Visionary Storytellers

Writing from the Soul


                                        Visionary Writer's Retreat


Words are powerful. The metaphor the pen is mightier than the sword is true. If you spell sword backward it spells words. Words caste spells over the reader. They are incantations that can be used to uplift and inspire or exploit and enslave. Why do you think throughout history peasants and slaves were not taught to read or write. What is the first thing you learn to do in school? Spell! Spelling is called precisely that, because it caste spells over people. What does that mean casting spells? It directs your consciousness in a certain direction. The Alchemist motto: Thought directs energy or energy flows where attention goes. So you can direct the energy of humanity in the direction of your words, your story.We need more stories about our supernatural experiences to express alternative ways of perceiving outside of the box of “social conditioning.” We need more art, books and films that free us from predictive programming and the stereotyped characters portrayed by Hollywood. We need stories that reveal the infinite aspects and possibilities of the human. 

This month long retreat in the creative enviroment of Florence, Italy will help you 


  • gain direct guidance from your Soul/Higher Self

  • more clarity in your daily life as a result

  • Improved ability to make wise decisions

  • Intuitive abilities are sharpened, honed, and developed

  • Connect with your Spirit Guides 

  • Feel supported and deeply understood

  • Improved ability to trust your intuition

  • Help Create a New Earth with High Vibrational Story Telling

  • Engage in co-creative group writing activities to fan your creative sparkle!

  • Experiment with the new modalities of Interactive Storytelling.  

Whether it be a simple journal entry, a poem, a short story, a novel or a nonfiction book. Whatever you write is a treasure trove of breadcrumbs that leads to the illumination of your soul and your gift to humanity. 




Therefore when you are aligned with the Divine Infinite and receive your inspirations from a high, pure and true vibration, you can access information that can illuminate, inspire and guide you and others. You can receive "Cosmic Downloads" from your  Soul. You become a channel for the Infinite to manifest on our planet. Through the uniqueness of your voice, your individual writing style you become a conduit or a Finger of God holding the pen that writes, letting the words of God move through you and onto the written page. 


“The Moving Finger (of God) writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.”


                                                                      Omar Khayyám

However, the truth is you can change the story! You will change both the past and future. The painful trauma of your old story can be canceled out. How do you do this? .You do so by stepping into another parallel Universe and into a new version of you! Want to learn how? Sign up!

 The goal is to unblock the creative flow increasing personal and spiritual growth and connection through art and creative expression helping participants lead a more passionate, creative and deeply connected life while producing artwork that is deeply significant. 


This Workshop will take you the Artist through an amazing journey of self-discovery. Using Adv. Meditation, Creative Visualization, Transformational Art, Improvisation, Creative Writing, Yoga and Mythic Story Structure. You will develop a profound trust of your own Intuitive Writers Voice and let it guide you in your artistic creations.