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The greatest irony of this entire lock down and all its Draconian Laws implemented to keep us “safe” is that they exist because the dark side knows how powerful we really are, but we don't! They require us to stay at home so we will not protest against the mass roll out of 5G towers, they require unto wear muzzles so we will not speak up about what is really going on. They require us to social distance so we can not come together in groups of energy and consciousness to unite against this Tyranny. The stop us from touching, kissing, embracing, and laughing because they know that love is the most powerful force in the multiverse. If only WE THE PEOPLE would realize how powerful we truly are! YOU ARE A DIVINE INFINITE HUMAN BEING! YOU ARE ALL THAT IS, EVERY HAS BEEN AND EVERY CAN BE! YOU ARE DIVINE INFINITE LOVE, INFINITE TRUTH AND INFINITE SOURCE!

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