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Back in the days pre- C.O.V.I.D. CONSPIRACY circa 2019 I abandoned my New Consciousness Renaissance Film School In Florence Italy and decided to offer Free Guru Walking Tours entitled The Esoteric Renaissance Florence Walking Tour. Everyday I would meet Tourists from all around the World and tell them the TRUTH about the hidden history of our planet and the MAFIA families who run OUR planet and their dark agenda. I did this because I realized that nothing was going to change until people realized the Truth. In other words: YOU CAN’T HEAL IN LIES, and WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW IS LOVE SWEET LOVE and a major HEALING!!!. We all need to heal not from a “Deadly Virus” but from the lies, the trauma, the mind control, the weaponized medicine that kills rather than heals, the laws that enslave rather than liberate and the list goes on.Then we need to do things differently! Perhaps we can not all agree on everything but I discovered that there is one thing WE ALL CAN AGREE UPON. THIS PLANET IS F******KED UP. At the beginning of my Esoteric Renaissance Walking Tour, I always asked my tourists what they think about the world? I ask people from Russia to Bolivia, from the USA to Iran, India, China and England. Do you know what? Everyone agrees that our Planet is majorly screwed up. GREED, WAR, VIOLENCE, DIS- EASE, POVERTY, ABUSE OF OUR MOTHER EARTH AND NATURE abound. Then I would say with a smile, “Good we all agree… now I am going to show you why.” This little walk was the back bone of my book The Infinite Human.

I would like to take a moment to thank all of the beautiful and amazing souls who have bought this book and have read it and are reading it. You are changing the consciousness of our planet. You are the founders of The New Consciousness Renaissance! You are THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD! This is the first step to change because you can not HEAL IN LIES! It is like our planet is a child of a sexually abusive alcoholic father being told that there is nothing wrong. We humans, ALL OF US, have been victimized, traumatized, abused, mind controlled and we need to SEE that first, Jew need to see and feel just how deep this trauma has marred our souls. Then we can begin the Journey Home, back to our own wholeness and holiness. Then we can be the LOVE, the compassion, and the World Needs. We can become the “New Evolved Healers” that Dr. Peter and I wrote about in The Pathway Home many years ago trying to stop this Weaponized World and the speed of dis-ease! Maybe, just maybe the World is at lon

g last ready to listen to change? So it is our time to BE THE CHANGE!

If you are reading these words then you are part of the first wave of volunteers creating a New Awakening Consciousness on our planet. You are the Visionaries of the New Infinite Earth creating a unity consciousne

ss filed with love, compassion and respect for all life. It is time to begin your own inner journey of Healing so you can embark upon your true soul mission.

BIG HEART FELT THANK YOU to all who have brought The Infinite Human. Our numbers are growing daily!!! If you haven’t al

ready, please send me a picture of you with your copy of The Infinite Human because you are all so very dear and precious to me and I tear up every time I see your beautiful faces because it sparks my memory of who you are and I share it so others can have their memories restored! We are a huge family reuniting after many eons! We may not all remember each other yet but WE WILL! And if The Infinite Human has helped you please share it with others and post a review!. As we all reconnect we are remembering our Divine Purpose and creating a Divine Net Work of Consciousness, a New Conscious Renaissance! We are the Visionaries and The infinite Human is the (text) book (required reading) for The Infinite Human School for the Visionaries of The New Consciousness Renaissance! So if this resonants get your copy and READ it, SHARE it, because WE ARE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD!!! (For those who have finished The Infinite Human I will be offering private Soul Mission Readings please email me)

Excerpt from The Infinite Human by Elizabeth Monroy M.S. & Peter Monroy M.D.

As you awaken from the Dream Spell and have the courage to face and transmute your deepest fears, wounds, traumas, and the Cosmic Rage of your shadow self you will clear the way for the power of Infinite Source to flow through you! You will be victorious over the Dark Side! This is the only battle that needs to be fought, the battle within. As you transform your inner world your outer world will also transform. You do not have to fight your fellow human beings, the cabal, demons or the Dark Side! The only demons you need to face are those within you. You must overcome them through the power of love, by loving them death. Once you are free from the shadows that pull you into the lower density of the World of Illusion and Duality you can reclaim your infinite power! You have the ability to create your optimal self and your optimal future. You can take back the magic pen and write your own life story.

Perhaps all your life you have felt like an outcast, a misplaced person, a misfit, an ugly duckling? Perhaps you have hidden your special gifts and talents even your supernatural abilities for fear of persecution, ridicule or just being “different”? You may now find yourself alone having drifted away from partners, friends, colleagues and family. This is because you have outgrown them and like the ugly duckling it is your time to become a Swan! You have been a caterpillar scaling the caterpillar pitter patter ladder leading nowhere. Now you may find yourself alone, cocooning into the beautiful butterfly you were created you to be! Many of the caterpillars you know will choose to remain caterpillars, but you, Great Infinite One, are morphing into that beautiful butterfly that embraces its freedom! As you identify more and more with the Infinite, the false timelines will collapse around you and your past as well as your future will change. Your memories about people, places even events may also change. You may begin to identify more with your future self that exists on the fifth dimensional worlds and beyond! You may be morphing so rapidly your appearance may change drastically from one moment to the next. You may not even recognize yourself. Not to worry, you are not losing yourself. You are finding yourself, the true authentic you! You may need time alone to develop your supernatural gifts and multidimensional nature that has lain dormant or been repressed by you. As you uncover your divine creative sparkle within, everything you create will come from your soul and be birthed with love. As you embody more and more of the Infinite God Source Frequencies you will create a ripple of change around you. All who come in contract with you will be uplifted. You will be a pebble of truth and your ripples will affect great change in the World. You will be the change you want to see in the world! You will be a beacon of truth an eternal living light. You will be Cosmic Sovereign Law made manifest! You will be part of the solution rather than the problem.

As you awaken from the Dream Spell you will regain full memory of all your past lives or your alternate identities. You will recall the Golden Age of Atlantis and Lemuria before the Fall. You may remember lifetimes on other planets, in other star systems! You will have future memories of what it is like to live in a world of harmony and unity based on the Law of One. You can use those future memories to beam steer yourself and humanity out of the rumble of the collapsing 3D Earth and beyond the seduction of the AI false ascension matrix. You can remember a time when the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine resided in perfect harmony within us all, a time when human beings lived in harmony with Mother Earth, one another, and respected the God Sovereign Freedom of all Creation. A time when Crystalline Consciousness Technology worked in accordance with God’s Natural Laws and served our own inner divine technology. When Infinite Human Beings co-created with other Infinite Human Beings empowering the creativity and unique expression of one another. You can follow the beam Home to a place where love is the currency and self-discovery the motive for all commerce. Where inter galactic commerce and cultural exchange thrive. Where love, joy and bliss are our natural state of being. Where we are both grounded in the soil of our Mother Earth yet fully realized in our multidimensional nature. This is not a fairytale. This is the true reality. These visions are past and future memories. Now it is up to you to remember your future and make it so!

L'UMANO INFINITO by Elizabeth Monroy M.S. and Peter Monroy M.D. now available in Italiano!!!

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