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““ According to Greek mythology, humans were originally

 created with four arms, four legs and a head

 with two faces. Fearing their power,

 Zeus split them into two separate parts,

 condemning them to spend

 their lives in search of their other halves...

 ...and when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself,

 the pair are lost in an amazement of love, friendship and intimacy

 and one will not be out of the other’s sight , even for a moment ...»

 “Love is born into every human being; it calls back the halves of our original nature together; it tries to make one out of two and heal the wound of human nature.”


At one time, when our polarities were balanced, we were the embodiment of both male and female. Both aspects of our soul resided harmoniously together in one body. According to Ancient Greek Mythology, we humans were in such a state of eternal bliss, that we refused to properly “honor” the “gods.” As punishment, we were split into two parts “male” and “female” and cast to the far ends of the Earth. This is the origin of our instinctive desire for union with the opposite sex, our other half. We long to become whole or holy, again. So the “gods” divided us because we were too powerful. Then they caste us to the four corners of the Earth and have done everything in their power to keep us from reuniting with our hierogamic partner by perpetuating this division through sexual misery to stop us from becoming “Holy”. Given that we are all separated, when we find our other half, we are lost in the amazement of love that cannot be accounted for by a simple desire for sex. Love is the name that we have given our desire for wholeness, for restoration to our original divine holy state. In Alchemy, the alchemical restoration of polarities, of integrating both the masculine and feminine forces of duality through “Sacred Marriage in No Time” is called Hieros Gamos . This is defined as, “the full resurrection of the body to the eternal light of Cosmic Christ Consciousness”. This is essential in transmuting the lower frequencies of duality to achieve the “Great Work” of Transmutation.”

Because “Twin Souls” are so powerful and essential to ascension, this hierogamic union has been the most hijacked throughout history. Whether you believe it or not everyone has a twin soul or other half, the electrical male to the magnetic female. You just may not both be alive and in the same time frame or in masculine or feminine bodies or in conditions where you can marry and come together in harmony. When souls are incarnate and come together in the sacred Hierogamic Union they become unstoppable because together they hold extremely high frequencies. Because of this the controllers have done everything possible to stop them from incarnating at the same time or if they are both alive they have done everything to stop them from coming together. This is why history is filled with tales of unrequited love or Romeo and Juliet tragedies. Movies like Somewhere in Time illustrate how souls miss each other due to being born out of sync creating winter-spring romances, or same-sex marriages. If souls are fortunate enough to find each other against all odds and overcome their initial aversion towards one another based on all the pain and traumas inflicted on them throughout history they are often only allowed to stay together for a short time to do their service to humanity. Then too often one must sacrifice themselves and leave. The grief associated with the loss of a twin soul is unbearable. Only those who have experienced this deep undying love in the physical can relate to the never-ending pain associated with losing your twin flame which always leads back to the first time we were literally ripped apart by “the false gods”. 

When Twin Souls first took on physical form in their twelve-stranded  Krystala bodies although they had six strands of DNA in the physical which were expressed as masculine and feminine the other six strands of DNA remained braided together. So they were literally ONE. 

Twin Souls:

Infinite human beings were at one time the embodiment of both male and female. When we decided to lower our frequencies to experience duality we separated our body into two physical bodies designed to be male (electro) and female (magnetic). Each of us has a genetic equal, twin soul or divine counterpart which is holding codes, jewels, crystals and sacred spiritual pieces of the other within themselves that are specifically designed to advance each other spiritually.


The Yoshi is the female magnetic half and carries 66 codes that spiral back up holding the Kryst Star Seed. This means the female is multidimensional and when she meets her Aden (male) version of herself she must wake him up so he can give her the codes he needs to wake himself up! The Female holds all the frequencies that belong to the Aden that progressively stimulates the lotus seeds so they each manifest 99 percent of their quantum so the Two and become Three to become ONE! When they can do this they become extremely powerful which is why the parasites have done everything in their power to stop this from happening. The hijacking of twin souls has been perhaps the greatest tragedy of our enslavement. I know it has left a deep and painful wound in the hearts of both men and women but probably women most of all because it has been our job to find our other half and heal them by giving them the codes they need to ascend.

If a Yoshi falls crisis for all if an Aden Succumbs Crisis for One

If the couple is attacked because the Yoshi holds the Kryst star which affects many it is the Adens that is sacrificed. Many of us have been patiently searching for our twins to rescue them from the female fatalle who have entrapped them in the phantom worlds or are awaiting for them to awaken from their dream spell to recognize who we are to them. Many have been sent to alternate timelines unable to incarnate together. But as we shift timelines these distortions and attacks will be corrected!


     In ancient times in the area once known as the Land of Mu near  Kaui Hawaii Krystala twin souls had the last six strands of their twelve strands of DNA braided together. Up until then twin souls only made love with each other because they were ONE and this was their way of expressing and enjoying their oneness in the physical. But when invading Thothian fallen angelics invaded Kaui they took these guardian races’ prisoners and threatened to kill the men if the women did not accompany them to Niburu to breed with their Annunaki warriors to preserve their race. The women agreed in hopes of “saving” the lives of their men.  But they were betrayed, the men were hunted down and massacred. Their genitals used as grounding rods for the unholy frequencies to further the fall of our planet Earth. Hence we see this falic symbol in every power placed on the planet. The women were raped and used as breeders to create a race of Annunaki warriors born to destroy the Krystala Angelics. As a result, both men and women carry this deep-seated wound of betrayal and distrust of their twin flame, thus creating a devastating rift between the sacred love bond. This continued to repeat itself throughout history with the rape of the Sabine Women, the Cathers, the Essences, etc. This MK ULTRA truama-based mind control has bred jealousy, infidelity, and distrust among those twin souls fortunate enough to manage to find one another and must be healed. If this can not be healed the relationship will end tragically. Literature recounts the tragic tales of through the poetic characters of  Kathy and Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights.

“I intuitively knew he was the One. But I was terrified! That hard external shell of protection, I had so carefully crafted around myself, was screaming for me to run, run, run away! But there he was, my soul mate, my twin soul, my other half standing in front of me! So, what did I do? I ran. I boarded a plane to Los Angeles. When I arrived in L.A., everything went South!” 

“We had a beautiful wedding at Garden Court which the Louisville Presbyterian Seminary had just bought. Thank God, because I wanted to be married outside in nature but my parents had wanted me to be married in the Seminary’s Chapel. So we compromised! My uncle married us. Even our dogs were there at the ceremony and on top of the cake! It was perfect. My youngest brother sang the song from West Side Story: “One Hand, One Heart,” “Make of our hands one hand, make of our hearts one heart, make of our vows one last vow: even death won’t part us now.” “Even death won’t part us now!” How powerfully symbolic! It was to be in this lifetime that we had vowed to join our souls eternally to return home. After the wedding, the buzz word that went around the tables and was videotaped was “job well done.” I don’t know who coined the phrase, but every one of the two hundred guests repeated it. And it was! We had done it! We had found each other in this lifetime, managed not to kill one another, and after three years, at long last, managed to make an eternal commitment to one another! Needless to say, we had a lot of help!”

The absence of one’s twin soul creates a deep and profound sense of emptiness, desperate sadness and yearning in the soul of the memory no matter how distant of a blissful time when we were joined together as one with our twin: body mind, and soul. The act of making love or even wanton sex is our desperate attempt to regain that blissful state of union that everyone seeks. This is the ultimate act of self-love because make no doubt your twin soul is your self. We have just forgotten this as we fell under the dream spell of duality. This dream spell has caused us to forget that our love is eternal and "what (Infinite God Source)  has joined together no man can tear apart.” Not even the false gods!  The true meaning of these words are that no matter how desperately the controllers have tried to extinguish our holy union with our twin soul it is impossible because we are one, made of the same spirit! 

I know the depth of grief and despair that comes from losing your Twin Soul. Or the emptiness one feels at not finding them or worse not being able to come together with the one you know is your rightful partner due to the pain and trauma of past live events, the sexual misery programming, and the war between the sexes that keeps you both from knowing each other profoundly.

“I came home, Peter was lying in bed with his eyes open. I called to him, but he did not move. Suddenly I heard the voice of my friend behind me scream, “He’s dead!” I really don’t remember much after that. I only remember holding him for what must have been hours, rocking him in my arms like the statue of “la pieta” carved by Michelangelo, and saying, “my darling man,” as I wept over his lifeless body.”

Separation from our twin souls is perhaps the greatest tragedy that has befallen us on pur fallen Earth! Hunger, pain, dis- ease, injustices, cruelty, greed and the evil reign of the unjust can all be endured when you have your true love beside you. "So darlin darlin stand by me!”

“In our travels around the world, Peter and I had created our own little world. Friends, colleagues, and family members drifted away, as we had moved from one community to the next. We remained encapsulated outside of time and 

space in the higher dimensions. We used to say to one another I can let go of anything but you. Now that bubble had burst, and I found myself alone.

This was indeed the greatest challenge of my lives! I had always killed myself when ever Peter and I were parted. But now I had to learn to live without my twin souls. As many of you reading these words many of you may identify with this feeling  of aloneness around events like marriages, watching lovers neck in public or enjoy a romantic dinner out. This  may cause you deep pain and envy. Holidays and especially Valentine’s day may be a source of great pain that causes you to feel the lack of your other half. I found myself reflecting on how Peter showered me with roses, chocolates and jewels.Yes I had lived the fairy tale and after much pain one day I finally realized that I was grateful for that fairy tale story of a great love affair. 

“Peter had been the love of my life. We had found each other on the shore of this broken Earth, we had overcome our past traumas, and transmuted our hurts, and pain from our previous incarnations here on Earth through the power of love. We had committed to our eternal love by joining our hearts as ONE.” 


   Then, I finally realized I could never lose him for we truly are one. Now I was stepping into the greatest adventure of all, to walk the Earth as the hierogamic embodiment of us both with the knowledge that as we ascend we all return to the sacred oneness of our hero gamin union.That our twin flame burns on and overcomes the darkness of the illusion of time, space and even death. This is the hope I bring to you lonely hearts, you who feel alone, unloved, and abandoned on Saint Valentine’s day or any other day. You are never alone but ALL ONE. You are never forgotten, abandoned or unloved! You have a  love that is bound to you for all eternity outside of time and space. This love you can never lose and as you ascend you draw that true love to you like two magnets that have been turned the wrong way repelling each other now being repositioned to attract one another never to be separated again. So enjoy this illusion of separation for it is ending. We are now seeing more and more hierogamic couples coming together in the physical and nonphysical to be of service in this magnificent ascension cycle we have now entered!

Be of Faith! The best is yet to come. Do your own inner work and remember we are all both masculine and feminine giving birth to the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine that is now at work in the world Co-creating the New 5D Earth. 

If you found my words informative, inspiring and uplifting and want to read more of  you may find our books on Amazon: 

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