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This is an Esoteric Walking Tour of Castallammare Del Golfo. 

We will peek into the Hidden History of our Planet using the lens of Sicilian History. The Magic Island of Sicily was dominated by  most every power of the Ancient world. Phoencians, Greeks, Romans, Moors, Normans, Spaniards and Italians! We will explore the hidden secrets they left as well as the most recent Mafia history and in the town that gave birth to the New York Mafia and the man that Mario Puzio's character in The God Father, Michael Corleone was based on in his   Godfather Trilogy. Giuseppe Bonanno, affectionally called Joe Banana in the USA, born in Castellammare and who rose to power after the Castallammarese Wars in New York between Marazano, also known as Little Caesar the boss of bosses also from Castellammare. Marazono based his Mafia maneuvers on the same practices and traditions of Ancient Rome. Joe Banana was one of the few Mafioso heads that died in his bed of old age in Arizona. He wrote the book Men of Honor.



On this tour, we will talk about the ancient history of the city which dates back to the ancient Elymians. We will also discuss the ancient Greek myths surrounding the mountain of Inici. I will point out the esoteric symbols of Sicily, the meaning of the magic triangle and powerful meaning in sacred geometry, the symbol of the Sicilian triskelon and other alchemical symbols found in this village. I will also reveal the special position  Castellammare del Golfo has in Sicily and discuss the possible Mystical origins of these Elymians possibly dating back to the lost continent of Atlantis.




*Disclaimer: This tour/activity is only for intelligent travelers who are interested in exploring the esoteric and spiritual aspects of themselves and the world around them. This Tour is conducted by Elizabeth Monroy author of The Infinite Human and based on excerpts from her book found on amazon and on her website This experience is fun, entertaining, and imaginative and if you keep an open mind you can learn a new way of perceiving yourself and the world around you.

The Secrets of Castellammare Del Golfo Sicily TOUR

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