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We are in the midst of the greatest shift ever to occur in our multidimensional Time Matrix composed of 5 harmonic UniVerses and You are the main attraction! Yes YOU! Because you are a YOU-niverse! You are the savior, the speaker, the teacher, the preacher the Guardians you have been waiting for! The barriers to the higher dimensional aspects of YOU are healing, clearing reintagrating and reconnecting ALL of YOU to that which you truly are INFINITE! ALL THAT IS, EVERY HAS BEEN AND EVER SHALL BE!


For many dark eons we have been conditioned through trauma-based mind control to renounce our inner intuitive guidance as acts of heresy against the satanic Church! We have been burned, drowned, stoned, boiled,  flayed, tortured and humiliated for turning within to infinite source for our answers. This especially among women has caused us great fear and prompted us to look for an external savior , a champion, a knight in shining armor to protect us, save us, guide us and lead us. This has contributed to the stereotype of a solar male Christ image with lunar females who rotate around him perpetuating the patriarchal tyranny of the old 3D Earth paradigms. This is all part of the FIBONACCI SPIRAL OF DEATH and will not be able to sustain itself. Thank God!



The New Earth must be grounded on a Foundation that is anchored into the new Paradigms of the KRYSTALA Spiral of LIFE! The old paradigms of power, greed and self centered interests will not endure on the new Organic Timelines. Leaders, communities and events that do not embody these new infinite frequencies will fizzle out and die in the light of truth. We are now witnessing all the external structures based on this finite self-serving architecture crumbling before our very eyes! The old Patriarchal organizations that do not embody the electrical- magnetic balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine will experience their own demise.

Leaders that are egotistical, narcissistic, tyrannical and self centered will meet their own inner implosion. Individuals seeking rock star status among the awakening communities looking only to gain more followers, and expand their wealth and power will crash and burn like shooting stars. While those who are humble, and simple and build their temples slowly are the meek who will inherit the New Earth!



          Human being

You are the leader you have been seeking! YOU are the change that is taking place in the world. The more you begin to embody the infinite aspects of your true multidimensional nature the more you effect change, in yourself, in the collective consciousness of humanity. This intern shifts the energetic template of our Mother Earth and her morphogenic field as you anchor and hold these higher frequencies. This in turn affects our entire multidimensional time matrix and so on and so on into the INFINITE! YOU ARE ENORMOUSLY POWERFUL! That is what the fallen angelics do not want you to remember!

BEING AN INFINITE HUMAN BEING, is the  title of my next book. I wanted to create this book filled with blank pages so that when you dear reader opened it you would feel that vast potential that you held in your hands. The power to create whatever you wanted! The ability to write your own story, anyway you desired! The freedom to at long last explore your true  infinite nature, the boundless expansion of your creativity, and your mulit-dimensional nature, Your imagination is your passport into the higher dimensions that are now open to you to journey beyond the beyond! What an exciting time to be ALIVE! 

No it has’t always been that way. There was a time a very dark time in the history of our UNIverse that we fell. We fell into a container that shut us off from our true infinite nature. That closed us off from a much greater reality. That isolated us from the higher aspects of ourselves and of creation. This co-opted our creativity and crushed our freedom of expression. But that’s another book: The Infinite Human. And now the good news is the pathway has been cleared the finite architecture has been dismantled and the infinite open architecture has been restored! The labyrinth has been decoded. The way out of the maze is here for those who have the courage to leave! This my dear readers is called ascension!

Ascension is something that happens internally. You do no go anywhere but rather you access the higher dimensions which have been cut off to your consciousness. You reclaim these aspects of you that reside in the higher frequencies. What does that look  and feel like? For many it may appear you are walking on a magic carpet as you sail above the problems and conflicts of the 3D earth crumbling around us. It may seem like you are a magical person who can make your dreams come true, who experiences abundance and does not have to toil or fret about money, relationships, health issues or get drawn into the drama and trauma of the the dying finite Earth. You may exude a certain vibrate energy, a youthful glow, and a playful attitude as you come together with other blossoming infinite human beings to co- create and remember your dream of a New Earth!


We have entered a time of massive change. We are all rapidly evolving our carbon based bodies filled with Metatronic reversals, ancestral miasmas, past and future live traumas etc. We are all healing, alchemizing and transmuting the lower frequencies into the higher ones. We have ALL played both the victim and the victimizer. We have all been hurt and hurt. So this is a time for FORGIVENESS as we come together. Truely we have all been under a dream spell, caught in a Coma waking up to who we truly are and remembering our divine angelic nature. As a result we must forgive ourselves and others for we truly did not know what we were doing! We have been the walking dead.

Nobody is above all this. The inner child endlessly seeks perfection.  IT is constantly looking for that perfect mother or father figure to follow, to please, to be rewarded by. But this external seeking always ends in disappointment.  We have been living in a fallen world. A world where nothing is as it seems. The truth is those who have played the roles of  leaders have put on false fronts to make us believe they were something they were not. The icons, the movie stars, the rock stars, the political leaders, the royals, and religious leaders have all maintained their grip by the power of illusion. This veil of illusion is now lifting and as the masses stand in confusion and bewilderment it will be those of us who have found our strength and guidance from within who will be the founding mothers and fathers of the New Earth.  So go forth and seek your own inner perfection for you are the founders of the New Earth!  

This Month we will be addressing the topic of how do we  shift this paradigm and come together as equals to co- create a New Earth. Our first guest for a two-part Series at the beginning of July will be Jesse Hal the creator and host of The Missing Link Talk Show. I met Jesse in the good ol’ days of the first LOCK DOWN when he interviewed me on The Truthathon! He is a kind, caring, and devoted soul whose work has contributed greatly to the Great Awakening and this paradigm shift of which I write. 

I will also be doing a two-part series based on my book  The Infinite Human asking you dear listener about what kind of life story have you been wiring for yourself? Then we will look at how you can shift and rewrite your own life story to be in alignment with your soul mission and the KRYSTALA  spiral of prime creation and divine Infinite Source. This will give you the quantum needed to manifest your dreams!

A few questions I will be asking you on

this month:


  1.  Is your current life story a comedy or a tragedy? 

  2. How do you see the World around you? 

  3. Is it a cold, cruel world? A dangerous world? 

  4. A heartless world? What type of character have you chosen to play? 

  5. Are you the heroine in your own life story, the leading man or lady? 

  6. Or are you a supporting character in someone else’s life story? A sidekick?

  7. Are you a people pleaser? 

  8. Are you living your life for others? 

  9. Do you take care of everybody but yourself? 

  10. Do you constantly seek validation from others? 

  11. Do you feel unworthy? 

All these questions and more are found in The Infinite Human by Elizabeth Monroy M.S. and Peter Monroy M.D.




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