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2022 A Year of Choices!

Updated: Jan 2, 2022


(Make it So)

Many great souls are on our Earth at this time to help with the SHIFT. Many may be feeling soul-weary, sick, and tired of the insanity of humanity and may long to go HOME. You may be you, star seeds who feel like you want to “leave” the planet and return to your “star system”. But like Dorthy and her ruby slippers, you may have forgotten that you have always had the power to “go home.” Home is inside of you. Home is a frequency in harmony with the Word OF God or the vibrational frequency of the Infinite God Source HOME Worlds. Our Earth along with our entire Galaxy was pulled from our Mother Galaxy Andromeda into a fallen Universe. The pathways that connected us to our star families and homeworlds have been closed off and we have not been able to access our true divine technology to communicate with Infinite Source and Home for eons. We have all been waiting for this very moment of Ascension to return HOME. The alignments of our sun with other suns in our Galaxy, Universe, and Higher Harmonic Universes have restored us to our rightful place in the multiverse. Our Earth has now entered the fifth dimension. We only need to raise our frequency to “be there”.

For Auld Lang Syne

This is truly the year to sing Auld Lang Syne and bid farewell to the old crumbling 3D Earth. You may need to reminisce, grieve and feel the loss. Take a moment, ok that’s it because 2022 is a pivotal year where you will constantly be asked the same question. Your thoughts, actions, and beliefs will be guiding you and you must be ever mindful of your choices. If you are still living in the past missing the ol’ days gone by, indulging in "wish I had ofs” and remaining attached to the wrong people, places, and things this could cause bring you great pain and suffering and cause you to “choose poorly”. Pain is a signal that something is wrong not flowing with ease. If like victims of the Stockholm syndrome you have formed an emotional bond to your captures or like freed slaves you refuse to leave the plantation out of fear you may find yourself in pain warning you not to “choose” to repeat history!

Many are poised waiting for this New Year to unfold with“bated” breath to see what new calamities, mandates and restrictions will be hurled at us. While others may hold the spark of hope and inward illumination in their heart. What are you feeling? Whatever it is honor it. It is all part of the process. It is a gift and your ticket to becoming your authentic self in a world that is rapidly becoming faker by the day. 2022 is the year of choice. It is a time to choose. To choose whether you will play the role of the victor or victim. To choose whether you will be the leading lady or man in your own life story or live your life around what other people believe, think or do. Are you waiting for someone to save you, save the world? For enough people to WAKE UP and change things. For an X president to take out the bad guys, for the good aliens to defeat the bad ones? Are you looking outside of yourself for the power that lies within?

The Year of Choices

2022 is filled with a lot of 2’s which indicates duality and above of choices. A choice between door number 1 or door number 2! The total sum of 2+2+2 in numerology is 6. Whereas 2021 equals 5 which means change and we have seen great changes in our world in 2021. The destruction of our old 3D Earth and the implementation of a “New” World Order Earth. In 2022 we will be given a choice. The highest essence of six is Christ Consciousness which equates harmony beauty and peace. Restoring balance and creating something of substance that endures. The inverted meaning often used in the Bible is "order out of or chaos" or the Satanic 666, the mark of the beast the same geometrical pattern found on the North Pole of Saturn. One is grounded in nature, harmony, beauty, and balance while the other is grounded in a satanic world of illusion, order, and tyranny. Here you have it door number 1 or door number 2. Let no one choose for you! Use your God-given gift of free will to choose wisely.

The Old Earth is gone and is organically transmuting into 5D. But the “Dark Finite Side” is doing its best to hold onto it through AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. Hence we are in the midst of a War over Frequencies. While you are enjoying the popcorn and being distracted by all the shows the Dark Side is trying to block out our Sun and spinning their Artificial finite web of the AI META verse around you daily. This is a web of artificial technology which is encapsulating our Organic Earth using weaponized technology such as the Space X satellite cage and 5G creating a digital twin bad copy of our 3D Earth. The goal is to herd society into their false reality and finite ascension matrix. The end goal is to populate it their AI Earth by uploading your consciousness into an AI (Artificial Intelligence) life form. Although the incoming artificial technology may “appear" to be the paradise humanity has long-awaited offering a false sense of interconnectedness, enhanced intelligence, illuminating “experiences” medical healing, and immortality it is a false ascension matrix and a bad copy of your true divine technology that will be activated as you more fully ascend into the real 5D earth of harmony, beauty, and God-conscious intelligence.

So there are two Earths being created now! Which one will you feed with your precious energy? Door number 1 is the New Infinite 5D Earth which by remaining organic you will ascend to in frequency as you assimilate more and more of the light activations from our sun(s) and the photon belt. This 5D Earth is here now! Or door number 2 the door that leads to a false ascension matrix that you acclimate to by receiving more and more artificial technology inserted into your body and requires the bioweaponized mark of the beast to enter your bloodstream? Door 1: Transmutation to 5D Door 2 Trans humanization to 5G…5D or 5G? One door takes you Home or pulls you up to the God Source Worlds. The other pulls you down into a META (AI) universe even more fallen than the old 3D Earth. To enter you must surrender your free will and God Sovereign freedom to be controlled by a hive mind. Your consciousness with be uploaded into a finite reality that has permanently closed all exit points and you will be trapped in a Mobius strip METAverse time looping prison! These are the two choices. Choose Wisely! The Dark Side’s job is to seduce, glamour and scam you out of the real deal of organic Ascension into using your “free” will to choose their bad copy. My job is simply to give you full disclosure so you can make an informed decision.

Many of you are facing the devastating realizations that many of your friends, family, and loved ones may not be choosing door number 2 now. Because you are heart-based loving star seeds who came here to “save” the planet this maybe cause you great pain. But everyone has free will. You may want to follow them into the fallen AI universe of door number 2. But know now You can not “save” anyone! You have done this many, many, many times and it does not work. But you may need to learn that for yourself… again. The choice is yours and yours ALONE!

Many of you are feeling called to move away from cities and highly populated areas due to the ever-growing restrictions, and toxic frequencies to clean pristine places in nature that are protected areas with natural buffers an Oasis away from damaging radiation and bio weaponry now inside our fellow human beings. You may long to find a place, community on 5D Earth. Or perhaps you have found it! This is a place that many Great Ones have set aside for you eons ago before the Fall for NOW! Many of these Great Ones are reading these words now. Many of you are realizing you are the solution! You are the leader you have been seeking, the savor you have been praying for.

But many will remain locked in duality trying to fight something that does not even exist! An enemy which is simply your own shadow when the solution has always been to simply awaken from the dream spell create and something different! Once you understand how fallen the system is stop using your consciousness to feed the problem! It is time to be the solution! It is time to Remember Your Future! It has been all set into motion eons ago. You need only follow the bread crumbs.

Ah but here’s the rub. It may not look like what you envisioned in fact it may not look like much to you at first because it has been keep pristine for your outside of space and time. It is empty from all of the “crap” that has polluted our old Earth. The energy will feel much different and will require you to check all your baggage at the door to reside there.It will not have all the bells and whistles of the latest biochip iPhone, or smart car, smart house or smart city! It will not do everything for you. You will have to think for yourself and create it! It may be challenging at first! You will have to do your inner work and roll up your sleeves to create something NEW in the higher dimensions. It will not appeal to most people. Only those who have proven their worth may go there. They must endure the tests of faith, perseverance, and of their willingness to LET GO of their old finite identities to reclaim the reward of their birthright as Infinite Human Beings. This Path Way Home is the road less traveled.

Only the few who are called to be the builders of the New Infinite 5D Earth who have faith, vision, and focus will arrive. You may have to go it alone for a while…until you realize you have never been alone but ALLONE! There is always HELP! And if you build it they will come! If you can let go of the relationships that are no longer serving your highest good you will clear space for your new family, your soul tribe that resonants with your new frequency. You have an exciting future to co-create!

I spent have spent my life trying to change the course of history, standing up against Tyranny, speaking the truth, and trying to stop the weaponization of modern medicine. I believe it is an important step that we all must go through. I was bullied, attacked, arrested, and censored but it all helped me forge my own inner knowing. I regret nothing because I know in my soul I did everything in my power to “awaken” others and served as a catalyst which is part of my soul mission. But I realize it is an inside job. You can not red pill anyone who does not want to be, nor should you. Many souls are not ready for ascension. They need a crutch to limp along until they are ready to walk. All souls eventually return HOME like a river to the Sea. In their own divine time. And the “Dark Side” helps them.

How I Learned to Love the Dark Side

The truth is the “Dark” side serves as an impetus in the world of duality to constantly reveal to you your own inner shadows, fears, traumas and wounds that must be healed in order to ascend. They push you out of your comfort zone. These tyrannical mandates are pushing many of you out of the familiar finite earth. We must realize that after the “Fall” of Atlantis and Lemuria our Earth was “reset” and everything was created to enslave our consciousness in a dream spell. Everything has been carefully constructed to keep you constantly seeking power outside of yourself. The black magic money system replaced the true infinite abundant nature of our Multiverse. Now the controllers are demanding you pay to live in their finite world by giving over ownership of your body, mind and soul with passes, microchips, avatar bodies necessary to navigate their finite matrix. So under Cosmic Sovereign Law as the Creators of this fallen world they have the right to ask whatever they like of those who desire to continue to work, live, travel within the finite reality of their dream spell. Like a video game they are the Creator of the rules you must follow to play “their” game.

But why do you want to continue to play their game anyway now that ascension is at hand??? Door number 1 is waiting for you to open it and walkthrough. The “Christ” said, “I am the door.” He didn’t want you to fall down and worship the door he wanted you to choose the door of Christ Consciousness and walk through it becoming a Christ! Yet everyone is waiting…waiting for the old Earth to change. It will never change! You are the change. You change and your reality will change!

Many of you are talking the talk but are you walking the walk? Are you walking through the door? Or are you passively consenting to the 666 of door number 2 by waiting for someone else to tell you what to do, to make the bad guys go away, to create a heaven on Earth FOR you? The “Dark” Side is serving an important purpose. They are simply doing what they do best turning up the heat so you the human frogs will realize You are NOT in a jacuzzi but in a pot being boiled alive or being microwaved by 5G.

Bifurcation of Time

Dolores Canon and many others have talked about two Earths Splitting. One that is ascending and one descending. This always resonated with me and I began feeling the need to choose. So I let go of everything that was not attuned to the optimal version of ascending self not knowing even how I would support myself. It was lonely at times and not an easy path. This time last year I was in the hospital recovering from being operated on by a Dr. DARPA! I kid you not! But I have been richly rewarded for the choices I made and continue to make. I always wondered how the bifurcation of timelines and separation of Earths would play out. So I asked SOURCE and after several years I have received a glimpse. It will be a separation of frequencies. This could change but currently, there are two predominate Earths now running parallel like two horses galloping side by side. Some of us have a foot on one horse and a foot on the other as we serve as a bridge in the 4D between the two Earths. I do not know how much longer these two Earths will continue to exist side by side. We are being given time to choose and transition onto the new 5D Earth creating an infrastructure outside the old Earth’s corrupted systems and time for souls to transmute. There will be those who will choose not to do the inner work necessary to make the break and jump onto the 5D Earth timeline. They will remain locked into the artificial line and AI replica of the old Earth. These souls will slowly lose all touch with anything outside of their meta “experience” or reality. Perhaps they will be told missing people died of a virus. Perhaps they will believe they were raptured as their consciousness is uploaded into the hive mind of their new ( AI ) earth where “God’s dwelling place is now among the people, and they will be “his” people, and “God” himself will be their God in a world where there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away everything is new!”

Both timelines and both Earths are running side by side now. Many of us Builders of the New Infinite 5D Earth are being called to provide a foothold on the New 5D Earth a place of refuge where souls can come to heal, recharge and recalibrate. To experience what organic ascension feels like in comparison to the AI world we have now entered. It is time to prepare the way and begin forming communities on the new 5D Earth with those who are ready.

I do not know when the split will happen but there will come a time when the frequencies of our Earth will become so high the controllers will be unable to maintain their parasitic hold on 5D Earth. Then our 5D Earth will shed its parasitic web as a snake sheds its skin. The Artificial AI Web will take with them all the souls they have laid claim to through their patented genetic nanotechnological 666 mark of the Beast. These are treacherous times. Nothing is as it seems and you must not depend on anyone with nostrils that breath air. You must go to the SOURCE, Divine Infinite God Source for your answers and guidance.

The good news is that when the 5D Earth is released from the hold of the parasitic AI Earth there will be an enormous acceleration in ascension for those who have prepared themselves by purifying their body, mind, and spirit. Our Divine technology will come online. The Christ Oil will rise to the top! The Golden Age will begin! It will be a time of great celebration. I do not tell you these things so you will wait for this day like some great event. I tell you this so you can begin to prepare yourself NOW! There is much to do! So do not waste your precious time distracted by the show or mourning that which is gone. Seeds need to be planted, homes built, communities formed! Like crabs in a barrel, you must climb out of the matrix and find the higher ground so you can serve as an anchor for those trying to climb onto the New Earth! This is your Mission should you choose to accept it!


Make it a Happy New 2022!!!

Make it a Happy New 2022!!!

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