Sacred Italy Pilgrimages

Sacred Sicily Pilgrimage   


We offer unique experiences here in Sacred Sicily. Our healing Alchemical Journey is for the Transformation and  Transmutation of Body, Mind & Spirit! We will be utilizing the energetic lines of Sicily, the Elements of Nature, and the Deva Kingdom to for deep healing and activations of your higher Light Bodies and silicon genetics to help you more fully aligning with your soul mission as an Infinite Human and do what you came to do on Earth now.




We will be working with the powerful Triskelion, the ancient symbol of Sicily which helps you to tune into the divinity that surrounds you and the elements of alchemy: soul (Sulfur) and the spirit (Mercury), and  (salt)- the crystallization, the manifestation, the vehicle through which the more subtle principles work through the body.

We will bath in the Natural Hot Springs filled with Clinoptilolite Zeolite a key element in releasing toxins in all our natures. We will visit Ancient Sacred Sites, and absorb this energy of divine energy and love and tap into the elemental Nature Spirits and Crystalline Energy.  We will work with the Ancient Atlantean Mystery Schools of the Golden Age of Atlantis to heal from the past and move forward with our work on the new earth. We will be transmuting our shadow selves, freeing ourselves from the limitations that are stopping you from writing your own life story. 


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