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Healing the Mother Wound

The trauma of the Mother Wound effects both men and women. It is often more acute when handed down from mother to daughter in patriarchal societies, where women have traditionally been reduced to subservient roles in the culture. The Mother Wound is, in a sense, the hurt of being a woman in a society that oppresses and undervalues women. It is the unlived life of the mother passed on to the daughter, who in turn finds her own life hemmed in by trauma and unconsciously hands her unexpressed pain down to her daughter (or son). We can see how this process results in generations of unmothered children, carrying stories of loss, rage, jealousy, shame, stifled creativity, and grief in their bones.”

Fairy tales a good indicators of

the type of mother Archetype your personal story may follow. I always saw my mother as an angry witch in most fairytales, a jealous, insecure, unhappy, unappreciated woman, who attacked me for not being like her. Or as the absent mother, like in the story, The Poor Little Match Girl, about orphaned girl who freezes to death on Christmas eve because no-one will help her.

People that have not fully healed this trauma are walking around with open wounds. The slightest touch may cause them extreme pain, and like wounded animals, they may attack at the slightest provocation. Wh

ereas there are those who have become masters at wearing masks, to hide their deep pain because the fear of facing their trauma is too great.

As you began to heal your Mother Wound, you may began to go deeper and deeper beyond ancestral miasma and into th

e cellular memories of life time after life time, where you may have been persecuted, executed, assassinated, murdered, burnt alive, drowned, tortured, raped, for speaking out or revealing your true self. You may find that the Mother Wound runs deep leading back to Androme


and the memory of being ripped from our Mother Universe, severed from the Mother God. As you heal your Mother Wound you can better align yourself with Divine Holy Mother God balancing the your masculine and feminine in the Alchemical Union of Hierosgamus and return to wholeness, holiness.

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