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"Self Love is the Best Medicine

“Self Love is the Best Medicine” Peter Monroy M.D.

Saint Valentine’s Day may find many of you alone, isolated, separated or on your own . You may feel like a “Lonely Heart” who Cupid’s Arrow has missed yet again. If you find yourself alone. Remember first you all, you are never alone but ALL ONE! Know too that you have created this sacred space so you can go within, and love yourself completely!

We live in a world of great dis-ease, unhealed hurts, wounds and trauma are surfacing to be examined and healed one and for all as humanity shifts into a higher realm of consciousness. We are gaining a higher perspective on life and relearning how to do things differently. Many of you especially woman have given your lives in the loving service of others. Husbands, partners, parents, children have been your top priority with your glass coming up empty as it came time to refill and replenish yourselves. You have given much to others and our dis-eased world. It is time to place the oxygen mask on yourself first. You are infinite but you must tune inward to replenish yourself from Infinite Source which is ever present. This is why you may find yourself alone.

All our lives we have been conditioned to seek love, validation, support, and acceptance from outside sources, those around us. Our parents, friends, lovers, and partners. We equated our own self-worth to the way we were treated by others. If we were not loved and accepted we felt it was because we were bad. We had done something wrong and scrambled to change ourselves to meet with the approval of those whom we loved and we wanted to love us.

Twin Souls

At one time, when our polarities were balanced, we were the embodiment of both masculine and feminine. Both aspects of our soul resided harmoniously together in one body. According to Ancient Greek Mythology, we humans were in such a state of eternal bliss, that we refused to properly “honor” the “gods.” As punishment, we were split into two parts “male” and “female.” This is the origin of our instinctive desire for the opposite sex, our “other half” to become whole or holy, again. Given that we are all separated, when we find our other half, we are lost in the amazement of love that cannot be accounted for by a simple desire for sex. Love is the name that we give to our desire for wholeness, to be restored to our original state. In Alchemy, the alchemical restoration of polarities, of integrating both the masculine and feminine, forces of duality through “Sacred Marriage in No Time” is called Hieros Gamos which is defined as the full resurrection of the body to the eternal light of Cosmic Christ Consciousness. This is essential in transmuting the lower frequencies of duality to achieve the “Great Work” of Transmutation.

Romantic cravings push one to seek their other half and come together in sacred sexual union but we must realize that we are all both masculine and feminine. When I moved back to the states, I worked “the lines” for a while. This means I signed up with several dial-up psychic reader services. I worked with English-speaking clients all over the world. I sincerely thought I could help people on their spiritual journey. At first, I did my best to empower them and help them gain clarity into their “soul purpose” and what karmic patterns were holding them back. But after a while, it became obvious “the lines” were filled mostly with women looking for their “soul mate”, Prince Charming, or Mr. Right for all the wrong reasons. They may call them their soul mates, twin souls or twin flames, and their longing may stem from the deep pain of being ripped apart from their other half, but most of them were desperately looking for love in all the wrong places

and for all the wrong reasons. They wanted someone to take care of them, to support them, to give them the love they lacked, to give them a position in society, to father their children, to heal them, to make them filled needed… et cetera.

Ultimately it all begins and ends with you. All relationships are ultimately about you learning about yourself. If you are seeking love from someone else, where are you not loving yourself? If you are longing for a supportive community, how are you not supporting yourself? If you want someone to take care of you, where are you not taking care of yourself? When you do these things for yourself, you will find that your external world mirrors your inner reality. You will draw to you people that love, support, and truly care about you. The first relationship is to love yourself. Every relationship blooms out of the one you have with yourself and the way you feel about others reflects how you feel about yourself. When you can stop looking to others for validation, to a parent, a child, a partner, a family member, a friend, a boss, a spiritual teacher, et cetera, you will be free! You are the one creating your own life story.

The truth is that love is not an emotion. It is not a commodity. It is not something limited to something that can be given and or received from one person to another. Love is a frequency. Love is the Cosmic glue that binds everything together. As you forgive, accept and love yourself you drop densities and ascend into the higher vibrational frequencies of love and pure light. You need only maintain the power of pure love in your heart to ascend into the God Source Worlds. So, forgive yourself and forgive others, for “they know what they do” and neither did you! You have been encapsulated in a spell, living in a dream, doing the best you knew how to do. We all have! Let bygones be bygones and let us move onward and upward. If you can truly remain focused on the ever-expanding love filling your heart and your entire being and release the wounds of the past, then you can truly love yourself and others no matter what is going on around you. As you harmonize with these frequencies you will realize that love is all around you, and inside of you . As you do this you rise above the lower polarities of duality and become untouchable. All the manipulation of the dark side has no hold on you because their false light can not survive in your brilliant light of everlasting love and truth! This explains their desperate attempts to keep you trapped in the lower frequencies of fear, anger and hate. This is why I began this story with the concept that we are all just stories in the mind of God. The power to write yourself closer to the Word (frequency) which IS God, which IS Love!

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