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The Infinite is just that—Infinite. It is all that is, ever has been, and ever shall be. There is no beginning. There is no ending. No Alpha, no Omega! It is everything and nothing. It exists in and beyond time and space, which is often difficult for our finite brains to imagine. Nonetheless, it is what it is, even if you cannot comprehend it. Imagine if you will a Void. In this Void, there is no light, no sound, no thought, no form, just vast infiniteness. This is the Infinite in its pure divine state of Prima Materia. This Infinite all-encompassing energy makes up everything within us and around us. IT is known by many names: Chi, Ki, Prana, Divine Principal, Holy Spirit, the Force or Source. It is not chaotic, erratic energy as we have been taught to believe. The Infinite is love, beauty, unity, harmony, and intelligence. It is the unified, harmonized energy of pure love and eternal light. It is the very building block of all creation. IT is the ONE. It is love. It is the unifying, purifying force of the multiverse, the cosmic glue that binds everything together. IT is the unspoken word within the breath between the Word of God. This unspoken Word is the intrinsic, intuitive, instinctual means of communication of our soul. It is in the way the Trees, the Animals, the Stars, the Wind, the Sea, and our Mother Earth herself commune. This inner voice of wisdom tells the birds to fly south in winter, the seedlings to sprout in spring, the planets to rotate around the sun, the stars to be born and to die. This is the way a mother communicates with her unborn child, and animals communicate with one another. This is the pure untainted true language of the soul. It is the unspoken divine language of truth that cannot be confounded, misinterpreted, twisted, or manipulated into bald-faced lies. It is the truth known only by to our souls through Infinite God Source.

This living organic Infinite God Consciousness is inherent within all things. It is encoded into every molecule, present within every atom, found within every element in the world of matter. This is the native language inherent within the cells of our human biology; it is what makes up our consciousness that communicates with all consciousness. It is the multidimensional language of light, love, frequency, sound, and symbols. This energy directs thoughts through telepathic transmissions of creation codes, into cosmic downloads that can be translated into the spoken word that co-creates our reality. The true fall of the Tower of Babel was not when our spoken words were confounded into different languages but when the original unspoken word which was God, was separated from God. This is where the first distortion occurred. This was when the “Language of the Stars,” was confounded it the lower frequencies of the spoken word.

The soul.sole/ purpose of the Infinite is to know itself! This is why the Infinite separated itself creating the first distortion or vibrational frequency of love and light to better “know thyself.” This first emanation or vibration which resulted in the spoken word was of pure love. This utterance of the eternal “I AM” set into motion the Story of all Creation. It laid the foundation for the Divine Holographic Architecture inherent in the creation codes of the Infinite organic holographic Universes. As this divine technology expanded it created the multiverses, universes, galaxies, star systems, solar systems, planets, and even you! The organic holographic multiverse is based upon “open” Infinite Divine Architecture with sequences that emerge from the center-point of creation and return to it, perpetually retaining an open living, “breathing” (expanding and contracting) connection to Source. Infinite Open Architecture always preserves that which came before it. Organic Creation always maintains its connection to Source while expanding through the multiplication of the Infinite. Nothing is ever lost. It is an open system that draws energy or feeds directly from INFINITE GOD SOURCE during its dance of expression, expansion and contraction. This is the true nature of the Divine God Consciousness Technology of our Organic Infinite Holographic Universe.

What does it mean that our Universe is a Divine Organic Hologram? This means that every tiny particle which makes up the Universe is also a hologram, or in simple terms, every part contains the whole. The same pieces of the divine organic hologram continue to project the whole of creation created under God’s Natural Laws no matter how many times you fragment them. This means each tiny piece of the whole is in and of itself a reflection or mirror of the Infinite. This is the true meaning behind the concept of humans being created in the image of God, (Infinite God Source). It means you are infinite and have Divine Infinite God Source within every cell of your being. So YOU ARE INFINITE! If you voyage out into the Universe and then back into your body, the journey is very similar. The neural network of your brain cells and synapses firing look very much like the distribution of dark matter throughout the universe. The birth of a cell looks like the birth of a star. The human eye looks very similar to a nebula. The human body is made up of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and other elements that are also found in the composition of planets and stars! We are literally made up of Earth and stardust!

Therefore, You Are Infinite!

You are a fragment of the Divine Infinite made manifest to express and learn about itself. You are ITS means of self-expression and self- exploration. You are the embodiment of ITS consciousness. You are conscious awareness. You are a unique expression of the Infinite. You are a very precious, valuable, and unique contribution to the IS-ness of pure creation. Your uniqueness is your ability to freely express the Infinite through your original individual perspective on life, your story. You are a one-of-a-kind story in the Mind of God, the Divine Infinite Storyteller. Your unique perspective is the theme you have chosen for your life story. Within this theme are pages that you have complete and total freedom to write on as you choose fit. You have the freedom to express yourself, write your own life story in your own unique style. This is because Infinite Source gave to you the greatest gift of all, the gift of free will. You have the freedom to write yourself closer to the true word frequency which IS God, or you can explore what it is like to live in a world of false light void of the true eternal living love and light of Infinite God Source. You can identify with the Divine Infinite Storyteller, or you can get lost in the plot. You can turn away from Divine Infinite Source and experience the illusion of separation. You can lose yourself in the darkness of the lower frequencies and experience lack, loss, abandonment, and fear. You can play the villain or victim. But this is only an illusion. Sooner or later, you will return to Infinite Source. Once you remember the truth of who you truly are the illusion dissolves away. You only experience pain, dis-ease, and separation because you have forgotten who you are— Infinite!

Within your life story, you may create challenging experiences to serve as catalysts to teach yourself lessons and expand your knowledge of self. Or you may create distortions from the Infinite out of boredom to amuse yourself! The Rescuer -Persecutor- Victim script may be the story you are perpetually rewriting. Drama, trauma and conflict may be your life themes. Why? Because it’s familiar. Your brain is goal seeking problem solving. If it doesn’t have a goal it will create a problem. Because you are an Infinite you can never die! There is no death only change in form. When you are addicted to your problems you continue to repeat these same old karmic patterns life time after lifetime until you decide to get off the wheel, change the pattern, heal yourself and write a new story! Many of you have died and been reborn into the same cast of characters, the same set of souls life time after lifetime, repeating the same stories and will continue to go around this endless wheel of karma until you decide to get off, take charge and change your story! The only thing that can ever really die is your limited concepts of yourself, your finite identity, your ego.

As your consciousness expands, so does the Eternal Consciousness of the Infinite. Through you and your life experiences, the Infinite learns, grows, and expands. So, the Infinite is more interested in you than itself because you are ITS instrument of self-exploration. The Infinite wants you to Live! IT wants you to grow, expand, create, enjoy, and have fun in the knowing of yourself; for, it is in the knowing of yourself, IT knows itself. Through you learning about yourself, IT learns about itself, through you playing, IT plays! IT does not want you to suffer unless there is something to be learned from your suffering. Likewise, IT does not want you to remain in a cave in deep meditation. This may be a necessary step to remove yourself from the distractions of the external world for a time but IT also wants you to know IT through you expressing your uniqueness in the World. The Infinite created each and every one of us different, like snowflakes! You possess a unique thumbprint that no one else in the world has. The Infinite does not want you to be like others, to herd with the masses. IT wants you to own your authenticity and uniqueness and to and share it with others! The Infinite wants you to align yourself with IT so you can better know the infinite multidimensional being you truly are.

As you surrender your ego, and stop identifying with the masks you have been wearing and the characters you have been portraying a magnificence thing will happen. Divine Infinite Source will consume you. All that is not the true you will burn away in the flames of divine truth. You will stop having to manipulate, struggle, succeed or survive to arrive! When you can die and be reborn to your true authentic self, you will identify with the Infinite “playing” itself out through you. You will be the Infinite grounded in human form. You will become God made manifest or an Infinite Human Being! When you can continuously be in this state of Oneness with Divine Infinite Source, all that is, ever has been, and ever shall be you will reside in the higher frequencies of the God Source Worlds and your life will flow with ease, manifestation will be second nature and you will be the sole/soul master of your mind, body and spirit.

You are a Universe or a YOU-IN-VERSE, “an Epic tale sung in Verse” So does your second verse sound like the first or are you writing a “new” verse? Are you breaking the mold? Are stepping out of the herd? Are you stepping into your authentic self, speaking and living your truth, doing things differently? After all the definition of Insanity is, “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” So how do you know if you are changing your life story to be more aligned with the Vibration frequency of the Word which IS God or Infinite God Source? You can monitor your connectedness with the Infinite by the way you feel. Being attuned or aligned with the Infinite feels good, peaceful, blissful! It occurs when you do some‐ thing you love, when you are filled with passion, when you are in the “zone” or one with nature. When you are in the flow of Infinite God Source you are being fed from Source and your vibrational frequency rises. Being “in love” with all you survey or feeling gratitude puts you in the flow of all creation and your frequency rises. The more your frequency rises the more you ascend in vibration. The more you ascend the more attuned to the vibrational frequency of Infinite God Source you will become. Like a tuning fork, attuning itself to a higher frequency, the more you can inwardly hold these higher frequencies, the more Infinite Source will flow through you. Your thoughts will manifest easily. Your life purpose will unfold and people will show up in your life to support your soul mission. Love will be your currency and gratitude your mindset.

Direct flow to and from the Infinite is the natural organic order of all things in the MultiUniverse. This is a process of giving and receiving that can be symbolized by our breath. The Infinite exhales the BREATH OF LIFE creating life, then inhales it back into itself. A beautiful eternal dance of ease where there is no death, no decay, no pain no suffering, only change of form. Likewise, human beings breath in life giving oxygen from the organic life giving world around us. When we exhale we give back our breath of life which sustains the organic life around us as we exhale our carbon dioxide. This is part of the miracle and magic of God’s brilliant divine God consciousness technology that provides for all of creation with its natural organic laws and the ecological balance. Under God’s natural laws, it is always a win-win situation in which the Infinite always provides for all of creation. This is the natural order of Mother Nature, Mother Earth, and all Creation. WE ARE ONE. This is Cosmic Sovereign Law made manifest. Everything is divinely interconnected through the organic frequencies of divine technology which is love. A miraculous system that takes into account the needs of the tiniest microbe or the most expansive universe. Everything works in complete and total harmony, making it whole or Holy.

When you fully realize God is omnipresent or in all things you truly realize that Infinite God Source is in everything and everyone around you. When you KNOW this how could you ever harm another living creature? How could you hurt anything or anyone ever again? How could you not love your neighbor? How could you not love the world for what it truly is a reflection of the Infinite! As you identify more and more with the Divine Infinite Storyteller and the word which IS God you will see that everyone is just living out their stories to the extent to which they are awakened to the Truth of being One with Infinite God Source. Through your connection with Infinite Source all things are possible! You are an extension of all that is, ever has been, and ever shall be. You are the Divine Infinite made manifest! This direct, free flow of energy feeds and nourishes you and gives forth freely of itself. This free-flowing energy heals, empowers, enlightens and nourishes your soul. Those who feed directly from Infinite Source never lack, never fear, and are never alone.They are of service to others, because Infinite Source serves them. You receive from the Infinite and share this divine energy with others. This is the natural flow of things. These simple principles of the Divine Flow of the Loving Energy from the Infinite is what makes up the Law of One. The Law of One respects all life in every form, everywhere. Therefore, when you are working within the Law of One, you are naturally creating what is for the highest good of ALL concerned. The Law of One also respects the greatest gift ever bestowed on us by the Creator—Free Will. Every being in the Universe has t