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This brings us to date with all that has happened during and after the the PLAN Demic. 




This book was life-changing and a


Number #1 book for awakening souls. This book gathered all the pieces of the puzzle ranging from galactic history to empowering knowledge about our true infinite selves.

Ireland Clark


If you are just now awakening spiritually, or have been on the path for a long time or something in-between, this little gem of a book has something relevant for everyone at every level of their awakening consciousness!



 Thank you for writing this book, I love it and i wish I had read this many many years ago!



Love your chapter on what is God.Every word you have written makes so much sense to me now . It’s so true!

Carol Stringer


Whilst reading Elizabeth's book you will be lifted into a world where only truths exist. Knowledge from behind the narrative we live in daily. Knowledge about our bodies, our minds, our souls, our past and our future, woven together with the story of Elizabeth's life. I can highly recommend reading Elizabeth's book " The Infinite Human”.

Anita Jenson


There is emerging on the face of the Earth a New Human, an Infinite Human and that Human is YOU!” Thirty years ago I wrote these words not fully understanding how deeply they relate to current world events and the consciousness wars our planet is NOW experiencing. This book offers FULL DISCLOSURE of the truth behind the lies that have been hidden in plain sight while taking you on an amazing spiritual journey around our planet and into the higher dimensions of Esoteric Knowledge, Supernatural Phenomenon, and Cosmic Disclosure. This is not just my story,  but the story of my TWIN SOUL, a physician and how we tried to change the course of modern medicine. This is a Love Story, a Hero’s Journey, an Alchemist's Memoir of twin souls who managed to navigate through the world of illusion, heal their past wounds and create an Eternal Love that survived even death! But above all, STAR SEEDS this is your story of the TRUE Liberation that only comes from Awakening from the Dream Spell and ORGANIC ASCENSION, to become the Master Builders of the Infinite New 5D EARTH! Because YOU ARE INFINITE! ALL THAT IS, EVER HAS BEEN AND EVER SHALL BE!!




Elizabeth Monroy serves as a Truth-sayer and Ascension Guide for Awakening Humans, Star Seeds, Twin Souls, and the Co-creators of the Infinite New 5D Earth. She is an International Author, Film Maker, Visionary Artist, Talk Show Host and Inspirational Speaker. She holds a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and is skilled in a number of alternative healing modalities. She traveled the World with her husband Peter Monroy, a board certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist laying a foundation for a higher form of co-healing and the energetic blueprint for the Infinite 5D Earth. She has worked for years as an intuitive life coach and founded The New Consciousness Renaissance School in Florence, Italy for the creation of conscious media. She now travels between Italy and the USA, with Kiki, and Peter, who is always with her in spirit, offering Infinite Human Retreats and guiding her fellow star seeds in their Ascension process and the co-creation a the Infinite New 5D Earth.


(PRINT BOOK) THE INFINITE HUMAN an Ascension Guide for Starseeds, Twin Souls

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