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Happy Valentine's Day

Paradise Lost? For eons human beings have been searching for paradise, Shangrila, Eden, Utopia, Heaven on Earth, that perfect place where everyone lives together in peace, love and harmony. For eons, we have been told that we must wait until we die to go to paradise. And if we are good little boys and girls we will get into the pearly gates. This quest this yearning for Paradise Lost is deep within the hearts of every man woman and child. It is a yearning within our soul for something we know that exists even though all outwards appearances may seem to contradict that. Yet we push onward searching, dreaming, believing. Why? Could it be because it is a memory of something we once had but lost? Could it be our desperate attempt to reclaim our lost heaven on earth, our lost divinity, our lost identity, our lost truth? I have lived all over the world and because of that, I have friends from every part of the globe. Everyone I know today is searching at some level for a better world. Everyone wants a better place for themselves, their loved ones, and their children. I believe everyone can agree that our present world is not like that. Yet everyone thinks the grass will be greener on the other side. Perhaps myself more than anyone else. I have l had the gift of living all over the world and always moving on to greener pastures, new people, places and things to do, new adventures. Everyone longs for this and few have done it. But I can say as one who has, all the places with time become the same. Why? Because wherever you go you bring yourself with you. Now with the current state of restrictions on our Earth, we are being forced to be with ourselves. Stay still, turn inward. All distractions have been removed and we are forced to face the man or woman in the mirror, come to terms with our inner demons and find this peace, this love, this paradise we have been searching for within. This Paradise, Shangrila

, Utopia we all desire is not a place you can buy a ticket to, you do not need a passport, or pack a suitcase and board a train, plane, automobile or ocean liner. It is a place within that we all must all create where ever we are. It must first come from ourselves rising up to the higher frequencies of love in the higher dimensions. No one can do it for you. It is an inside job. Those who arrive in the fifth dimension will then find one another and they may also create a physical manifestation of that which has already been created in the higher frequencies. After all isn’t that how everything works?

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