the esoteric knowledge they acquired from their spiritual teachers and the souls they encountered in their journeys around our planet. These experiences intertwined with their own spiritual unfoldment illustrate how social systems are missing the mark. Peter and Elizabeth illustrate how to integrate the spiritual concepts discussed in their book into daily living practices to guide both patients and practitioners on their journey towards inner healing and harmonious daily living while serving as the New Co-Healers on Planet Earth.


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