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Our Earth is NOW anchored onto the 5D Timeline!

As of June 24,2022 the planetary soul matrix ascended into the three layers of the soul matrix which are currently undergoing unification, intensified purification and radical detoxification in order to spiritually heal, and to fully align with the organic 5D timelines, the collective human race has completely moved into the next harmonic universe. This is the second harmonic universe that has been rehabilitated by Guardian Alliance gridworkers, that makes up the corrected pre-Fall crystalline Taran matrix which accesses the organic fourth, fifth and sixth dimensional layers, which further connects into the corrected Gaian matrix solar core.


The current shift into the next harmonic universe, is changing the position of the World Soul to Machu Picchu’s Ancient Andromedan gateway system and opened all previously conquered star gates bringing on rapid and intense spiritual activations!!! We’re currently in the exploration and discovery of these new creations, such as Cosmic Mother’s Supermagnetism and Starhuman dragon body parts organized within multidimensional spaces that are opening up now. This translates into a global level of spiritual initiation that requires the solarization and transformation of our angelic human CHRIST light body at all levels of existence, as this is occurring at all levels of embodied consciousness.

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The destruction of the Georgia Guide stones was the manifestation of this massive shift that has ended the artificial 3D timeline of the agenda 21 (2022-2030) to “reduce the World population to 500 Million”. We are now on the 5D timeline as Earth ascends into its organic time line of returning home to Tara and and eventually onto Mother Gaia. The Pathway Home has been cleared but it is of course up to each and everyone of us to choose (freewill) which path we will take and do the necessary inner work.

The True history of our planet has been a war over time and the vibrational frequencies that encapsulate our Earth in the false timelines and distorted architecture of a prison matrix. The intention has always been to keep us isolated from our True Divine Mother and Divine Father and our organic spiritual divinity and our Divine Inner Heirogamic Union of Christos Sophia or being God Sovereign Free Infinite Human Beings connected to Infinite God Source.

These artificial timelines destroyed our freedom and our return to their own inner divinity and vibrational frequency of the God Source World from which we fell.

Excerpt from The Infinite Human by Elizabeth Monroy M.S. and Peter Monroy M.D.

“We human beings are a race of Divine Infinite Human Beings created by highly evolved non-corporal Founder Races residing within the God Source Worlds of the higher 16D, 17D,18D densities and beyond! We were created as a corporal expression of the Infinite with all our multidimensional capabilities housed within our twelve- stranded genetic silicon-based light body. We were created by these exalted beings out of pure love with our own unique soul signature. We were not created to serve them, worship them, work for them, or make sacrifices to them. We were given the greatest gift of all--FREE WILL. This allowed us to freely express ourselves, create, play, live, love, learn, grow, and expand! They even gave us the freedom to fall and experience the lower densities which is what we have done here on 3D Earth.

Your original Double Diamond Sun Genetic Template is referred to as being “Royal,” and directly connects you to the Founder Races in the God Source Worlds via your genetics. The Emerald Founder Records were placed within your Royal Genetic DNA and hidden in and out of time. These holographic records hold the true organic historical timelines and genetic records of the root races seeded on Earth, Tara, and Gaia. These are our current Earths of 3D, 5D Earth which is Tara, and the 7D Earth which is Gaia. Your Infinite Human twelve-stranded DNA holds the accurate historical timeline records for the entire history of the human race. As you activate your 12 DNA strands you regain your memory.”

(Except from The Infinite Human Elizabeth Monroy M.S. & Peter Monroy M.D.

As we fell both our inner organic template (DNA) was distorted as well as the outer geometry of our Earth to enslave us in a low vibrational prison. Our minds were blank slated and our external world was inverted and all our powerful spiritual symbols were weaponized to be used against us. Many great souls from the higher density God Source Worlds came to save us but they were captured in the lower density phantom worlds and their great power was use against us to serve the Dark Agenda. Some of these souls were known as Michael, John the Baptist and Metatron. Their identities up until now have been used to run AI reverse polarities to enslave our consciousness rather then liberate it, but they have been freed and reunited with their hierogamic counterparts, ie: twin souls .

Our sacred geometry has also been co-opted away from mathematical and geometric patterns that lead back to INFINITE SOURCE into a closed looped prison matrix keeping us chained to the lower vibrational frequencies and cut off from Infinite Source, like a piece of fruit cut off from Di- VINE…we rot, decay and die becoming nothing more that food for the parasitic “fruit flies” to feed off of.

The sacred flower of life is no more than a daisy of death. The golden rational Fibonacci spiral leads you away from it source rather than back to Infinite Source, like the true Krystal Spiral that emanates from the heart. The Vesica pisces harness that keeps us locked in the illusion of duality while the trifold wave of the true trinity of the Divine Mother, Divine Father and their Christ child the Christo -Sophia heirogamic union the solar male and solar, not lunar, female Christ is its true form.

What does all this have to do with me? (The First will be Last and the Last will be First.)

What this means is that our world is about to become very interesting! To the unaware masses it will be a time of great confusion and upheaval especially for those who attempt to build their futures on the non existant 3D timelines. Those who invest their time and energy in old crumbling institutions or continue to run their businesses based on the pirating practices of competition and unethical egotistical practices refusing to heal themselves will have difficulty surviving while those who can first heal themselves in order to ascend and anchor onto the 5D timelines of Unity, service to others and love will thrive!

Healing the Mother Wound: “What the world needs now is LOVE sweet love no not just for some but for everyone.”

We ALL here on Earth have been traumatized, victimized, and weaponized against one another. Eons of devastating captivity have fragmented our soul’s identities and caused us to forget who we are and why we came here! As you heal you will reclaim all your alternate identities, remember your past lives, and even future lives. You will transmute your two stranded DNA into 12 strands and bring your divine (spiritual ) technology back online enabling you to connect to Infinite God Source! You will remember where you came from and all the lifetimes you have had and most importantly: What You Came Here to Do…your SOUL MISSION! And begin it! Those who can surrender their finite selves to serve Infinite God Source and who have the courage to look deep inside to heal their generational wounds will be the new leaders and co healers of The New Infinite 5D Earth!

Excerpt from The Infinite Human by Elizabeth Monroy M.S. and Peter Monroy M.D.

“Perhaps all your life you have felt like an outcast, a misplaced person, a misfit, an ugly duckling? Perhaps you have hidden your special gifts and talents even your supernatural abilities for fear of persecution, ridicule or just being “different”? You may now find yourself alone having drifted away from partners, friends, colleagues and family. This is because you have outgrown them and like the ugly duckling it is your time to become a Swan! You have been a caterpillar scaling the caterpillar pitter patter ladder leading nowhere. Now you may find yourself alone, cocooning into the beautiful butterfly you were created you to be! Many of the caterpillars you know will choose to remain caterpillars, but you, Great Infinite One, are morphing into that beautiful butterfly that embraces its freedom! As you identify more and more with the Infinite, the false timelines will collapse around you and your past as well as your future will change. Your memories about people, pla

ces even events may also change. You may begin to identify more with your future self that exists on the fifth dimensional worlds and beyond! You may be morphing so rapidly your appearance may change drastically from one moment to the next. You may not even recognize yourself. Not to worry, you are not losing yourself. You are finding yourself, the true authentic you! You may need time alone to develop your supernatural gifts and multidimensional nature that has lain dormant or been repressed by you. As you uncover your divine creative sparkle within, everything you create will come from your soul and be birthed with love. As you embody more and more of the Infinite God Source Frequencies you will create a ripple of change around you. All who come in contract with you will be uplifted. You will be a pebble of truth and your ripples will affect great change in the World. You will be the change you want to see in the world! You will be a beacon of truth an eternal living light. You will be Cosmic Sovereign Law made manifest! You will be part of the solution rather than the problem.”

Except from The Infinite Human)

The First Will Be Last The Last will be First!

This is an exciting time for those who can turn their focus away from the past and the crumbling 3D Earth, heal and step solidly onto the 5D time line. It is time to find all those dreams you have thrown away and DREAM A NEW WORLD into existence! It is time to reclaim all your unfulfilled desires, your broken dreams and recalibrate them to the 5D Timeline as the Co- creators of The New Infinite 5D Earth!

Many of you are experiencing massive shifts in consciousness as you acclimate to the new 5D timeline and the energies of the higher densities. You may be feeling an urgency to begin their soul mission or soul calling. You are INFINITE! You got this! You can do this on your own! But if you do feel called to come together in a sacred, loving, supportive environment to assist you to connect within to your own intuitive voice and soul mission then The Infinite Human (Un) School is for you! Together we are pioneering a new Education Paradigm based on the ancient wisdom of the True Mystery Schools of Atlantis ad Mu.

The Infinite Human School’s mission is developmental and the first step is to offer support in your own inner healing and empower you to regain trust in your own inner intuitive voice as you reconnect your own divine inner technology and learn how to navigate the higher dimensions releasing anything that is tethering you to the old timelines and stopping you from fully embracing your Soul Mission. The process is self extinguishing and the goal is to support the birth to the new tribe of whole or “holy” Infinite Humans, Rainbow Warriors who can be a ripple of change and assist humanity in its own divine inner healing, so they move onto the 5D timeline with EASE, (not dis- ease) living in harmony with our Mother Earth and restoring balance. We will begin slowing, building a firm foundation and as we do like the 100th monkey syndrome, more and more people will get it and bring about The New Consciousness Renaissance! YOU WILL BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD!

If this resonates with you please join our Infinite Human Family!




Workshops, Courses, Esoteric Retreats, Tours & Events in the physical, spiritual and virtual realms (Transmuted Sacred Cyber Space.)

The Infinite Human School uses the Alchemy Energy of Sacred Esoteric Knowledge, Ascension Mechanics, and Your Unique Creative Expression to assist you on your Soul’s Alchemical Journey of transmutation and Ascension. We work with Transformation Art, Sacred Symbols, Ancient Sacred Sites and our Mother Earth’s Energetic grids as well as your own Inner Divine Technology and Energetic systems to transmute and ground them on our planet. We will also offer this in the physical as well as a “transmuted” sacred cyber space environment.We work on Multidimensional spiritual levels.. because you are MULTIDIMENSIONAL!!!

I will be coming to the States for several months and If you are interested in hosting an event please see my page on WORKSHOPS & BOOK TOURS to see where in the World I will be in 2022-2023! I would love to meet up with YOU ALL IN PERSON!!!💕💕💕💕💕


All our programs require a deep personal commitment to Serve Divine Infinite Source, the Law of One and Unity Consciousness; to prioritized your own Alchemical Ascension first and to engage in only the highest service to others by evolving: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially, and socially as you carrying out you unique soul mission. (The reason you are here!)

The Infinite Human (Un) School is all about YOU! So certain courses must be taken and mastered before you go to the next level but you are the only one who “grades” yourself!

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Upcoming Events and Programs


Wise Women Retreat: The Birth of Venus

(Freeing The Divine Feminine: (and balancing it with the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine)

In a loving sacred environment, we will examine karmic ancestral generational patterns that have kept women victimized, traumatized, disempowered and enslaved by false creations stories, myths, sexual misery programs, the Madonna /Putana complex, AI implants, and lunar matrixes designed to keep women disempowered, living IN A state of guilt and Co dependency positioned as the LUNAR reflection of the male solar Christ. We WILL BEGIN TO HEAL: the Mother Wound, the Divine Inner Child, The Woman Wound, and the Sexual Misery WoundS. We will remove BLOCKAGES & implants to allow you to more freely heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually AND reconnect with the Divine Mother God Aqua Ray, freeING yourself from the narcissistic imposter “God the Father” programming SO YOU CAN reclaim your DIVINE heirogamic union within and activate your female solar Sophia Christos AVATAR.

Embracing Your Soul Mission Course (This is the First Step because you need to have an idea of where you are going)

Rewriting Your Life Story (Second step, this helps you to release anything that is is holding you back from carrying out your soul mission with the greatest of ease in the higher dimensions.)

Wise Women Retreat: The Birth of Venus

(Freeing The Divine Feminine: (and balancing it with the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine)

Sacred Sicily Pilgrimage (Sicily)

The New Consciousness Renaissance Retreat for Visionaries of the New Infinite Earth. (Tuscany)


Visits to sacred sights, archaeological sites, Museums, churches palaces etc.

Acting ( on film and in Ancient GREEK Amphitheaters)

Mask Making

Film making Creative Writing Transformational Art Creative Visualization Meditation Ancient Sacred Ceremonies Esoteric Knowledge Transformational Art Therapy Tarot Coaching Creative storytelling Journey of the Hero Jungian Archetypes Hypnotherapy

Crystal healing

Intuitive Coaching

Ascension Mechanics

And much more!

Isn’t It Time you joined the New Consciousness Renaissance?

First Step Sign up for the Embracing Your Life Purpose / Soul Mission Course.

The first part of this course is a video course with assignments that must be completed and sent in to help you gain a better understanding of your unique gifts and talents and how they can be used to help co-create a New 5D Earth and bring you physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial and social evolvement and connect you to your Soul Tribe. Then you come together with others who have similar interests, talents and purposes in a group workshop online.

It’s an exciting time to be alive! I hope to see you all in The Infinite Human (Un) School Soon!


Please Tune It!!!!