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Updated: Oct 11, 2022



You died on a Sunday, August 14, 2022, at 3:33 a.m. You were alone in your room but I WAS THERE WITH YOU!. Peter and were on either side and we shared our plasma bodies with you building up yours for the journey HOME. When you were ready we boarded the limo and Peter drove us. I held your hand as we arrived at the spiral crystal rainbow bridge LEADING BACK HOME TO TARA (PREFALL) where I bid you farewell. Peter drove off escorting you Home. In my bedroom in Sicily I had been holding your life essence in my hand all during this and at the moment you crossed over I felt your faint life pulse dim then extinguish and I knew you were gone. I knew I would never see you alive again your loving face although I hoped these five years when we were apart due to world circumstances I could embrace you one last time. But it was not meant to be. I call the nursing home and the nurse on the floor confirmed the time of your death. Latter my dear friend Susan remote viewed your arrival on Tara. She told me you were dancing with Peter and wearing a purple dress. I didn’t get to say good bye to you in the physical but when I finally arrived in the US and made my way into the funeral parlor I stood before the casket containing the empty vessel that had contained your gentle spirit and saw you were wearing a purple sweater and I knew that your soul at long last had been freed from this prison matrix! Hallelujah!

Although our relationship like all mother child relationships had been tainted with the ancestral miasma of what I call the Tothian Curse. I had managed to completely heal that right before your death freeing our royal grail linage which enabled your ascension. It was extremely painful and deep work going to the root of the pain and sexual misery that has cursed the sacred angelic celtic druid grail line females who held the higher genetics. This women were then raped and forced to bear children an offspring engineered to destroy the angelic human race. So the women like rosemary’s baby women knew that they held a demonic seed within their womb so many women would throw themselves over cliffs. Even if they hoped to love their children into holiness they found that their sons were taken from them at birth and raised to be warriors and to hate their own mothers. This broke the women’s will and caused them to surrender totally over to their captors becoming dominated by the fallen dark masculine angelics. Their value was no longer based on their spiritual gifts but on their meat bodies. The male world defined them according to what was sexually appealing or conducive to breeding male warriors. This is how our female identities became redefined and our own values became misconstrued. But perhaps the worst curse was that we began to hate our own children and even worse our own inner divine child. All this must be healed so we can take our place as true royalty and return ourselves to our place of power within!

Laugh and the world laughs with you Grieve and the world Grieves

It seems as if the entire world is grieving as it should be. Our 3D Earth reality is gone. It may not have been perfect but is is all we knew. The ups the downs, the highs the lows of living in duality. The good the bad and the ugly. Perhaps if things had not become so far gone we would have been content to live in this world of duality all the days of our lives never transmuting into the beautiful butterflies we truly are! But things have become unbearable for those of us in the know and even those in denial can not longer turn a blind eye. Perhaps

this is the motivation the world needs to stop being lulled to sleep in the dream and actually DO SOMETHING.. BE THE CHANGE! But are people waking up?

Grieving means you are letting go. Those who are allowing themselves to grieve are moving forward and releasing anchors that have been holding you to the past and a time loop that has been repeating for millions upon millions of years. Yes you heard correctly when you let go of people, places and things in this life time you are letting go of patterns that have held you, prisoner, for an eternity. So the grief may seem unbearable at times I know my has

SEEMED THAT WAY but it is clearing webs of artificial timelines and AI paraphernalia that binds you to a slave matrix. It is huge so move slowly one foot in front of the other with self love! You will over come it and when you shed all these attachments the artificial timelines with dissolve away allowing you to beam steer clearly home to the 5D timelines Homes.

The Heat of the Battle