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The Gates of Hell are Open in Rome!

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The Gates of Hell Open in Rome, Italy!

La Porte Dell’Inferno (The Gate of Hell) Exhibition Opened in Rome on Oct 15, 2021, the same day Italy makes vaccine passports (The Green Pass) mandatory. Coincidence? There are none.

While Politicians and other dignitaries gathered in Rome historically known as Saturnia to celebrate the unveiling of “The Gates of Hell” a “Work of Art” created by a French artist honoring Dante’s Inferno, the rest of Italy’s population took action to counteract the “male” or evil unleashed on the world. Italians, tourists even Hari Krishna’s gathered in front of the famous “Gates to Paradise” on the Baptistry in front of Florence’s Duomo encircling it with light and chanting “Om”. The “rebalancing” of the light against the dark continues throughout Italy with people from all walks of life gathering in piazzas and chanting OM, amidst protests against the vaccine mandates.

Many people believe conspiracies theorists are paranoid people who believe that there is a dark hand that enslaves humanity. I now call myself a conspiracy therapist helping people come to grips with the truth that is now coming out of the shadows. But the biggest conspiracy theory or falsehood on our earth is the omission of the truth that WE ARE ALL ENERGY. If low frequency “negative” energy is released on our planet using powerful symbols, it will affect the entire planet. This energy must be transmuted.

We are NOW in a war over frequencies, an energetic war of dark and light, good and bad, or between low frequencies and higher frequencies. Freedom comes from transcending or transmuting these lower frequencies into higher ones.

Alchemical Energy Workers:

I didn’t know this before but I volunteered as many of you may have to become an energetic Alchemist on our Earth at this pivotal time of our planet’s history. Throughout my life, I often found myself in some of the worst places on Earth at the most difficult of times. I have also suffered many strange “illnesses” physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually during these times often finding myself “bipolar” or experiencing energetic lows then extreme highs.

When Hell’s Gates were opened I did not know about it, but I suddenly felt extremely ill, dizzy, nauseous, and very tired. I had to rush home and climb into bed and pull out all my tricks to rebalance my energy. It wasn’t until I visited my energetic healer here in Italy that I was told about the Gates of Hell being opened. In our healing session, she helped me to transmute and realign myself energetically. It was not easy and it is something we empaths must all become aware of. I also felt this shift in my dreams which normally are very vibrated, healing, and uplifting. They became dark and wrought with old traumas of my past or scenarios of the enslavement of humanity, But my final dream was one of flying, soaring into the FREEDOM of the INFINITE!

I know I transmuted this dark energy and in so doing have contributed to the freedom of humanity. We are all Alchemists at heart and we can transmute these lower frequencies of darkness that are now being unleashed to be returned back to INFINITE GOD SOURCE. Alchemy is the act of returning something to its divine infinite state. Likewise, the evil we see at work in our world must be transmuted back into its divine state before the fall.

If this article resonates with you and you would like to know more about Alchemy, Saturnia, Lock Down in Italy please visit my website where you can subscribe and become part of the Infinite Human Family and where you can buy a copy of my book The Infinite Human and participate in forums and podcasts that help find solutions by laying a foundation for a new infinite earth in the higher dimensional frequencies. is Infinite’s Newsletter, a newsletter about The Gates of Hell open in Rome, Italy.

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