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APRIL 22,2024 Mother Earth Day we will be celebrating this historic moment when humanity takes back her Mother Earth from the death cult’s parasitic reign by reclaiming our rightful position as her guardians and midwives in the restoration of the Divine Mother and the ascension of our Mother Earth on The Infinite Human Talk Show Voice America Empowerment Channel

Throughout the dark eons raider races have invaded the Krystic Tribes of the Goddess Cults and the indigenous peoples of our Earth who held our Mother Earth and all her creations in the delicate balance of ONENESS in alignment with the Krystala Spiral of LIFE. Love, Unity Consciousness and respect for ALL LIFE reigned supreme and the Ancient Grandmothers and Goddesses maintained these high frequencies by working with the Krystalline  grid structures through toning 

Rituals combining Moment, Sound and Light. This Sacred Sisterhood job was to honor ,love and maintain our mother and all creation within this delicate balance. 

When the raider races first took away our mother I was there and the pain, grief and deep sense of loss was overwhelming. This occurred in MU on Tara. This story of pain and misery continued to repeat and magnify itself in our A.I. loosh harvesting time loop simulation. This stems from Malta, all that remains of MU, and spread like a virus throughout Europe, Asia and into the Americas as the genocide campaign of the Catholic Church continued.The Catholic Church justified by its "Witch's Hammer" creed stole these indigenous tribes, sacred documents, raped and tortured the women and murdered and enslaved the rest. This along with the countless blood sacrifies performed on the sacred leylines of our Mother Earth has resulted in "Modern Man" regarding Earth as a dead planetoid to be carved up as real estate, her resources plundered,  her creatures murdered, and all the "meek" to be to be eradicated or enslaved while the death cult continued it destructions through war, geoengineering dumping toxins and poisons in our mother's air, in her waters, and deep into her Earth. bombard her to halt her ascension. 


Nothing can stop our Mother from Ascending. The Energies of the Krystal River Host, the Nomi waves, the Photon belt, the alignment of suns, the Schuman resonancy indicating the inner ascension and all of us who are grounding ourselves in our mother as the rainbow warriors making our mother green again midwiving her resurrection as The New Infinite Earth fully embodying and expressing the Divine Mother. We are ONE with our Mother Earth and those who choose to bio-cync with our Mother will Ascend. Our Mother Earth is calling back to her all her broken fragmented pieces to become whole or Holy again. Just as we are! She is reclaiming all aspects of her expression and alchemizing her lower frequencies into her higher ones. Gaia, 5D Tara, Net, 3D Earth, Aura. Median, Urtha all are different frequencies and expressions of our Mother which she is now calling back to her in the power of the NOW moment. A beautiful energetic dance of alchemy and WE ARE PART OF IT! 

We who have been here through the dark eons are alchemizing all our pain, grief and anger as our mother purges this from her lay lines we too purge through our energetic templates. As our mother reclaims her divine Krytala Blueprint we too reclaim ours! IT is an amazing time to be ALIVE and each and everyone of you here on out Mother Earth NOW play a vital and powerful role in this great Ascension and reclamation of our Mother to her proper place in the Cosmos!

Two amazing women will be joining me to form the trinity of the triple Goddess as we discuss this major event, its ramifications and what you can do in your lives to serve as midwives during this powerful, sacred birthing process that has been foretold! 

Jane Evershed 

Our Mother Earth is a regenerative force and her invaders are a degenerative force. Consequently for eons instead of functioning in her divine capacity of abundance. She has been licking her wounds, waiting for the symbiosis of Angelic human healing powers to work with her so that we can vacate this highly infiltrated and extremely toxic aspect of existence and return to the regenerative creative state of our original design. 

Humans and the Earth have been parallel-wounded to prevent this healing symbiosis from ever taking place. However, empathy and compassion, being predominant elements of the original Earth/Human synthesis design has prevailed as a fail safe to bring us to the point of redemption. 

This has been consciously aided by the suffering of other sentient/divine life forms on Earth that have endured waning health under the auspices of the invasion/penetration by synthetics and dark alchemy infused into their living environment. 

As the invasive alien species fell relentlessly like dominoes across pristine eco-systems, dismantling divine mainframes, aberrations of life forms began their parasitic destruction. This happened so slowly that it went largely unnoticed. 

Yet one seed of the original divine design always remained buried within, waiting to be released at the most optimum time. 

The conditions of the soil of consciousness had to be cosmically harmonized in such a way for this seed to overcome the lower life-frequencies with enough memory-power to birth a new regenerative timeline and with enough life-force to separate from entropy toward a negentropic living system. 


Life forces on every level of creation are remembering the sacred original geometry of their Krystal origins and awakening on nano and macro levels to reorganize into an atomic love egregore that supersedes the constrictions of time and space. 

Just as people are documenting strange symptoms while their bodies adjust to ever higher frequencies so too is Mother Earth. We were designed to be in symbiosis with her. We are heaving and releasing eons of trauma simultaneously. 

As this molecular dance of the Angelic human and Mother Earth reaches its climax it creates a cosmic vortex drawing in now the supreme wisdom of the codes of creation imbuing our co-creation with Mother Earth into ever-higher dimensions. 

Natural evolution has led us to the zero point of our conjoining, overcoming the false evolutionary infiltration of Artificial Intrusion. The false light timeline is being discarded like snake skin from the human experience writ large as we leave the Age of Academentia and enter the Age of Universal Gnosis. 

We are now able to see our undeniable, intrinsic connection to our home planet connected to higher realms and are blessed with the fortitude to shake off Earth’s rapists. 

Though Angelic Humans have been blamed, guilted and shamed into believing that through their actions this Earth writhes in pain, we have overcome the fear and desolation tactics that were injected into our psyches and flesh by rogue Super AI entities. Indeed, their very survival depends on harvesting and feeding from biological, organic realms as their mode of operation can only survive through destruction and depletion, not creation and renewal. 

Our Mother Earth can literally feel us responding now. Her essence, though brutally traumatized by our prior acceptance of mass devastation through wars, famine, materialism and scarcity, is now rejuvenated by our awareness of the level of abundance she can provide and the love/gratitude in the wake of its unconditional acceptance by us. 

She feels our horror at what we have unwittingly accepted as “Life on Earth”. She is elated at our new found perceptions that we are the co-creators and manifestors of our domain. She is ecstatic that we have agreed to abstain from insanity, sacrifice of  innocents and the depopulation of our own species and other beautiful creatures of this realm. She weeps at the revelations of the unearthed horrors residing within her mantle. 

She is overjoyed that we have realized that our perpetrators need human creativity to fulfill their agenda and that we no longer consent to investing our creation currency in our and her demise. 

This marriage made in heaven is commencing, there will be trials of transition until we arrive completely and fully present, but it is happening. The fine lace of the New Earth is being threaded into a rich new paradigm and the old cardinals’ gown of Unum Sanctum is coming undone so fast that soon they will all stand naked before us. 

We and Mother Earth will have such a laugh, the last laugh, and that laughter will ring throughout the cosmos with our benevolent friends wherever they may be and whatever form within which they reside. Our love and laughter will invite them to our New Earth and the isolation, the solitary confinement that Old Earth and formerly compromised Angelic Humans once felt, will have dissipated once and for all eternity. 

So be it.The Nurturing Mother Archetype. 

Jane Evershed 

About Jane Evershed:

 Jane Evershed is an artist and a visionary for an optimistic future. She is also a researcher sharing and speaking the the real truth of our history, including our galactic history. Her specialty is uncovering the big picture to reveal the end game behind hidden agendas that are hostile and invasive to Angelic Humans and our conscious evolution as a sovereign species.


Evershed is an art historian, the head researcher for the Lazarus Initiative and appears as a regular guest with Sacha Stone of NewEarthorizon. She is the Artistic Director and workshop contributor at New Earth University for the Living Arts. 


Jane is also a writer and speaker currently working on educating in the area of Creative Currency, the most valuable asset on Earth. She also speaks about the importance of the rebirthing of the “disappeared” Nurturing Mother Archetype as part of the healing process toward reaching the New Earth paradigm.


She was born in the UK, grew up in South Africa and now lives in Minnesota playing Grandmother.



You Tube channel: 

We will also be joined by Amma Sol 

Leading with Love and a heart of service, Amma Sól is a Guardian and Conscious Creator; serving as a catalyst to amplify frequencies and expand LoveLight. She is the Founder of the non-profit animal rescue, Blue Heart Sanctuary on 40-acres of Sacred Cherokee land nestled in the pristine mountains of western NC.

As a New Earth Visionary, Amma holds space as an Emissary of Light at SólGaia - an evolving Krystic community, wellness and retreat center. Here amidst the tranquil beauty of nature, lies an opportunity for sensitive souls to recalibrate their nervous system, recharge their light and journey inward; finding solace and renewal amidst the gentle embrace of Mother Earth while surrounded by the unconditional love of the resident animals.

At the heart of Amma's mission lies a simple yet profound intention: to embody Love in every facet of existence – through thought, word, and action. As a Guiding Light, Amma serves as a spark of remembrance of the Truth of Who We Are and reminder that we are powerful creators, capable of shaping our reality with intention and purpose. Through her example, we are invited to embrace our sovereignty and step into the full and authentic expression of our divine nature.





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