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Updated: Jul 22, 2022


Our Earth is NOW anchored onto the 5D Timeline!

As of June 24,2022 the planetary soul matrix ascended into the three layers of the soul matrix which are currently undergoing unification, intensified purification and radical detoxification in order to spiritually heal, and to fully align with the organic 5D timelines, the collective human race has completely moved into the next harmonic universe. This is the second harmonic universe that has been rehabilitated by Guardian Alliance gridworkers, that makes up the corrected pre-Fall crystalline Taran matrix which accesses the organic fourth, fifth and sixth dimensional layers, which further connects into the corrected Gaian matrix solar core.


The current shift into the next harmonic universe, is changing the position of the World Soul to Machu Picchu’s Ancient Andromedan gateway system and opened all previously conquered star gates bringing on rapid and intense spiritual activations!!! We’re currently in the exploration and discovery of these new creations, such as Cosmic Mother’s Supermagnetism and Starhuman dragon body parts organized within multidimensional spaces that are opening up now. This translates into a global level of spiritual initiation that requires the solarization and transformation of our angelic human CHRIST light body at all levels of existence, as this is occurring at all levels of embodied consciousness.

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The destruction of the Georgia Guide stones was the manifestation of this massive shift that has ended the artificial 3D timeline of the agenda 21 (2022-2030) to “reduce the World population to 500 Million”. We are now on the 5D timeline as Earth ascends into its organic time line of returning home to Tara and and eventually onto Mother Gaia. The Pathway Home has been cleared but it is of course up to each and everyone of us to choose (freewill) which path we will take and do the necessary inner work.

The True history of our planet has been a war over time and the vibrational frequencies that encapsulate our Earth in the false timelines and distorted architecture of a prison matrix. The intention has always been to keep us isolated from our True Divine Mother and Divine Father and our organic spiritual divinity and our Divine Inner Heirogamic Union of Christos Sophia or being God Sovereign Free Infinite Human Beings connected to Infinite God Source.

These artificial timelines destroyed our freedom and our return to their own inner divinity and vibrational frequency of the God Source World from which we fell.

Excerpt from The Infinite Human by Elizabeth Monroy M.S. and Peter Monroy M.D.

“We human beings are a race of Divine Infinite Human Beings created by highly evolved non-corporal Founder Races residing within the God Source Worlds of the higher 16D, 17D,18D densities and beyond! We were created as a corporal expression of the Infinite with all our multidimensional capabilities housed within our twelve- stranded genetic silicon-based light body. We were created by these exalted beings out of pure love with our own unique soul signature. We were not created to serve them, worship them, work for them, or make sacrifices to them. We were given the greatest gift of all--FREE WILL. This allowed us to freely express ourselves, create, play, live, love, learn, grow, and expand! They even gave us the freedom to fall and experience the lower densities which is what we have done here on 3D Earth.

Your original Double Diamond Sun Genetic Template is referred to as being “Royal,” and directly connects you to the Founder Races in the God Source Worlds via your genetics. The Emerald Founder Records were placed within your Royal Genetic DNA and hidden in and out of time. These holographic records hold the true organic historical timelines and genetic records of the root races seeded on Earth, Tara, and Gaia. These are our current Earths of 3D, 5D Earth which is Tara, and the 7D Earth which is Gaia. Your Infinite Human twelve-stranded DNA holds the accurate historical timeline records for the entire history of the human race. As you activate your 12 DNA strands you regain your memory.”

(Except from The Infinite Human Elizabeth Monroy M.S. & Peter Monroy M.D.