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Freeing the Divine Feminine

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Sacred Sicily Pilgrimage 

Free Your Divine Feminine!

This amazing workshop has been born from years of working with the Art and Alchemical energies of Italy.  We will visit historical sights and energy vortices where you can not only transmute your dark side into the light of higher vibrational Frequencies,  freeing your cosmic heart and empowering your divine feminine to experience more profound love for yourself and others,  but you will be acting as the vanguard clearing the old energies that have kept the Divine Feminine within us all trapped.  


 You will gain a  clearer understanding of who you are, your soul mission, and how you are the author holding the pen that is writing your life story. you will be given the tools to help you better understand the past and utilize this amazing time period we have now entered so you can rewrite your story to connect to your optimal future self as an infinite human co-creating a New Infinite Earth! 












We will be utilizing the energetic ley lines of Sicily, the Elementals of the Deva Kingdom, and the power of nature for deep healing and activations of your Light Body and silicon-based diamond DNA on our Alchemical Healing Journey of Transmutation through Sacred Sicily! We will be working with the powerful Trinacria, Tri wave energy of the Triskelion, the ancient symbol of Sicily clearing out the traumas of past lives, the ancestral miasma of the mother wound and healing the divine inner child to move  into a sacred hierogamic union which will help you ascend beyond the confines of duality into the higher frequencies of love, unity consciousness, and true power.





We will bath in the Natural Hot Springs filled with Clinoptilolite Zeolite and sulfur key alchemical elements in releasing toxins and transmuting all our four natures. We will visit Ancient Sacred Sites, absorbing the divine 5d frequencies of love and learning to work with the elemental Nature Spirits and Crystalline structures for ascension.  We will work with knowledge from the Ancient Atlantean Mystery Schools of the Golden Age of Atlantis to free the power of our Divine Feminine from the past in order to do our work in co-creating the new earth. 

beginning mother's Day

May 14-21, 2023

Price: 1, 500 euro

This includes lodging, all workshops, events, transportation,  attractions, and most meals (except when you have free time to wander on your own or experience the Street Food, it is very inexpensive and amazing!) Lodging is shared at my Villa because of the unique energy, but if you would like a private room you can book one for an additional charge OF 500 EURO AT my friend's villa nearby in scopello. There are only two private rooms available so message me if you want one asap. This is a very intimate and personal experience. I have worked to create the best experience for you physically, emotionally, mentally and Spiritually at the best price possible! You who are “called” to come are family and I feel we will find we all have a deep connection that has spammed many lifetimes. Our “TIME” together promises to be life-changing not only for those who participate onsite but for the entire planet. We will be doing work that will actually change the course of his-tory!

There are only Ten Spots so if you want to be on the list put email me ASAP:


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