Capo Rama Tour

 This is one of the most Mystical and Sacred  Places on Earth. We will walk by 200 million-year-old cliffs while I give you a very different historical account of our planet's history dating back to pre- Atlantis and including the Magic Triangle of Sicily's rich tapestry of cultures, artifacts, and history. This island, in the middle of the Mediterranean, has been invaded and inhabited by most every culture in both ancient and modern times.  See why the ancient Romans named this land Terrasini and visit the amazing tower dating back to the Middle Ages. Learn the powerful significance of the Name RAMA. There is plenty of time for meditating and exploring on your own. 


Terrasini City of Love


This is a unique walking tour of Terrasini the Beautiful city of Love. We will begin in the Piazza in front of the Duomo. We will stroll through the beautiful town of Terrasini Sicily learning about its unique history and sister city in the USA. You will learn about some of the unique festivals and cultural events of this quaint city of Love. Then, we will stroll along the amazing seaside walk where you will learn about Sicily's unique cultural diversity and ancient history outside the boundaries of accepted history.

The Secrets of Castellammare

We will be walking through the village of Castellammare the city of a thousand steps. We will be stopping several key sights where I  will talk about the history of this town dating back to the ancient Elymians tribes and discuss the possible Mystical origins of these people possibly dating back to the lost continent of Atlantis. We will also talk about several Greek Myths that were supposed to have relevance to this area and we will visit the ancient castle built by the Arabs and expanded by Norman conquerors.


We will learn about the mafia wars and I will point out the esoteric symbology of Sicily, the meaning of the triangle and its sacred geometrical shape, the trinanga symbol of Sicily and its deeper alchemical meaning as well as other esoteric symbols found in this quaint fishing village.