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Updated: May 29

                                                   Shifting Paradigms 

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready, the teacher will Disappear.”


“Since the Fall of humanity when the Divine Holographic Architecture

of our Earth was severed from Infinite God Source and all truth was

carefully hidden we have looked outside ourselves for answers. We have

looked to Spiritual Teachers, Priests, Priestesses, Shamans, Witch Doctors,

Sorcerers, Magicians, Witches, Warlocks, Ministers, Preachers, Pastors,

Rabbis, Gurus, Mystics, Swamis, Psychics, Therapists, Fortune Tellers,

Seers, Healers, Life Coaches, T.V. Evangelists, Celebrities, Newscasters,

Icons, Presidents, Speakers, Experts and the list goes on. Like cell phones

without a sim cards, we have been rendered non-functional, unable to go

to Infinite Source for our information. Thus, we have become dependent

on external sources of information that may or may not be reliable.”

Since birth, we are conditioned to believe we know nothing and must be taught everything. In fact it goes deeper we are taught we are inherently evil and our innate instincts, intuition, creativity, and sexuality must be suppressed and we must be molded and shaped by those around us to fit into a (broken) world. 

As we ascend and reassemble our genetic 12 strands of DNA and access more of higher selves gaining Krystal Clarity into the higher dimensions we return to our true state of being Infinite all that is ever has been and ever shall be! We have access to information that expands beyond our finite inter-NET but we can surf the Infinite or cosmic WiFi as David Icke calls it. So in reality we do not need to “teach” anyone anything. 

But how do we  SHIFT the paradigm to a new Foundation of learning?

                                       THE INFINITE HUMAN FOUNDATION

We could create sacred spaces where we can come together in the unity of who they Trh’-Uah ly  are God, Infinite God Source all unique aspects of the infinite sharing, our unique gifts, talents and perspectives? Role modeling for others: thinking divine creators/ creations sparking in our others the memories of who they Trh'- Uah-ly!  Igniting the divine spark within them!  Always giving others the freedom to take only what resonates. Then as we reclaim our right as the  Imagineers of our own holographic reality!  We can come together in our uniqueness as divine puzzle pieces  together using our unique visions and perspectives to co create an optimal reality a New Earth!   But first we must shift the way in which we come together. 

I was guided to write the book The Infinite Human with my twin soul Peter Monroy a physician, who is no longer in the physical to lay a foundation for this new paradigm. We chose to take you on our twin flame journey of our lives awakening to who we were and the deception of the inverted perverted world in which we had been part of. It is an alchemist journey, a love story a heroine/hero’s pilgrimage around our planet and into the higher dimensions of forbidden knowledge, supernatural phenomenon, and cosmic disclosure to awaken you to the truth that,


 We wanted to create a new paradigm where you are not told what to think, what is right or wrong, what is true and what is false. Instead, we shared our life stories, our experiences an intimate part of ourselves as a way to enrich both the teller of the story and the listener respecting the inherent intelligence, intuition, and integrity of both.  I believe as leaders who create leaders we must reach out to that divine sacred space of infinite source within us all and communicate from there. That is where our creativity lies, as well as Trh’-Uah unity consciousness. 


I have been privileged to read Elizabeth and Peter Monroy's fabulous book, 'The Infinite Human'. Seriously everyone, in my view it is a compelling read and an avenue into further expansion of our collective conscious awareness.

Frankly, it is the book that long ago I wanted to write but Elizabeth and Peter  came first and - none of my efforts could have come close to the insights they have given.Thank you Elizabeth and Peter - and may your words remain always etched upon the hearts of those who seek ascension.

"My soul likes this book.It has woken me up more.

One should always read books, never stop reading- watching videos informs you, but reading let's you walk inside yourself and creates your own images inside you and let's you connect better to your soul.Elizabeth takes us with her on her creative and spiritual life- starting from her beautiful magic love story, in between speaks about the power of a few and analyses our world of today.

This book helped me to discuss things in life with myself, getting out in daily life and

observing and analyzing life more attentively and deciding to detox right from wrong for me. I found my inner peace and my senses are more awake to listen to my soul.Grazie mille.Since Italy and the Italian culture means a lot to me, it was a pleasure reading so many interesting stories Elizabeth has to tell from Florence and Sicilia and from her experiences all over the world.In the end it is a mosaico she created and the reader creates parallely his/her own mosaico. I had many magic moments.The anger for injustice Elizabeth has-

means love for you and me….!!!!! You get out of this book very powerfully..and with love for yourself and for life.  My intention was the twin flame story, but I found much more.

Grazie mille... " Dagmar Meier


Peter and I wrote the book because we knew it would be timeless and anyone who needed a little inspiration on their journey of ascension would find it in their own Divine Time. In the end that is all we can do as evolving infinite humans on our never-ending journey as The Infinite knowing itself, as stories in the mind of  Infinite God  Source. Our stories our creative expressions which can serve as powerful catalysts of change for others. We are the role models as living testimonies of a way of living in harmony with the Infinite Source the Oneness of ALL. What others choose to do is their divine right of free will! Never stop reading, never stop writing never stop sharing your life stories!

                                 The Infinite Human Talk Show

This June on The Infinite Human Talk Show on The Voice America Empowerment Channel Producer Tacy Trump and Harrison Ide from Voice America will be interviewing ME! Elizabeth Monroy Host of The Infinite Human Talk Show about my twin soul journey with Peter Monroy , why and how we wrote The Infinite Human book together, and other ascension books I have written for big and small peeps that are now finally coming out We will discuss why I started The Infinite Human Talk Show using the book as the foundation and how Peter and I continue our work together (even though he is no longer in the physical.) And our Visions for the Future!

On June 10th We will have a two-part Series with returning guests Alma Sol and Dave Emery to discuss and share insights into the shifting paradigm of Spiritual Teachers. 


The Infinite Human Foundation is a nonprofit foundation with the mission to create products, publications, pilgrimages, conscious films,  media, educational experiences, events, and communities etcetera that excite, inspire, and support the creative imagination and uniqueness of individuals as the co-creators of an infinite new reality and NEW EARTH in alignment with  the KRYSTALA SPIRAL OF LIFE leading us back HOME to Infinite Source!

             I  have always keep this dream alive in my heart and spent my life working towards it even though I may not have had the funds to realize my dreams. When finally got some money I began to lay the foundation by publishing some of the large body of work Peter and I had written in our thirty years together. I also started The Infinite Human Talk Show with The Voice America Empowerment Channel and traveled around the World meeting you all in person and scouting out future sites for Infinite Human Eco-villages. I began to evolve my previous Educational Institution into The Infinite Human YOUnivestiy  for Visionaries of The New Consciousness Renaissance and launched Infinite Human Tours and Pilgrimages where we travel to sacred sites and you can learn about yourselves and how to more fully express yourselves creatively as The Imaginers of the New Infinite Earth! There is soooo much exciting work to be done and we thank all of you who have been and will be a part of this great adventure! 

                                          THANK YOU ALL!!!




 The Infinite Human Foundation is a nonprofit foundation with the mission to create products, publications, pilgrimages, conscious films,  media, educational experiences, events, and communities ecetera that excite, inspire, and support the creative imagination and uniqueness of individuals  as the co-creators of an infinite new reality and NEW EARTH in alignment with  the KRYSTALA SPIRAL OF LIFE leading us back HOME to Infinite Source!

 Financial Goals

 To serve as Guardians of our Mother Earth by restoring her natural balance, living in harmony with our Mother, and to “make her green again” as  been prophesied by the Hopi who foresaw a race of rainbow warriors restoring the natural balance to our Mother Earth. This will be done by co-creating eco-villages where people can come to learn and practice the ancient principles of The Law of ONE and how to live in harmony and serve nature as well as how to be self-sufficient. 


 To support the reclaimation, restoration of our lost history,  To recover the  information in the stolen ancient texts, To bring back the knowledge of Ascesnion mechanics, Bio regenosis, Scalar Wave Healing, Tautarian Technology and Architecture and the use of Sound, tones and light to heal both humans and the energetic termplate of our Mother Earth.


To Co-create  communities to house healing centers for bio-regenesis and the restoration of our divine Kathara template as well as Universities where individuals can come together as Co-Creators of the New Infinite Earth and Visionaries of the New Consciousness Renaissance where they can learn to identify and express their unique gifts and talents and collaborate on creative projects.


These communities will be located at different locations around the world to serve as centers where people can live, visit, study, teach, exchange ideas, intern, work-exchange and connect with other Co-creators of the New Infinite Earth.


 The Infinite Human Foundation will co-create healing ways to  travel our Mother Earth to  work her ley lines and energetic centers healing both our selves as we heal our Mother Earth and connecting with our fellow New infinite Earth Co- creators. These may take the form of events, pilgrimages,  workshops and tours around the planet both by Land and Sea through Infinite Human Tours.


The Purpose of Our Mission:


We intend to create an expansive infinite foundation for The Co- Creation of an Infinite New Earth to be built upon that will serve to restore love, unity, harmony, and health to our Mother Earth, humanity, and all Creation and Reset if to Infinite Source on the KRYSTALA SPIRAL of LIFE! And so it shall be....


Phase One:

 Purchase land in pristine high-energy healing vortexes in different locations around the planet.. Restore the Land and make it fertile and self-sustaining, each property will have different needs and we will listen to the Deva spirits, ley line and energy votices of the land to support it in serving its highest purpose.. Create ecological infrastructures in alignment with Infinite Source where people can live, learn, teach, share, meditate, heal, and come together in celebration and co-creation.. There will be anchor homes for people who want to invest and be part of the community as well as vacation lodging for pilgrims, interns and students who come for bioregenosis, retreats, events, Research  or work-study programs.

We will serve as a model for communities of the Future.

Phase Two:

Educational Goals:

The Infinite Human YOUniversity

for Visionaries of The New Consciousness Renaissance :


The Infinite Human Foundation will produce conscious films and videos as well as publish intellectual materials that educate, inform, and entertain.

Classes, Courses, Workshops, Retreats, Tours, Internships, Pilgrimages, Events, etc will be offered to serve as a foundation to share these teachings and practices.

Study Abroad programs and branches of the Infinite Human YOU-NIVERSITY for Visionaries of the New Consciousness Renaissance will be created around the world where students of all ages can learn about themselves, their unique gifts and talents, and co-create with other blossoming infinite human beings.

Esoteric Pilgrimages to ancient sites to work with ley lines, grids, and our Earth’s template to  heal our mother as well as ourselves will be offered in various locations around the Planet focused on different themes and issues that need to be addressed in our holographic template. Infinite Human Productions will be producing Conscious Media such as Films and educational videos as well as sharing projects created from the work done on pilgrimages, workshops, and in the Infinite Human YOU-NIVERSITIES. 



        On the Voice America Empowerment Channel  



Will offer enlightening discussions, multidimensional journeys, profound meditations and empowering visualizations weekly as well as serving as a platform where New Earth Co -creators can share their visions, gifts and talents AS WE CO- CREATE THE NEW CONSCIOUSNESS RENAISSANCE TOGETHER with other blossoming infinite human beings who are shifting the old paradigms of our broken, fragmented, finite 3D Earth and alchemizing it into a more expansive, unified, loving infinite reality by reclaiming our true divine infinite power within as the Co-creators of the new infinite Earth. This will be  every Monday at 9 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel. There will be Study Abroad Programs and internships where students can write, direct, and produce Art, creative-conscious films, and documentaries that illustrate activities and events at the eco-communities that celebrate LIFE, LOVE, and the  UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS in each individual's unique way of expressing that.


                                       THE FOUNDERS 


The Infinite Human Foundation was founded by Elizabeth Monroy M.S.  who works and her twin soul, Peter Monroy M.D. who is no longer in the physical but very much a part of The Infinite Human Foundation.

Elizabeth Monroy is an International Author, Film Director, Producer, Visionary Artist, Talk Show Host. Her genres include Children’s books such as The Magical Mist, which empowers children’s creativity, Romance Novels like, The Chronicles of MerWorld, about the rise and fall of The Divine Feminine and Sacred Sexual Alchemy and her latest book is The Infinite Human, an Ascension Guide for Awakening Infinite Human Beings, Star Seeds, Twin Souls, and the Co-creators of the Infinite New 5D Earth. She holds a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling and combines her Intuitive abilities to be of service to our Earth and humanity during our current Ascension Cycle, or the RESET TO THE INFINITE, as she calls it..She has over thirty years of experience, working with her husband, a physician, traveling around the planet, and laying a foundation for a higher modality of co-healing incorporating the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual natures of the human. Together they wrote the book The Pathway Home, a Guide for Divine Inner Healing to help the emerging New Co-Healers of our planet. Elizabeth has based her Ascension “Guidance” on this foundation and uses her intuitive gifts to empower individuals to trust their own inner voice and go to Infinite Source to heal and reset all areas of their lives as Infinite Human Beings.


She has worked within the educational system for years and frustrated by the lack of creativity and independent thought, moved to Florence, Italy where she founded The Infinite Human School for Visionaries of The New Consciousness Renaissance. Her book The Infinite Human is about her own spiritual journey back to Infinite God Source while addressing current world events, and offering full disclosure to help humanity with the choices they are now facing. She views the current global events as a wake-up call to the Heroine within us all to remember what powerful Infinite human beings we all are and to use our power to navigate beyond our current Finite Broken Earth Systems, embracing our Unique Soul Missions as Infinite Human Beings to Co-create a New Infinite Earth. She lives part of the year in Sicily in her Villa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea with Kiki, her Pomeranian dog, where she offers Infinite Human Courses, Esoteric Tours and Retreats and "time" travels to the USA, and Mexico where she is busy setting up New Earth Eco- Communities with Kiki, and Peter, who is always with her in spirit!


      Please know that every time you purchase a production, or attend an event or retreat your energy/ money is going towards realizing these goals of co-creating an Infinite New Earth!  

With much Gratitude from

Elizabeth & Peter Monroy

           AND KIKI TOO! 




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