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(Il Mano Nero)

I awoke up this morning and finally realized WHY I have been guided to Castallammare del Golfo, home of the Mafia God Fathers and why I have been working this mafioso energy for the past three years! I remember the first summer I came to Castellammare three years ago I overheard policemen talking to the young people in the park with their ANTI MAFIA campaigns explaining how these were NOT men of honor. I remember visiting the mafia museum and seeing the real bloody bodies and car bombing remains and stoping to pee (there are no rest areas in Sicily) on my way to Palermo where the two judges were killed in Capaci when their car exploded. I have seen the Godfather a thousand times and came to learn that Michael Corleone was based on Giuseppe Bonanno, affectionally called Joe Banana in the USA, born in Castallammare and who rose to power after the Castallammarese War in New York between Maranzano, also from Castallammare and Giuseppe "Joe the Boss" Masseria. Maranzano who called himself the boss of bosses was also referred to as Little Ceasar since he based his Mafia maneuvers on the same practices and traditions of Ancient Rome. He was assassinated by Lucky Luciano. This cleared the way for “Joe Banana” to create the Five Mafia Families that divided the US into their territories. Joe Banana was one of the few Mafioso heads that died in his bed of old age in Arizona. He wrote the book Men of Honor.

I heard from a local here in Castallammare that it was a hub for the production of Heroine which was flown daily from Sicily to New York then sold by the five families throughout the USA. This paesiano lamented these days gone by recalling how peaceful Castallammare was then because the carbonaire kept the peace because no one wanted any trouble. I remember having Mafia boss friends back in the seventies in Mondello. One invited me to dinner and my boyfriend, who was a local Fisherman, told me to go because it would be an insult if I refused. So I went to a beautiful restaurant that was empty and we were attended by five waiters. After a few glasses of wine I clicked the class and struck a note laughing and my “date” told me I had a beautiful voice and asked me if I would like to become a famous singer. Realizing that this was within his power and just what that meant I politely declined. After dinner I thanked him and we respectfully went our own way. Free Will was honored.

Sicily being a beautiful Island in the center of the Mediterranean Sea has a long and brutal history having been occupied by most every foreign super power from the Phoenicians, Ancient Greeks, Romans, Normand, Arabs, Spaniards and now Rome (Italy). Salvator Giuliano from Montelepre was a handsome young Bandito considered to be an outlaw and mafioso but after spending several days and night with a beautiful young journalist from Sweden he began to receive attention for his true motives. He was trying to free the Sicilians, his people from yet another foreign power…Italy, or the power of Rome. He even wrote a letter to President Truman asking for the US to claim Sicily as a Territory. But he met with a bloody death….or so they say.

Apparently Cosa Nostra or the Sicilian Mafia rose out of the need for the Sicilians to be protected from the injustices of these foreign governments. In short perhaps the mafia was born out of the good intentions, an attempt to find some kind of justice in our unjust world. In a Perfect World perhaps there would have never arisen the need for the mafia. The young girl at the Anti Mafia museum told me that they wanted people to see that it wasn’t all glamorous like in the Movie The God Father. I reflected on this as I made my way down the street to Teatro Massimo where the tragic conclusion of Godfather Trilogy was filmed. I had just bought the trilogy and had been watching it..again. I don’t see how any in their right mind could not see this as a tragedy. True they cut out the very last moments of the final scene when Micheal dies alone and falls on the ground. But anyone who really understands the character arch of Michael Corleone can see it is a tragedy rivaling Shakespeare's MacBeth. We see the downfall of a good man though his own inner character flaw: his need for revenge. We can SEE how the egos of all this these good fellas, wise guys, men of honor led to a never ending sea of blood bathes and mob wars that destroyed not only them but many their own children. These tragic figures are so poetically depicted by Mario Puzo.

We all know that this type of mafioso family rule has occurred through out history. Ancient Rome is just one example but as God Father III suggests Vatican Rome is even darker than Cosa Nostra which is small potatoes in comparison. Is it then so difficult to belief that there are mafiosa families that make up the “black hand” of power that runs our planet? Is it so far fetched to entertain the idea that powerful families control all the money and pull the strings of every government, world leader, military and police forces and world wide? That they control medical organizations, billion dollar pharmaceutical companies institutions of higher learning? Is it possible then to conceptualize that these mafioso families have no respect for life or the free will of anyone but only serve themselves and their own personal gain? Is it possible that they would impose anti life draconian mandates to clear the real estate and reduce the surplus population? Could it be possible that they would deliberately destroy a country’s economy so they could move in with their global corporations, running family owned and operated businesses out of business so they would not have any competition? Is it possible that they have ALL the politicians in their pockets, along with every military leader and police official through the power of the black magic curse of money? Could their control over ALL the banking systems pollute these systems with their bribes or intimidation tactics? Could they even pay assassins to “Wack” those who threaten to “rat” them out? Is this really so far fetched??? If you ask me coming to the realization that our planet is and has been historically run by mafioso families and tactics is the only rational explanation for why our planet is in the mess that it is in. Perhaps it is time for Woman of true honer, peace, integrity, compassion, love, tenderness and nurturing to step forward to heal the trauma that our Earth and humanity has incurred at the hands of this misguided Capos!

But before this can occur we must stop idealizing them, listening to them and passively consenting to our own self destruction! We must stop putting up with their lies, their deceit , their trickery, their greed ,their unjust laws that rob us and our families of our livelihood and of our health! We must stop listening to their mind control bilge that springs out of our tel- a- lie- visions. And we must stop believing their lies. We must stop closing our businesses for the false ideal of it being “good of others”. Stop ruining our health and the health of our children for the “good of the people”. At least the Cosa Nostra Mafia hit men were honest when they killed their victims and told them it was only business before they pulled the trigger. But these new world order mafia families that make up ten per cent of the ruling class make you put the gun in your own mouth and pull the trigger. The only control they have over you is what you give them. They make you do it to yourself and to one another thinking you are being a good person by running yourself out of business and destroying your own health! The only power they have over you is that which you give them!


Excerpt from The Infinite Human Elizabeth Monroy M.S. Peter Monroy M.D.

Adesso in Italiano! L'Umono Infinito

Three years ago when I came to Sicily I was amazed to find a world much like the one I had grown up in during the Seventies in America! Castallamare was filled with fun and excitement. Tourists from all over Europe flooded the streets enjoying the breath taking views of the Sea around every angle, delicious Sicilian food, music and dancing in the streets! It was just like stepping into the movie Mama Mia! When Lock Down came I had hoped they would not take the draconian mandates seriously because of their history with foreign governments abusing their power but the trauma wounds of this people were reignited by the fear base bilge pouring out of their television. Many of these illiterate folks only means information. When lock down came they took to the mattresses locking themselves inside their homes with family. It was a breeze for them. Everything was closed for nearly two years and some people told me that some people never left their homes! In only three short years these same people no longer laugh, play and many don’t even leave their homes. They have stopped living, even breathing! The young people now huddled together with masked faces, glued to their cells phone oblivious to the world and other human beings around them. Many family businesses, shops, and restaurants that produced high-quality food products for centuries have gone belly up. Open-air markets, festivals, and celebrations died out. Artists, actors, and craftspeople were out of work. Tourists, which are the lifeblood of Italy were banned. I watched as the once “Dolce Vita” of Italy turned sour. Old people were separated from their families, isolated and died alone. I watched the warm, fun-loving Italian people no longer gather in the streets for their family dinners. I saw these loving passionate people stop smiling, kissing, and touching one another. I quickly realized why these extremely passionate, childlike people were being hit so hard by the “virus.” They were one of the few remaining cultures on this earth who were still “human”.

For years I watched the people of my own country become more and more robotic, becoming servants to technology. I had grown accustomed to my nieces and nephews glued to their cell phones during family get-togethers. In fact, this was the very reason I came to Italy seeking something that had all but been extinguished from our planet... human beings. Now they were becoming conditioned to be something they were not, by being forced to wear muzzles, not being permitted to touch one another, go into cafes, restaurants or congregate in the piazzas, which has always been at the core of the Italian culture. I saw a video where a woman was walking her dog in front of the Hard Rock Cafe in Florence where I had my film school and fifteen policemen attacked this woman and her dog. One grabbed her around the throat. They arrested her because she had no mask. This is something that could happen in the U.S but never in the Italy I knew.

Ironically Italians, being an ancient people, intuitively held the knowledge that most leaders and their governments were corrupt. They adapted to these tyrannical laws handed down throughout the centuries by simply not following them. But now their irrational fears were causing them to stop from being the compassionate, heart based Italians I had come to know and love! The Police, Military, Carabinieri, Doctors, Health Care Workers, Educators, Store Owners, etcetera need to stop supporting this New World Order Agenda out of fear. They need to choose to support their fellow human beings and human rights, not help bring about the technological tyranny which is only leading to their own demise. Illegal laws, passes and fines need to stop being given power. Store owners need to stop putting themselves out of business by enforcing lock downs, mask wearing and green passes which drive their customer to shop on Amazon! All Tourists, Italy’s life blood, need to be welcomed back to Italy.All GREEN PASS restrictions need to be obliterated! Physicians need to remember their sacred Hippocratic Oath of “first Do No Harm” and leave the weaponized health care system to create alternative healing centers rather than centers of death. In Italy, and round the world as well, hospitals receive three thousand euros for any death that is tagged as Covid as well as being well paid for all government “authorized” procedures for treating Covid. Families take their loved ones to the hospital and once there, the patient cannot leave and the family is not allowed to see them. I met a young man who checked his mother into a hospital because she had a slight fever and was told the next day that she had died of Covid.

Most Sicilians have little understanding of advanced technology, including the Medical Community. In fact, most of the World’s population has no knowledge of the sophisticated technological weaponry developed by DARPA the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency a branch of the US Military responsible for the development of emerging technologies for military use, now being used against humanity. This is bad enough, but the bigger picture is even worse. The tiny waves of 5G can accomplish what other EMF technology (4G and below) cannot, by penetrating the cell membrane and interacting with our DNA inductors. We’re talking about the power to influence and manipulate our very DNA here. The current injections contain mRNA (CRISPR gene editing) designed to mutate the human DNA into something that is not human, nor organic.


There is a second “planned” pandemic or plan demic as we who are in the know call it for Fall of 2022. Doses of this bio-weaponry have been prepared and the “black hand” hopes to see massive number of deaths this time. This is not to make you afraid but to give you a heads up so you will stop playing into their hands. They plan to send their weaponized death frequencies from 5G to those containing the bio weaponry injected into them creating a rise in illness and fatalities all the while justifying more lock downs and forced injections. Make no doubt there is a very dark nefarious agenda a foot. It is up to you who are reading these words to decide if you will continue to support this mafia death cult that only wants one thing… your death and your children’s trans-humanization (Soul). Are you going to passively allow this to continue???? Or are you going to create a new future for yourself and your children? One based on love, integrity and truth. It’s your choice…choose wisely.

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