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5G or 5D?



When most people begin to awaken the first question in their mind is OH MY GOD, how to I free myself from this finite matrix????

This week on The Infinite Human Talk Show we will cover that in detail with some very practical steps you can use to ground yourself onto the ascending Timelines, We will also be connecting the dots with 2020 Vision about what actually happened during the C.O.V.I.D. (Certificate of Vaccination identification documentation) Scam-demic.

In 2018 I wrote /made a video entitled 5G or 5D. Although main stream media is still laughing away the 5G covid conspiracy Theory I knew this was on the horizon itwo years before the “outbreak” of this frequency virus in Italy. AI technology was being shoved down our throat as

A final attempt to attach people’s consciousness to the Fibonacci descending spiral offering the bad copy of an artificial Ascension into an AI hive mind just when the Krystala spiral was about to break away freeing humans to regain their divine infinite internal technology. The crisper gene biotechnology developed by D.A.R.P.A a brand of the US military and the same folks who created the inter -NET used in the vaccinations was designed to RESET the human genome to DARPA’s AI hive mind NET co opting the true RESET TO THE INFINITE as human’s jump onto the KRYSTALA spiraling back to Infinite Source and regaining their 12 stranded angelic DNA divine blueprint.



In summery the diabolical Covid 19 plan behind the Plandemic is so evil that it is beyond most decent folk’s ability to comprehend. It is the sheer genius that only satanic pathological minds could concoct. But it is what it is and we must know what we are looking at so we no longer play into the hands of the evil controllers.

This perfect Plandemic Storm has been in the making for a very long time as our Earth’s environment, food, water, medicine, technology has over the years insidiously been weaponized to harm rather than heal us. Toxins have been implemented to create underlying health problems and to instill addictions to foods and drugs that harm rather than heal. So basically, human bodies have been prepped for this perfect storm with toxic levels of carcinogens that have created underlying health problems. An accident waiting to happen.

In 2020, the first blow was rendered when Earth’s population was terrorized by the threat of a deadly contagious virus. While we were forced to stay home terrorized by MK Ultra Trauma based mind control and thinking we were “safe”, 5G weaponry was being positioned around the planet and the toxic levels of radiation were increased daily. Draconian mandates were issued to purposely destroy healthful habits and stop human’s natural ability to detox themselves. People were not allowed to be in nature, to breathe properly, exhaling toxins and breathing in fresh clean air. They were terrorized with fear which weakens the immune system and separated from their loved ones. As more and more people became “ill”, lies about a deadly “contagious” virus justified more mandates and the complete takeover of Earth, clearing the way for their AI injections. The 5G weaponry DARPA had developed was now being tested on the world population causing more and more deaths and illnesses that were easily covered up as “Covid 19” casualties feeding the fear that allowed them to easily remove any last remnants of freedom. To keep people from catching onto their evil plan they kept everyone distracted with racial riots, political races, and other divide and conquer tactics. While misdirecting the awakening

communities with a three ring circus show by dropping Q bombs of contrived “disclosure”, controlled opposition and misinformation about vaccines and Covid.

While we were “paying” with our attention to all the distractions, 5G towers and all their apparatus was installed and Space X went live acquiring its legal right to exist. All the while people were under house arrest, wearing muzzles, staying six feet apart, communicating on DARPA’s inter (NET) where we were spied on, censored, controlled and attacked. Meanwhile bought and paid for Scientists created bogus cures in test-tubes rather than looking at the ever growing toxicity of our environment. Green Passes requiring multiple injections were enforced for most commerce, travel, and pseudo freedoms. Physicians trashed their Hippocratic oath of “First do no harm” blindly giving vaccinations to the world’s population, without ever questioning the narrative or standing up for their patient’s rights. Like a boiling frog, humanity is being cooked alive in a microwave but now there is no place to jump out!”

This is the true history of the 2020’s least we forget it. Thanks be to Infinite “God” Source when the Georgia Guide stones were destroyed this was a shift away from the timeline leading to the desired agenda of the parasites. But there is still a massive genocide taking places as we loose friends, family members and loved in this frequency war! Sadder yet masses of people are becoming transhumanized before our very eyes as they remain glued to their cell phones and robotically move through their lives void of all human emotion, compassion and LIFE! Zombified shells robotically carry out their HIVE mind collective agenda. We can see the two frequencies of the Krystala and Fibonacci spirals playing themselves out before our very eyes as we observe with aware eyes the fact that they can not hear us nor even SEE us at times! But Free will must be honored!

Co-Creating a New Infinite Earth!

The good news is OUR TIME HAS COME! This is the time that has been foretold, the time we have been waiting an eternity for! This is the time when the “meek” (gentle-hearted) shall inherit the Earth! RISE AND SHINE! The pathway is clear the only obstacle is YOU. Your imagination is your passport to create a world YOU want to live in!

If this excites you then JOIN US this Monday 9 AM Pacific Time November 13 for a more depth discussion. Isn’t it time to be part of the New Consciousness Renaissance?


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