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A Time of Great AWAKENING


Many Awakening Infinite Humans, Star Seeds, Twin Souls and Co- creators of the New Infinite 5D Earth are becoming aware of how deceptive our 3D World of Illusion is. Over the past two years as the “Dark Side” has waged its "War over Consciousness" the deceptions and scams have BEEN revealed to those with their Singular Eye Wide Open! The aggressive tyrannical maneuvers to reset humanity into a false AI meta verse of False Ascension have been so blatant it has become impossible for those awakened to ignore. However the foundation for their fake finite AI world has been accomplished. 5G towers and networks have been laid, Space X has been activated and Humans have been genetically bioengineered to become part of this AI matrix.

Now comes phase II: to seduce, glamour, sell…yes “fool” you into accepting their artificial AI “bad” copy in lieu of the real thing! To give up your divine technology, your organic ascension into 5D for the AI. To become one of the genetically enhanced, as Dr. Sanchez head of Biotechnology at D.A.R.P.A, calls it, in a future world of genetic "have and have nots". Will you give your free will over to the seduction of AI? Will you surrender your multi dimensional consciousness to a hive mind. Will you choose to Surf DARPA’s inter NET when you could activate your own divine technology and surf the INFINITE????5D of 5G? That is the question. Will you be FOOLED into surrendering your precious energy to fake crypto currencies that can be controlled through the NET ? Or will you bask in the true riches of life that only your Mother Earth can give by becoming the Guardians of our Earth? The Rainbow Warriors who make the Earth Green again.

To “descend” into the AI false Ascension is easy. You simply go along with popular opinion. You buy the latest “bio” technology, follow the latest Draconian Mandates, purchase the latest smart phones, cars, homes, currencies, bio chips…smart being the new stupid! Soon Google will be thinking for you!

Or will you take the road less traveled… of Organic Ascension…The Hero’s Journey, The Alchemist’s great work of Transmutation… The Fools navigation of the Tarot.


The highest spiritual meaning of the Tarot is the journey of ascension symbolized by the Fool’s Journey through the Major Arcana. Each Card represents a lesson along the Fool’s spiritual path of Ascension that he must learn. A Test he must pass. Until at last he arrives at the end of his Journey to the World Card which is ascension into the higher dimensions of 5D Earth. This is a difficult and treacherous path, not for the weak of mind and soul. Only the spiritually elite will arrive. This is the true meaning behind the Tarot. But the Tarot has been hijacked like everything here on our fallen 3D Earth into game of fortune telling laden with portals into the demonic realms. It is used by people seeking material gain of searching for love in all the wrong places.

The Fool is in fact not a dim witted character as depicted throughout our dark history but is rather you! The Hero at the beginning of any life journey.The Initiate, the Adept, the Alchemist seeking Truth, esoteric knowledge, and expanded consciousness. But we are all Fools here on planet Earth because when we chose to incarnate here we fell prey to the rules of this prison matrix. We have all had our mind wiped, our memories erased and our identities hijacked. It is only through this spiritual journey we call life, by passing through the lesson of the Major Arcana that we came return Home to Tara 5D, Gaia 7D and to the God Source Worlds. But we must learn to navigate this world of deception.

So April Fools, go forth with a great leap of faith knowing that as long as you follow your intuition and trust your inner connection with Infinite God Source the Universe has your back. We are all rewriting our life stories and changing history as we do! Have the courage and faith to be the Fool! To walk the road less traveled! To do the work, pass the tests that leads to Organic Ascension rather than passively following the (m)asses being herded into the AI meta verse of false ascension.

My Book The Infinite Human is at long last being released this month! Thirty years in the making! It is my Spiritual Journey through the Major Arcana of Ascension. I hope it serves as an inspiration and guide to you during your spiritual journey we call life!


There is emerging on the face of the Earth a New Human, an Infinite Human and that Human is YOU!” Thirty years ago I wrote these words not fully understanding how deeply they relate to current world events and the consciousness wars our planet is NOW experiencing. This book offers FULL DISCLOSURE of the truth behind the lies that have been hidden in plain sight while taking you on an amazing spiritual journey around our planet and into the higher dimensions of Esoteric Knowledge, Supernatural Phenomenon, and Cosmic Disclosure. This is not just my story, but the story of my TWIN SOUL, a physician and how we tried to change the course of modern medicine. This is a Love Story, a Hero’s Journey, an Alchemist's Memoir of twin souls who managed to navigate through the world of illusion, heal their past wounds and create an Eternal Love that survived even death! But above all, STAR SEEDS this is your story of the TRUE Liberation that only comes from Awakening from the Dream Spell and ORGANIC ASCENSION, to become the Master Builders of the Infinite New 5D EARTH! Because YOU ARE INFINITE! ALL THAT IS, EVER HAS BEEN AND EVER SHALL BE!! ABOUT THE AUTHORS Elizabeth Monroy serves as a Truth-sayer and Ascension Guide for Awakening Humans, Star Seeds, Twin Souls, and the Co-creators of the Infinite New 5D Earth. She is an International Author, Film Maker, Visionary Artist, Talk Show Host and Inspirational Speaker. She holds a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and is skilled in a number of alternative healing modalities. She traveled the World with her husband Peter Monroy, a board certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist laying a foundation for a higher form of co-healing and the energetic blueprint for the Infinite 5D Earth. She has worked for years as an intuitive life coach and founded The New Consciousness Renaissance School in Florence, Italy for the creation of conscious media. She now travels between Italy and the USA, with Kiki, and Peter, who is always with her in spirit, offering Infinite Human Retreats and guiding her fellow star seeds in their Ascension process and the co-creation a the Infinite New 5D Earth.

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