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Updated: Feb 3

DAVID ICKE on THE INFINITE HUMAN TALK SHOW on the Voice America Empowerment Channel!

We will be discussing David Icke's latest book THE DREAM!

Having David Icke on The Infinite Human Talk Show is indeed a “Dream” come true! I have long admired this man who I affectionately call the Godfather of Truth! (Ok I live in Sicily.)  He has walked the walked not just talked the talked of a true hero a Christed being who has been persecuted, criticized, ridiculed, and crucified for speaking the TRUTH. But no matter what was thrown at him it only made him stronger and more resolved in his mission here on Earth. That to me is the sign of a true HERO! He shocked the world when he declared on the British tele over thirty years ago that he was the Son of God, easing humanity into accepting their own divinity. This was met with harsh ridicule since knowing one’s inner power is the most hated concept on Earth. Despite enduring years of persecution, this man continued his quest for truth gifting the world with a multitude of carefully researched books as well as international speaking tours and hours of videos he offered for free on YouTube which blow the lid off our concept of reality! 

I recall in the early days of my awakening to the deep infiltration of darkness on our planet. I was at that very fragile stage when you begin to question everything and start to wonder just who you can trust! Perhaps you have been there or are there now? At that time in my life, I was being very attacked. To calm and center myself I would fall asleep listening to David’s voice as he gave one of his mammoth  Wimbleton Marathon Speeches! 

      I have come to realize that the TRUTH we all seek is a frequency and as we pierce through the frequency fence that keeps our consciousness asleep in "The Dream" we will know the Truth. But until then we must look to external sources and a  few souls carry this frequency of TRUTH encrypted within their genetic makeup. I believe that David Icke carries the encryption of truth in his core and it comes out in his voice and in the words that he writes.  This is why during the Scam demic I was shocked and appalled to witness the actions of Youtube and Facebook. 

I was in Italy during the LOCKDOWN in March of 2020. I shared my experiences in great detail in my book The Infinite Human Chapter 20 which I entitled "Lock Down in Italy 20/20 Vision". I had made many friends across the Globe due to my Esoteric Renaissance Tour in Florence which I used as a vehicle to share much of our Earth’s hidden history that I learned from David Icke. So when The Plan— Demic hit Italy all eyes were on me asking what was really going on! My computer had mysteriously broken again so all I had was an iPad on which I would make daily livestreams telling people the truth. I felt like a loan warrior. I was the only one in the world who could SEE that no one was sick when the “coronavirus” supposedly hit Italy and 5G towers were secretly being installed while we were locked in our homes, the economy was taking a dive and people were filled with fear. I heard the voice of David as he appeared on camera in his interviews during the early days of the C.O.V.I.D SCAM  before it hit the rest of the world. He was saying exactly the exact same thing I was! His Voice of truth comforted me and at once I did not feel so all alone in my perceptions. I had hope that we could stop this terrible assault on humanity and our mother earth.  However, within a few short weeks, I was shocked when his voice was silenced! I saw all his years of videos removed from YouTube and replaced with Bogus propaganda pieces explaining why David Icke’s theories were wrong! This massive attack on our free speech continued as I too and many others had their social media accounts taken down or censored. But David was not defeated he rallied back by creating his own media channel:

And continued his writing and research bringing forth the truth behind the Covid scam and connecting the dots of our Earth's past, present, and future.

David Icke was one the first authors/speakers who dared to had the courage to appear on public television and inform the world about “Shape Shifting Reptilians” for which he was again severely chastised. He could have backed down on this issue as his work became more accepted by the mainstream but he stood firm exposing the parasitic infestation our planet has suffered and exposing how the strange hold this hierarchy has had on our Earth.  


His latest book The Dream is a brilliant and well-researched explanation of the mechanics of how we have had consciousness entrapped in an A.I. Dream Spell. His poignant details help us to SEE through the illusion and take back our power, our consciousness, and our souls!

In my book The Infinite Human, I connect the dots between David Icke’s years of research with that of Ashyanna  Dean, author of Voyagers II whose disclosure of the parasitic off-planet factions that have been infecting our entire time matrix is one of the most details I have found to date. It goes beyond just the draconian (reptillian) factions but into joining fallen parallel universes that have entered our Time Matrix using A.I. black hole technology and have been trying to pull our entire multiverse into theirs to feed upon.  David  Icke’s pioneering work has broken the consciousness ceiling and paved the way for people to begin to accept the existence of aliens and realities they can not SEE. A perpetual exposure of TRUTH  he continues his quest always taking us deeper into the mysteries of our multiverse and relentlessly exposing the evils that would usurp our freedom. 

The final chapter is entitled "Escape to Infinity". Since our show is called The Infinite Human Talk Show we will be talking about how each one of us can escape this finite A.I. Dream Simulation into the freedom of Infinity! 

Join us this Monday, February 5, 2024:

9:00 A.M. Pacific Coast Time

12:00 Noon East Coast Time

4:00  P.M.British Time

5:00 P.M. Rome Time


This latest edition of The Infinite Human ties together the work of David Icke with Ashyanna Dean and other Krystic teachings and brings us up to date with what is occurring (as predicted in The Infinite Human 1st edition) with the timeline spilt and our COVID A.I. Reset. It also details my recent pilgrimage to MALTA and the restoration of our Earth's divine Blueprint!

Life Changing!


This book was life changing and a number #1 book for awakening souls. This book gathered all the pieces of the puzzle ranging from galactic history to empowering knowledge about our true infinite selves. I encourage everyone to get this book in a preparation for the future and how you can take your divine role in the making of the new earth.


Ireland Clark


 Number One Book for Awakening Souls!


If you are just now awakening spiritually, or have been on the path for a long time or something in-between, this little gem of a book has something relevant for everyone at every level of their awakening consciousness. From newly awakening to star seeds to souls who have been awake a long time, everyone will gain some nuggets from this book.


Rosa Mary Slatter


A Guide for Every Area of Life!


Just finished it recently and have been thinking about what Id like to say in a way to express just how great that book is and how I feel everyone on the planet could benefit from reading it in one way or another if not in multiple ways! It touches upon and goes in on every area . I feel honored and deeply grateful to have read it. It helps expand upon so many different areas. Thank you!! I could seriously just rave and go on and on about this must-read book!


 Tamara Hall 



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