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Stages of Ascension

  1. AWAKENING A Realization that the world is not as it seems.

This may have begun in childhood with a feeling of being different and not “fitting” in but desperately trying to. As the initiate awakens they begin to see more and more the brokenness of the world, the deception, lies and hidden agendas and awaken to the truth of who is really in control of Earth.

2. DENIAL This realization is often followed by denial.

This awakening may be followed by refusal to SEE the truth and wanting to return to the good ol’ days of ignorance. Trying to turn a blind eye, fit in, wanting things to go back to “normal.”

3. ANGER, A deep cosmic rage about the ways things are.

The next phase ism a deep anger at the unjustness of the system. A rage at the atrocities that have been committed. A cosmic rage at what has been done.

4. RED PILLING, The next phase is wanting to expose the evil in the world! To stop it by exposing it. To fight it by brining the truth out of the shadows.

5. ACCEPTANCE. The next phase is the realization that it is an inside job and people will only wake up when they are ready.

6. GRIEF. This next phase is a feeling of profound grief as you realize you no longer can “FIT IN” to the old broken world. You also realize that many souls you love will not be accomplishing you. You may try to fit back in but find it is impossible. You long to be with nature, animals and move away from the deception of society. You realize you will have to go it alone and leave behind all that you held sacred and dear. These phase may last for a long time.

7. BLISS, One day you will awaken from your self imposed isolation your hermitage to realize that you are not and have never been alone but are ALL ONE. You will awaken to the truth that you are part of the very fabric of creation. That magic of creation lives within you and you are a multidimensional infinite human being. You have friends and family in many different dimensions. You realize that all of nature is alive and your best friends are the trees and animals and the spirits that inhabit all living things around you.

This has been the historic journey of the awakened soul. The alchemist, the wise wizard or good witch who has shunned fallen ways of “man”. And lives in nature. But now that we are in an ascension cycle we may begin after completion of our own inner journey reconnecting with other souls other infinite humans who live in the power and truth of who they are divine infinite human beings. Together we will create a new infinite Earth step by step stone by stone building the “kingdom of heaven” on the fifth dimension Earth.

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