Is ushering in unprecedented energies!!!

We, Earthlings, are experiencing an influx of plasma photon radiation like never before! Although in our hidden history, which is documented by the ancient race of the Hopi, our Earth has been destroyed many times, this energy is not meant to be destructive but curative. It is meant to be the solution to the “Fall” of our planet which first occurred over 250 billion years ago! However, to those running metatronic reversal codes, of service to self and dominion over others, and who cling to the past and the old “Fallen” ways of the world this energy will be seen as destructive. It is the destruction of the old world and the restoration or ascension of our Earth to its rightful place in the higher Harmonic Universe. (HU2)

Our Recent Lion’s Gate activation and alignments with Siris has upgraeded the release of plasma energies emanating from both our sun(s) and the “Nome” waves running from the center of our Earth infusing the templar grid system or our Earth and our bodies! The escalated Schumann resonance is a mere echo of the monumental quantum leap Earth is making and will continue to make as it ascends recovering from its “FALL”. Those who have maintained their grip on our Mother Earth will incite fear of the Sun and these Corrective Climate Changes because they see it as the end, and it is The End, the end of their tyrannical control and of them running their reverse metatronic polarities, fallen sacred geometric patterns and magnetism through AI frequencies that have kept you cut off from the God Source Worlds, your true Divine Mother and Father and your Infinite Human Beingness.

As the Sun bombards our planet and our Earth corrects it wobble these major shifts may be experienced in your own body as dizziness, fatigue, heat stroke, emotional upheaval, along with many other physical, mental, emotional and spiritual "dis-ease" which are occurring to help you reach a new more balanced equilibrium so infinite source can flow through all your bodies with greater “ease”. As the magnetism caused by the Fall of the Tower of Babble releases your stolen memories will return, many to be healed and released for we humans have indeed had a very dark hidden History that is now coming to light.

So dear ones be patient and loving with yourself and others! To say this is a time of great change would be an understatement! All darkness is surfacing to be healed and released once and for ALL! This can be seen in the outer world as our institutions crumble giving way to the new. It can be seen individually as our hurts, pains, deep seated wounds and traumas from this life and past ones surface to be faced, embraced and healed. Not an easy task since since we are healing and releasing generational karmic patterns all in one lifetime! Especially the women who have had to suffer greatly throughout history having been stolen in wars, seeing their twin souls killed before their very eyes, raped and impregnated with the demonic seed, and forced to bear the spawn of an anti-krystic race birthed to bring about the fall of the Angelic Infinite Human. IT IS TIME TO RELEASE ALL GUILT! (More about this later)

These are but a few of the deep wounds we must heal. But the work each of us is doing right now is monumental and is a cumulation of many, many life times that will heal all future generations! YOU GOT THIS ONE! And remember you have to “feel to heal”, not always fun and “you can not heal in lies”. So the truth is now surfacing to aid you in your divine inner healing.

For more support in your inner healing journey: THE PATHWAY HOME A GUIDE FOR DIVINE INNER HEALING The Pathway Home a Guide to Divine Inner Healing.


Earth’s Hidden History:

“There exists 3 Earths: our current Earth of 3D, 5D Earth which is Tara, and the 7D Earth which is Gaia. Your Infinite Human twelve-stranded DNA holds the accurate historical timeline records for the entire history of the human race. As you activate your 12 DNA strands you regain your memory. The Dark Side, composed of alien entities from neighboring fallen Universes has always coveted the Divine Christos Sun DNA. Through a black hole in the center of the Andromeda Galaxy, they entered our Universe and lowered the polarities of our world resulting in a genocidal campaign for committing the first Armageddon or Christos Human Holocaust. By attacking the Royal Houses and destroying the Star Gates, they severed the Milky Way Matrix from its Mother Universe in Andromeda within the higher harmonic universes. During the final stages of destruction, Tara and her planetary consciousness exploded into fragments and was pulled into a black hole, coming out the other side into the lowest creation realms of the underworld layers of the Milky Way system. The entirety of the planet Tara fragmented and all her species were pulled into the lower density of the time matrix and reformed themselves into the pattern of our solar system and what we know today as the planet Earth.”


Many people talk about 5D or 5D timelines or even say why limit yourself to 5D why not go to the higher dimensions? They throw these concepts around without fully understanding the true architecture of our current time matrix and how we have fallen from Harmonic Universe 2 (HU2) into Harmonic Universe 1 (HU1) and become encapsulated in a prison of false timelines.

But in truth is we are all infinite and there is no time!

“We are all just stories in the mind of God the Divine Storyteller. The further we stray from the original word which IS God or the vibrational frequency of God Source the more our life story begins to unravel. The more pain, suffering and confusion we experience until like the prodigal son, we decide to return home to the vibrational frequency of Infinite God Source. Story creates meaning to our lives and allows us to learn and grow; to share our experiences; to know ourselves better; and to appreciate this spiritual journey we call life.”


So The Infinite created our current time matrix so we could incarnate and better know ourselves through story 960 billion years ago. The first humans were seeded on Tara and were created to be Guardians of this time matrix. They were angelic 12 stranded diamond DNA Infinite Human Beings born from the DNA of high densities creator gods of the Lyran - Syrian Cradle in the Higher Harmonic Universe 2 of Andromeda. We Infinite Humans honored the Will of Divine Infinite Source and lived by The Law of One. When Tara imploded many were pulled into the lower harmonic universe through the black hole severing the Milky Galaxy from our Mother Galaxy Andromeda. Those souls caught up in this cataclysm became known as The Lost Souls of Tara. These souls carried a large portion of quantum (energy) along with the internal grid structure of Tara. Because of this Tara has been unable to make its natural organic ascent into 7D Gaia and Earth has continued to fall.

Thus Earth is in a prime location and all the wars on our planet and throughout both recorded history and our hidden history have been about our neighboring parallel fallen universe competing to gain control over her templar gird system in order to pull Earth into their fallen matrix and feed on her as an energy source. If our Earth goes she will take with her the entire time matrix. This is huge and the Guardian Races will not allow this to happen. Thus a “fail safe” mission has been implemented. In simple terms and this will be explained in more detail in future lessons but it involves a more direct path of ascension through an Arc of the Covenant technology. In short, what we are experiencing now is a rapid path back home to our divine Infinite Human position in the Cosmos. So hang onto your body and “Earth Cinq”!


A Time Matrix is the twelve-stranded Tree of Life which corresponds with the 12 Star Gates and the angelic 12 strands of DNA. This is the organic timeline. But when Earth fell all the open infinite architecture was changed into a closed-looped system of false timelines and our “sacred” geometrical patterns were inverted into finite patterns leading us back into the closed looping prison matrix of time. Radio sync to AI technologies running Metatronic reversal patterns and degrading the fire letters and DNA codes were implemented to plug us back into the finite geometrical patterns of a closed time loop matrix with no escape and the final goal being to pull as many souls possible into the two competing fallen universe: phantom and Wesidrax. (Not something you want to do.)

Things had to get really bad!

The Guardians had to allow Eart to fall to a point of (almost)“no return”, in order to execute operation “Fail Safe”. Because the Guardians a Race (48D) of high density highly evolved noncorporal entities whose job is to Guard the free will they can not decide your future. You must decide where you want to go now. Home or to a fallen universe where the only way you can return to your true home, true family and Divine Infinite Source is as space dust? The fallen Angelics will not be able to continue to live on our Earth as she rapidly ascends and they want to take as many souls with them. Thus you see a push to get you off Earth and into outer space or into a metaverse! This is why organic ascension is the only ticket home.

Good News!

As of 2017 operation fail safe a direct route to restore our fallen Earth to its rightful place as Tara has been implemented. This has been a 260 million years journey and you dear Earthling are part of this monumental moment in history!

In simple terms Earth is being rerouted energetically time traveling to the time before the fall of Tara. Earth is inwardly ascending back to its rightful place before the fall. It’s divine energetic blueprint is being restored and by Earth cync or activating your plasma body and working with the bio rhythms of our organic Earth and her cithara grid system you too can reclaim your divine blueprint and return home. This is the fullest essence of the 5D organic timeline back Home to Tara. At that point all those souls (everyone in the Galaxy) can return to where ever they came. Many of you may not even be aware of the fact that you are highly evolved entities from the higher density God Source Worlds who “Volunteered” to come here for this very moment in time! But you got trapped in this time looping prison matrix! You can now return Home!


The 3D Time line is an artificial time loop now leading back into even fallen phantom worlds where your divine essence will be so consumed you will not be able to return and back to Source except as “space dust”. You have free will but if you would like a tip: Don’t go there! I recently watched The Lord of the Rings so for those who have seen it and need a visual you are choosing between being an Elf or an Orc!


What do this choices look like in your every day lives? It means you need to upgrade! Let these wonderful energies come into your body and into your life! Stop doing things the old 3D way. Stop doing what external sources tell you to do and begin to trust your own inner intuitive voice from within. Begin to be more in harmony with nature and the Sun. The Sun is working with unprecedented energy at present breaking down all the reverse Medtronic polarities, beasty machinery and freeing us from the A.I. technology that caused our fall and has kept us, prisoners. This has to do with the false wobble of our Earth the Moon- Saturn- Orion Niburu and black cube technology and much more. So it is going to be quite a ride and yes our “climate” is changing for the better much to the dismay and regret of those currently in power! You too will need to dissolve your beast overlays, implants and harnesses but most of all it will require you to have the courage to heal from within, heal all the many live-times you have endured these pain and trauma in order to help free the Lost Souls of Tara! Your time has at long last come!!!

I strongly suggest you begin to run the Maharic Shield daily to help you activate your 12 stands of DNA

Guided medition

The Good News!

You will be caught in this wonderful updraft aligning yourself with the true organic future of Earth and the 5D timeline! The First will be Last and the Last will be First! I say this often in my videos because all those who have been in power through greed, domination over Earth and humanity and service to self will find their hold weakening, giving way to those of us who have brought with us dreams and vision of a better world based on service to others, love unity co-creation and the Law of One.

If this resonates and you would like more inspiration and support in your soul mission. I suggest you read The Infinite Human and The Pathway Home and if you have children The Magical Mist which explains what is happening on Earth to the Little People (who need to be included!)


Also please join our growing Infinite Human Family at where you can find many free resources such as blog posts and videos and connections to my social media and YouTube channel where I give healing meditatoins and tibits of intuitive information and inspiration. If you need some more help The Infinite Human School for The Visionaries of the New Consciousness Renaissance will be offering retreats here on The Magic Island of Sicily as well as online workshops and there is a list of the cities I will be visiting on my Book Tour this Fall! I may be coming to a city near you and I would love to meet you in person!!!


You brave Souls who have come to Earth to Serve in this amazing time and to all those who have read or are reading The Infinite Human! Such a joy to serve with you! Elizabeth Monroy (The White!)😂


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