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Return of the Divine Feminine


MAY DAY Has historically been celebrated by dancing around the Maypole and crowning the Queen of May with a crown of Flowers. It is associated with

This Queen of May is the Mother God which after the conquest of Christianity was channeled into the Virgin Mary. But her Goddess names associated with her were: Venus, Aphrodite, and Tara. It was the completion of the Eastre (Spring Equinox) Cycle and a festival of the Exaltation as she ascends to the Upper World, where she is crowned Queen of Heaven. But still Princess of the Earth and rules the world through Her Golden Order or thamë which symbolizes the harmony of nature, society, and the cosmos, which are considered to be manifestations of the Law (Thamë) or Law of ONE. This celebration continues until mid May with the day of the Exaltation of the Queen of Heaven sometimes called the Coronation of the Mother God.

When we understand this, we can also understand the ancient May Day Maypole Dance. The pole, of course, represents the world axis itself. It is often crowned with flowers, from whence the Queen reigns over earth and heaven.

Her rulership is depicted in the colored ribbons that extend from the (crowned) summit of the World-Axis to the plane of Middle World. The different colors of the ribbons depict the different "qualities" of material existence. These qualities, as they emanate from Divine Source are perfect Archetypes (pure colors).

As they reach the children of the earth, the "streams" or ribbons are carried in the dance in which they are woven and unwoven in intricate patterns, which represent on one level the Sacred Dance of the Celestial Order, or thamë, reflected on earth; and on another level the entanglements of werde or Wheel of Life.

Maia, the youthful maiden, is the creator of the manifest world. Werde, the mature maid, skilfully weaves all its events and personalities into the tapestry of manifestation. Kala, the aged maid, cuts the thread of being – this may refer to human death, or the collapse of a civilization or the eventual end of the universe itself. All these events are circular, for maids die and are reborn, civilizations rise, fall and rise again, and even the universe, after the night of time, shall be re-manifested. Hence the symbolism of the wheel that the Werde carries.



Throughout His-tory Women embodying their divine technology or MAGIC and walking about the Earth as the embodiment of the Mother God Sharing their Magic has not been allowed.


Every Magi Grail Line Female that held these higher genetics which gave her “special powers” was hunted down tortured, burned, stoned, drowned, humiliated, raped and held hostage to serve breeders for the Anunnaki anti- krystos races. So it is no wonder women on our Earth today are terrified to step into their own power and embody their magical divine technology. It is no wonder women are plagued with sexual misery programs of betrayal and denial of their own sexual power with implants that promote the Madonna - Putana archetypes. It is no wonder our New Earth is experiencing great labor pains birthing the Divine Feminine within us all. It is no wonder that the true Divine Mother has been banished from our fallen Earth and replaced with a false tyrannical Male God. But our Mother God has returned! The Queen of Heaven has resorted to her rightful place and we can now recalin the divine Feminine within us all and give birth to the Divine Masculine within us all. The divine female can once again heal the dark masculine within us all giving birth to the sacred Hiero gamic union within us all which is the foundation for ascension and co creation of the 5D Earth.

The Triple Goddess Solo Female

Many women wonder why they find themselves so “alone”in this time frame, with out a male counterpart. They find themselves divorced, widowed or simply prefering to be solo rather than settle for what they see out there. From the Triple Goddess of the Maid, Maiden and Crone especially many of the Crones, or who wear the Crown of the Dragon Queens of the Magi Grail lineage find themselves without a male counter part. This is occurring because we are in a healing cycle freeing women from the lunar harness of playing the victim, cast as the sidekick or reflection of the Solar male doomed to always revolve around others. Husbands, Parents, and Children never really realizing fully our gifts and talents. Never fully expressing our authentic selves in the World and reclaiing our power. We have been conditioned to LIVE for others and never giving to ourselves. This has kept woman powerless, serving the dark agenda as a reflection of our Man-made world. We have helplessly watched as all the sacred aspects of the Thame or Law of Nne have been destroyed by the dark masculine's reign and as our Mother Earth and her creations have suffered. This has led to low self-worth, and jealousy of other women who have taken the “prize” being the man and a deep-seated FEAR of reclaiming our divine magic within and our right places as rulers, guardians of our Mother Earth.



Child Sacrifice in Sicily

Recently I visited the Island of Mozia here in Sicily where parents took their new born infants to the temple of Baal where a joker mask was placed over their tiny face and they were sacrificed by their own mother and father to the "god" Baal and his counterpart Astarte also called Aphrodite “the Goddess of LOVE”? This severe corruption of the Divine Mother into the Dark Blood thirsty Baphomet Moon Goddess Mother Archetype has deeply disrupted the morphogenetic field of our Earth which has in turn filtered into our own DNA. We have become mind controlled to fear our Mother God and the divine feminine within us. We have had the sacred divine mother-child bond fractured and this holy connection severed. As a result, we see a gapping Mother Wound in Humanity today. But perhaps the most devastating wound has been the severing of the sacred bond between ourselves and our divine INNER CHILD


The Inner Child

This is the part of us that connects directly to INFINITE SOURCE. The part that exists in the Theta states of awareness which is still in contact with Infinite Source able to FEEL rather than cognate what is going on. This is our the intutive part of us able to free ourselves from the mind control programs running rampant on our planet. But we have been taught we must sacrifice our own (inner) child for the good of society. Parents reinforce this by forcing children to fit in and not honoring their child’s uniqueness and intuitive “feelings” . We are taught not to listen to our intuition, not to be a "baby" not to FEEL! Feelings don’t lie. This is why many children of abusive parents are empaths because they have had to rely on their intuition to survive. But we have been made to feel we are crazy when we FEEL things that go against the mind control programming. So we have disconnect from our bodies fit into what society calls the “real” world. Our MAGIC is confined to our own beautiful world of fantasy and we only touch down on Earth (and in our bodies) when we have to often with great fear and pain. We recluse and live lives of quiet desperation, content with a few scapes and just hoping to be left alone. This is how we have survived this way on Earth for eons.


True Ascension is activating and accessing your twelve-stranded Krystos Body and staying connected to Infinite God Source while in your body. Embodying divinity. Think what changes will occur on our Earth as fully activated Kristos Infinite Human Beings ground themselves in Mother Earth and carry out their Soul Mission. The "meek" will Truly inherit the Earth. Togehter with Infinite Source we will Co- create 5D Earth. This is how it is going to be done. This is why first healing our divine inner child by reconnecting with our divine mother God within is the first step in ascension.

As we heal ourselves, we heal our own Kathic Grid DIVINE KRISTOS TEMPLATE and are able to more fully acess our 12 strands of DNA reconnecting with Infinite Source and becoming Infinite!

As we Heal ourselves we heal Earth's Grids systems Morphogenic field.

The MAY DANCE is symbolic of The Trifold Wave which is the first emanation of creation from Infinite Source into first sound and then light. This intial trifold of creation is called: partikay, partai and particum and if the foundation of our divine holographic reality. These emanations from Source take on frequencies and colors. and are known as Solar Reishes the foundation of our Time Matrix Multiverse.

That is perhaps why we always think of Three is a magic number! Hence Sicily which is in the shape of a magic triangle with the powerful Triskolin symbol of creation as it banner.


I was called to Sicily before the Plan demic and knew I had a very special role here. I had no idea of the magnitude of it and am still learning moment to moment. I have been called to do a sacred pilgrimage here to free the Divine Feminine from the ley lines on our Earth and inside of humanity since we are ONE with our mother Earth. Something the Ancients knew but modern "man" has forgotten. The Call went out to my amazement on Mother’s Day a trinity of females, the triple Goddess, will begin this sacred journey to the Island of Sicily clearing the ancestral miasma of a HIS-tory that never was meant to be and resetting humanity and Earth onto the divine timelines or flash sequences back HOME to TARA!

If my words resonate and you would like to hear more magic words supporting you and your children’s ascension please check out my other publications on my website or on my author’s page on Amazon.


Thank you and love to you,

our growing Infinite Human Family

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