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MALTA PILGRIMAGE: Healing the Twin Soul Wound & Awakening the Goddess Within


or Melita as it was known in Goddess times, the Isle of Honey, or Divine Plasma which is the creational term for the supreme being mother goddess birthing matter. This is the very heart center of the divine feminine node or dragon node on the earth. Some of the oldest Goddess temples of Lemuria are still visible and standing in Malta.

We will be working both inwardly and outwardly to repair the timelines back to the true organic timelines thus restoring the Divine Feminine Energy back to our Mother Earth and taking back our own goddess energy. We will also be healing the twin soul split to allow you to be together with your twin soul and carry out your joint soul missions. We will be clearing, healing, and recalibrating our inner hierogamic union of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine so we can move more effectively in the world to carry out our soul missions as the embodiment of the Divine Feminine. We will be healing and clearing the orchestrated distortions in the twin soul templates and timelines so twin souls can more freely come together in the co-creation of a new infinite earth.  

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