Dante's Story Tellers Expereince

In this fun and exciting tour, you will not only explore the myths and legends behind many of the fascinating paintings and statues of the Renaissance but also their hidden symbols. You learn the secrets of the Alchemy and Art of the Esoteric Renaissance and have the rare opportunity to journey inward using the powerful Jungian Archetypical Imagery and Mythic Story Structure employed by all great writers, painters, and poets throughout the ages. You will find this essence in the Art adorning these beautiful palaces and museums. Then you will have a chance to use these powerful images to journey inward and find the artwork that reflects these archetypical images inside of you! You will find what symbols and metaphors are unique to you and your own life story. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore not only the timelessness of great art and history but also learn how it ties into you and your life personally.  

Included Tickets to the Medici Palace Palazzo Vecchio