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Updated: May 1, 2022

An International Distress Call!!!


ALL HANDS OF GOD ON DECK!!! Infinite Human 7 min ago

MAY DAY MAY DAY!!! SOS Awakening Infinite Humans Needed!!!

All Hands of God On Deck!!!! THE INFINITE HUMAN While the collective of Humanity desperately tries to hold onto their illusion of freedom by blindly following the latest Draconian mandates that “mask” the real problem as they blindly stumble through the mirage of chem-trails, toxic levels of radiation from the 5G /Space X Cage, glued to their cells phone, Mother Earth, her children and all of creation are sending out a MAY DAY! I recently was doing some research on DARPA’s “net” researching marine life for this article and the first search that came up was how marine life was dying because of “Climate Change”! Elon Musk, now touted as the richest man in the world, rushed to activate his Space X Satellite Cage on August of 2020 during Lockdown so it would acquire the legal rights to exist. Despite Stefano Galluzzi and a host of other scientists and health care professionals, who had been working for years to block this effort no one said a word about the devastating effects this cage of low orbiting satellites filled with a host of weather manipulating satellites from NASA would have. But when he recently acquired Twitter all the world is a buzz. The war against all organic life is on and AI is the virus! Perhaps like any Heros' Journey things have to get too bad for people to do anything about it…but will they? Will they wake up long enough to SEE the plants and animals dying, to see their friends and family members’ health deteriorating to see their children becoming walking robots? Here in Italy over ninety percent of the population has surrender to the MK ultra mind control and received their C.O.V.I.D. (certificate of vaccination identification documentation) . The country is quickly going to hell in a hand bag while everyone is still refusing to wake up despite the increasingly blatant Tyrannical control and mandates that are clearing the real estate of family owned businesses making way for the incoming Corporate take over that has already laid waste to America’s small businesses and one of the reasons I escaped the USA. Rather than taking action or seeing just how deep the rabbit hole goes … these Italians cling to their deep unrequited desire for someone to SAVE them! I was told by an Italian that the Pope said the Messiah will be arriving in 2033! But this is not just an "Italian" thing. This thought form… this “Messiah Complex” is rearing it head throughout all the awakening communities. Like frightened traumatized little children who have seen how scary the world really is, we long for someone or something to save us! It’s part of our very make up. In the US many are holding their breaths for Potus to take out the bad guys so the son of a dead president can be resurrected and restore justice to the political arena and make our world “safe” again! Many in the New Age communities have turned their gaze towards the stars hoping Aliens will return to heal us and “ascend” us. MAY DAY …MAY DAY …. The words are being sent out among the ethers….. I was recently contacted by a radio station about doing an interview to talk about my recently released book, The Infinite Human, An Ascension Guide for awakening Infinite Human Beings, Star Seeds, Twin Souls and the Co-Creators of the New Infinite 5D Earth. I will not name the station but I will say it focused on Ascension. I was delighted to at long last found some place where we can talk about what is really going on in this War over Consciousness! As I got to know more about the players behind this station I was told that it was operated by an alien who had come to our planet many years ago to warn humanity but was shot down and captured by the US Military. Flashes of the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” came to mind. Since my belief is we are all Infinite and all things are possible I was curious and investigated further. As I pealed away the layers I was told that this person was Jeshua the true name of Jesus… I wanted to more fully understand why this information had been placed in my path…especially in my desire to share the information in a book I had been writing for over thirty years! Nothing happens for by accident. "Since the Fall of humanity when the Divine Holographic Architecture of our Earth was severed from Infinite God Source and all truth was carefully hidden we have been forced to look outside ourselves for answers. We have looked to Spiritual Teachers, Priests, Priestesses, Shamans, Witch Doctors, Sorcerers, Magicians, Witches, Warlocks, Ministers, Preachers, Pastors, Rabbis, Gurus, Mystics, Swamis, Psychics, Therapists, Fortune Tellers, Seers, Healers, Life Coaches, T.V. Evangelists, Celebrities, Newscasters, Icons, Presidents, Motivational Speakers, Experts, and yes awaited as our “messiahs" . Like cell phones without a sim cards, we have had our organic divine technology rendered non-functional unable to go to Source for our information. Thus we have become dependent and genetically programmed to look to external sources of information that may or may not be reliable.” (Excerpt from The Infinite Human by Elizabeth Monroy M.S. & Peter Monroy M.D.) Thus paving the way for the Messiah Complex. My definition of The Messiah Complex is not just someone who thinks he or she is a Messiah and wants to “save” the world but the deep desire humanity harbors within to be “saved”. This co-dependent/ narcissistic relationship has been programmed into our very DNA. As we awaken to the TRUTH, “that nothing is as it seems” and step out of the shell of our illusions we find ourself very vulnerable. Just as a small sea creature who has outgrown its tiny shell leaving behind the safety of it protective environment in search for a larger one, we too become vulnerable, easy prey in the awakening movement for those with ulterior agendas wishing to co-opt our heart felt intentions to more fully know God and embody Infinite God Source. Our Truth seeking may lead us to look towards Messiahs, Saviors, the latest Truth Sayer to be “shown us the way Home!” Although we all may need help from time to time especially now as humanity begins its ascent into the higher God Source Worlds, we must learn to break the mind control addictions to external Sources and discipline ourselves to attune to Divine Infinite God Source within. We must cease to rely solely on others or AI technology and begin to rely “souly” on our Organic Divine Technology within. The Path Way has been cleared and “The Help” is waiting for your return Home by ascending in frequency. Of course along our journey up the mountain of Ascension we are all just walking each other home and may need help from time to time from our fellow human beings as well as want to give it. But too often these relationships have been co- opted by nefarious characters or loaded with karmic patterns of mind control conditioning those with good intentions to “enable” rather than “empower” others. The biggest booby traps along this path is the “Messiah Complex”. This finds futile ground within our desire to remain “Children of God”. We long to be taken care of, to have someone tell us what to do, to think, to believe, that we are good little boys and girls. This halts us from doing our own inner work, growing up and developing our own inner muscle of discernment and intuitive knowingness that only comes by self examination and self love as we ascend into the higher frequencies of Truth and Love. No magic pill. The Truth is as you reactivate your Cosmic Christ of Light 12 stranded silicone based genetics your organic “sim” card will come back “online” and you will be able surf the INFINITE not only DARPA’s Net. You can go directly to the Source or Infinite God Source for your own answers. No middle man is required. “Many highly evolved “Christ” Players incarnated into bodies containing higher genetics so they could preserve the Truth and serve as guides to steer us through the maze of deception, back towards Infinite God Source. But as always in this fallen world of deception those who were guiding us, were hijacked, and replaced by imposters who intentionally led humanity astray, serving the dark agenda of false light rather than the eternal living light of Truth and Infinite Source. Likewise, many of us who came to help humanity ascend have ourselves become blinded by the false light and embroiled in the Matrix of deception. Thus rather than empowering people, misguided leaders and imposters have created a dependency loop. These self-appointed middlemen and women profess to know more about God than you do. Human beings often fall prey to this kind of deception because we have been genetically downgraded, hard-wired and mind-controlled to constantly seek the truth outside of ourselves. When the Word WAS God the word or vibrational frequency of truth was within us ALL and there was no need to seek the truth or even “speak” the truth. It was held within our genetics. We all just knew it. We were ALL ONE! But when the word became separated from God Source as we too did, we were taught to look outside ourselves for our answers, our salvation, our savior, our redeemer, our healer, our spiritual teachers. After the fall of Atlantis, many great souls chose to remain on our planet as it plummeted into darkness to serve as a source of eternal living light and truth. Many of these great souls have also incarnated throughout history as “Christ Players” to help humanity return to its true Infinite Human State of Being before the Fall. Some of these great souls fell and were assimilated into the dark collective and became known as fallen angels. Then there are those who completed their mission and ascended back to the God Source Worlds. There were also those who were captured by the dark side and have remained in-prisoned in the phantom worlds and are being resurrected from the phantom worlds now. Then, there are souls who have recently incarnated as well as old souls, who have reincarnated throughout the ages and forgotten who they are, why they came here and what they came here to do. Many of these Christos Star Seed Souls, were sent from the “stars” or God Source Worlds long ago for this very time we have now entered for the Christos Reconnaissance Mission. Many of these Star Seeds are now awakening to their true identity at this very moment. Many of these Star Seeds are reading these words right now!!!” (Excerpt from The Infinite Human by Elizabeth Monroy M.S. & Peter Monroy M.D.) As we all make our journey up the mountain of Ascension it is a normal and good thing to give and receive help from one another. But if you find yourself placing your own power (even subconsciously) into the hands of something or someone outside of yourself then you are falling prey to the Messiah complex. If you a “waiting” for something or someone to make things better for you it may be time to do a soul searching inventory and look at where you are not taking responsibility for your own life and making things better for yourself! If you are looking waiting for someone to free you, how are you not freeing yourself? (only slaves wait for someone else to free them.) If you are waiting for your twin soul to love you, accept you, listen to you, empower you…how are you not loving, listening, empowering yourself? These are all powerful questions We pose in our book. The Truth is EVERYONE on planet Earth has a job… even the “dark” finite side… if nothing else to keep you moving up the mountain of ascension and stop you from getting too comfy along the way stations! You all have unique gifts and talents no one else possesses, like your finger print! No one else on Earth can do your job, your soul mission. Like missing puzzles pieces we are all coming together to fulfill a Divine Plan creating a Divine Puzzle as the foundation for the New Infinite 5D Earth. We all need one another and no one is more important or valuable that the other!!!! The old paradigms of the Guru/ Messiah Complex are fading away as we ascend the mountain into the higher frequencies of Truth, Love and Eternal Light! Like wise as we reach the summit leaving behind our finite self, releasing our egos and our need to SAVE the world our own Messiah complex will dissolve in the higher light of truth. We will realize then that everyone is Infinite and has free will and will arrive at the summit of the mountain of ascension in their own Divine Timing. My intention behind these words I write is that they will become magic words that gently nudge you onward and upward through your challenges along your pathway up the mountain of Ascension, serving to give you inspiration, clarity and self love for all you have accomplished as you claim your reward of inner knowing and the Elixir of Truth that only comes from within as you realize you are INFINITE! ALL THAT IS, EVER HAS BEEN AND EVER SHALL BE!!! Elizabeth Monroy serves as a Truth-sayer and an Ascension Guide for Awakening Infinite Human Beings, Star Seeds, Twin Souls, and the Co-creators of the Infinite New 5D Earth. She is an International Author, Film Maker, Visionary Artist, Talk Show Host and Inspirational Speaker. She holds a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and is skilled in a number of alternative healing modalities. She traveled the World with her husband Peter Monroy, a board certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist laying a foundation for a higher form of co-healing and the energetic blueprint for the Infinite 5D Earth. She has worked for years as an intuitive life coach and founded The New Consciousness Renaissance School in Florence, Italy for the creation of conscious media. She now travels between between Italy and the USA, with Kiki, and Peter, who is always with her in spirit, offering Infinite Human Retreats, guiding and networking her fellow star seeds in their Ascension process and the Co-creation a the Infinite New 5D Earth.

The Infinite Human, An Ascension Guide for Awakening Infinite Human Beings, Star Seeds, Twin Souls and the Co-Creators of the New Infinite 5D Earth “There is emerging on the face of the Earth a New Human, an Infinite Human and that Human is YOU!” Thirty years ago I wrote these words not fully understanding how deeply they relate to current world events and the consciousness wars our planet is NOW experiencing. This is not just my story but the story of my TWIN SOUL, a physician and how we tried to change the course of modern medicine. This book offers FULL DISCLOSURE of the truth behind the lies that have been hidden in plain sight while taking you on an amazing spiritual journey around our planet and into the higher dimensions of Esoteric Knowledge, Supernatural Phenomenon, and Cosmic Disclosure. This is a Love Story, a Hero’s Journey, an Alchemist's Memoir of twin souls who managed to navigate through the world of illusion, heal their past wounds and create an Eternal Love that survived even death! But above all, STAR SEEDS this is your story of the TRUE Liberation that only comes from Awakening from the Dream Spell and ORGANIC ASCENSION, to become the Master Builders of the Infinite New 5D EARTH! Because YOU ARE INFINITE! ALL THAT IS, EVER HAS BEEN AND EVER SHALL BE!! REVIEWS: If you are just now awakening spiritually, or have been on the path for a long time or something in-between, this little gem of a book has something relevant for everyone at every level of their awakening consciousness. From newly awakening to star seeds to souls who have been awake a long time, everyone will gain some nuggets from this book. How do we align with God source? How do we even know we are connected to this beautiful energy? This book gives you some very good clues and outlines steps to make that happen for you. You do not need to have a Guru, teacher, priest, preacher, shaman or any other intermediary guide you in today’s energetic vibrations. Nor do you need to use plant medicines, hallucinogenic, or any mind-altering substances. You can attain direct flow from the universe without any of those things. This book will help you know and understand how to do this with specific steps. Elizabeth, the author, takes you on a journey with her life’s mission and path and the events that shaped her life, from her deep love and personal relationship with her husband Peter, and the ups and downs with having a deep love to her twin flame to where she is at today – over 30 years of a truly heartfelt journey about awakening on this planet. The author covers some topics that are not typically covered in other “awakening” communities, and there are some hard truths to uncover about what and who is/are running this planet, and these truths will cross your path. Truths about spiritual teachers, truths about the false ascension matrix, and truths about the current planetary situation that started in 2020, to name a few. She relates to how this has happened in the past we just do not remember it. I also really like that she outlines specifically things you can do, starting from the time you read the book to work on your personal ascension and get in alignment with God source and the Christos mission. She also rightly talks about how you can recognize and avoid traps and pitfalls that are designed to keep you “thinking” you are on the ascension path, yet really are not. It is possible to be stuck in a “love and bliss” consciousness trap and not develop and grow spiritually and she outlines how to recognize this. For me, reading this book has helped broaden my perspective and continue to “wake up” even more! I thought I was awake, as I have been on this path for over 40 years and have really been waking up even more over the last two years. There is so much more to learn and more and more is being revealed every day. Assimilating and digesting and realizing what has been happening for a very long time is challenging and it is fantastic this book is out here to guide us. I heartily recommend this book! We all are in an ascension matrix, like it or not! It is a physical reality. This book will help anyone who has the desire to know the truth and to do the deep personal work needed to live in this reality and thrive. Again, I heartily recommend it and am on my second read right now. ROSEMARY Thank you for writing this book, I love it and i wish I had read this many many years ago, I think that for starseeds looking for the truth, this book can save a lot of time searching for the right path because it resonates so much with who we are as a collective but also as individuals, there is only one truth and that is God's Eternal Light, the Christ Consciousness. I did love to learn more about your personnal experience, I think that in a near future your book is going to be very helpful for many persons who are lost or searching to find who they really are and how the false matrix is deception and the whole agenda behind it. I bought a second copy for a friend, I will let you know her reaction to your book. Thank You for your Service , for your honesty, and love that transpires through your book, I wish you all the best for the many days to come, this message is of great importance for the ascension cycle, thank you, GSF Blessings, love Myriam x

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