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Lion's Gate Portal

Lion’s Gate Portal

This time we have now entered which continues until the 12th of August is an amazing opportunity to make quantum leaps in consciousness. This is known as the Lion’s gate that is formed by the alignment of the brightest Star in the Sky Sirius and our Sun creating major activations of our light bodies. This is a time to set the intention to let go of anything that has been holding you back and keeping you anchored to the lower densities of our finite 3D Earth. Releasing and allowing the luminescence of the infinite to shine forth at a cellular level activating your rainbow plasma double diamond radiant luminary body. Focus on the Sun rather than the full moon and let its eternal light activate the solar synthesis within. It is a time to remain grounded and make small, mind full steps towards creating a powerful future for yourself embracing and embodying more and more of your true essence and the reason you are here now. You will be laying a foundation for the next three years. These are pivotal years for yourself and the planet. You will become more activated with greater awareness and serve as a catalyst for the awakening of all you touch. Use this time to tune inward and seek you answers from within. We live in times of great illusion where old timelines are collapsing and releasing you from past contracts, identities, and beliefs that no longer serve you. Perhaps old friends, family members even spiritual practices and spiritual teachers no longer resonate with your increasing frequencies as you begin to ge your answer from divine infinite source within you. Let them go to clear the way for the exalted illumination of infinite Source as it takes root in your core essence and pushes all that is not of the Eternal living light out! Look for your answers, guidance and direction within!

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