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Is ushering in unprecedented energies!!!

We, Earthlings, are experiencing an influx of plasma photon radiation like never before! Although in our hidden history, which is documented by the ancient race of the Hopi, our Earth has been destroyed many times, this energy is not meant to be destructive but curative. It is meant to be the solution to the “Fall” of our planet which first occurred over 250 billion years ago! However, to those running metatronic reversal codes, of service to self and dominion over others, and who cling to the past and the old “Fallen” ways of the world this energy will be seen as destructive. It is the destruction of the old world and the restoration or ascension of our Earth to its rightful place in the higher Harmonic Universe. (HU2)

Our Recent Lion’s Gate activation and alignments with Siris has upgraeded the release of plasma energies emanating from both our sun(s) and the “Nome” waves running from the center of our Earth infusing the templar grid system or our Earth and our bodies! The escalated Schumann resonance is a mere echo of the monumental quantum leap Earth is making and will continue to make as it ascends recovering from its “FALL”. Those who have maintained their grip on our Mother Earth will incite fear of the Sun and these Corrective Climate Changes because they see it as the end, and it is The End, the end of their tyrannical control and of them running their reverse metatronic polarities, fallen sacred geometric patterns and magnetism through AI frequencies that have kept you cut off from the God Source Worlds, your true Divine Mother and Father and your Infinite Human Beingness.

As the Sun bombards our planet and our Earth corrects it wobble these major shifts may be experienced in your own body as dizziness, fatigue, heat stroke, emotional upheaval, along with many other physical, mental, emotional and spiritual "dis-ease" which are occurring to help you reach a new more balanced equilibrium so infinite source can flow through all your bodies with greater “ease”. As the magnetism caused by the Fall of the Tower of Babble releases your stolen memories will return, many to be healed and released for we humans have indeed had a very dark hidden History that is now coming to light.

So dear ones be patient and loving with yourself and others! To say this is a time of great change would be an understatement! All darkness is surfacing to be healed and released once and for ALL! This can be seen in the outer world as our institutions crumble giving way to the new. It can be seen individually as our hurts, pains, deep seated wounds and traumas from this life and past ones surface to be faced, embraced and healed. Not an easy task since since we are healing and releasing generational karmic patterns all in one lifetime! Especially the women who have had to suffer greatly throughout history having been stolen in wars, seeing their twin souls killed before their very eyes, raped and impregnated with the demonic seed, and forced to bear the spawn of an anti-krystic race birthed to bring about the fall of the Angelic Infinite Human. IT IS TIME TO RELEASE ALL GUILT! (More about this later)

These are but a few of the deep wounds we must heal. But the work each of us is doing right now is monumental and is a cumulation of many, many life times that will heal all future generations! YOU GOT THIS ONE! And remember you have to “feel to heal”, not always fun and “you can not heal in lies”. So the truth is now surfacing to aid you in your divine inner healing.

For more support in your inner healing journey: THE PATHWAY HOME A GUIDE FOR DIVINE INNER HEALING The Pathway Home a Guide to Divine Inner Healing.


Earth’s Hidden History:

“There exists 3 Earths: our current Earth of 3D, 5D Earth which is Tara, and the 7D Earth which is Gaia. Your Infinite Human twelve-stranded DNA holds the accurate historical timeline records for the entire history of the human race. As you activate your 12 DNA strands you regain your memory. The Dark Side, composed of alien entities from neighboring fallen Universes has always coveted the Divine Christos Sun DNA. Through a black hole in the center of the Andromeda Galaxy, they entered our Universe and lowered the polarities of our world resulting in a genocidal campaign for committing the first Armageddon or Christos Human Holocaust. By attacking the Royal Houses and destroying the Star Gates, they severed the Milky Way Matrix from its Mother Universe in Andromeda within the higher harmonic universes. During the final stages of destruction, Tara and her planetary consciousness exploded into fragments and was pulled into a black hole, coming out the other side into the lowest creation realms of the underworld layers of the Milky Way system. The entirety of the planet Tara fragmented and all her species were pulled into the lower density of the time matrix and reformed themselves into the pattern of our solar system and what we know today as the planet Earth.”


Many people talk about 5D or 5D timelines or even say why limit yourself to 5D why not go to the higher dimensions? They throw these concepts around without fully understanding the true architecture of our current time matrix and how we have fallen from Harmonic Universe 2 (HU2) into Harmonic Universe 1 (HU1) and become encapsulated in a prison of false timelines.

But in truth is we are all infinite and there is no time!

“We are all just stories in the mind of God the Divine Storyteller. The further we stray from the original word which IS God or the vibrational frequency of God Source the more our life story begins to unravel. The more pain, suffering and confusion we experience until like the prodigal son, we decide to return home to the vibrational frequency of Infinite God Source. Story creates meaning to our lives and allows us to learn and grow; to share our exper