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Let The New Consciousness Renaissance Begin!

Updated: May 22, 2022

It Begins With You!

Lies die with time but the truth lives on in the hearts of those who seek it. It only takes a few good seeds to create an forest!

Over five hundred years ago, painters, poets, writers, philosophers, humanitarians and alchemists steered our world out of the Dark Ages and into the Light of the Renaissance. This “rebirth” of classical wisdom gave way to Neoplatonic thought. In Ancient Greece, Plato taught that the purpose of all Art was to reflect infinite beauty, truth, and wisdom and that all artists should first seek to attain this world of perfection within, then transmit it through their Art. This age was filled with beauty, creativity, and the idea that each human possesses a divine spark of the Infinite Creator within. Great Artists expressed this divine creative spark through their artwork, literature, science, architecture, and inventions which they left for all the world to behold. Love, freedom, and the search for the Infinite were the defining values of the Renaissance. Love was understood primarily as a platonic way to rise to the perfection and contemplation of God. According to Marsilio Ficino, “Love is the Work of God in the World.” These were the ideals striving to break through the Dark Machiavellian World of Conspiracies, and blood baths. Likewise, in our world today, the Light of Truth is breaking though the lies and deceptions that have held humanity hostage. The power goes to those who awaken from the dream spell. Those who first awaken will be the Co-Creators of the New Consciousness Renaissance and will Co- Create our future and a Ne Earth.

The New Infinite Earth Builders will be the artists, painters, poets, writers, healers, inventors and visionaries who are not distracted by the current narratives running on our finite 3D Earth. These spiritually mature Infinite Human Beings will not wait for someone or something outside of themselves to take care of things, but will roll up their sleeves and create a world they want to live in! The New 5D Earth will be populated by Infinite Human Beings who have freed themselves from the scripted dramas and finite illusions of the 3D World and can focus on their creations! This New Consciousness Renaissance, unlike the past one, will not be based on ancient scriptures, documents, bibles, tablets and external sources of information which can be co-opted to misdirect individuals from the Truth. Rather, it will but founded on each person’s direct connection to Infinite God Source within. The information will come directly from INFINITE SOURCE. It will be born from the soul, from the heart and from every Infinite Human Being who has ascended to their own freedom within. They will be, as Plato wrote, “individuals who attain this world of perfection first within.” One by one, as each human awakens to the Infinite within themselves, this expanded awareness attained through ascension into the higher frequencies of Infinite Consciousness will pick up speed like a massive snowball! There will be no stopping it! This time the Dark Finite Side will not be able to corrupt that which is pure, holy and created in the higher frequencies of love and truth.

As you awaken from the Dream Spell and have the courage to face and transmute your deepest fears, wounds, traumas, and the Cosmic Rage of your shadow self you will clear the way for the power of Infinite Source to flow through you! You will be victorious over the Dark Finite Side! This is the only battle that needs to be fought, the battle within. As you transform your inner world your outer world will also transform. You do not have to fight your fellow human beings, the cabal, demons or the Dark Side! The only demons you need to face are those within you. You must overcome them through the power of love, by loving them death. Once you are free from the shadows that pull you into the lower density of the World of Illusion and Duality you can reclaim your infinite power! You have the ability to create your optimal self and your optimal future. You can take back the magic pen and write your own life story, thus rewriting the Future of OUR Planet!

(Excerpt from The Infinite Human by Elizabeth Monroy M.D. and Peter Monroy M.D.)

The Infinite Human serves as a catalyst for awakening from the lies that have been hidden in plain site and grounding your feet firmly onto the true path of ascension into the higher frequencies of love and true light, off the beaten path of the false ascension matrix. It is the first book of its kind written from the a multidimensional perspective embracing both the pain of feeling alone, abandoned, outcast, like an outsider an ugly ducky only to awaken to the swam within. If this resonates with you then you may be a Christos Star Seed awakening from a Coma, a dream spell to the powerful Infinite Human Being you truly are and to your all important soul mission…the very reason you came to this planet. This is your wake up call to learn the truth of who you really are, why you came here and to find your soul tribe so you can begin the exciting process of co creating an Infinite New Earth in the AMAZING TIME TO BE ALIVE!!!

If this resonates with you then you may be part of a growing soul tribe of first wave volunteers who are freeing humanity’s consciousness piecing through the veils of illusion and clearing the way for a New Consciousness to take root here on Earth. As we come together we are activating our cellular collective memories held within the divine essence of our 12 stranded DNA. We are like puzzle pieces looking for our missing pieces and coming together to create a Divine Puzzle and carry out a Divine Plan.



This book was life changing and a number #1 book for awakening souls. This book gathered all the pieces of the puzzle ranging from galactic history to empowering knowledge about our true infinite selves. I encourage everyone to get this book in a preparation for the future and how you can take your divine role in the making of the new earth.

THANK YOU Ireland Clark

If you are just now awakening spiritually or have been on the path for a long time or something in-between, this little gem of a book has something relevant for everyone at every level of their awakening consciousness. From newly awakening to star seeds to souls who have been awake a long time, everyone will gain some nuggets from this book.How do we align with God source? How do we even know we are connected to this beautiful energy? This book gives you some very good clues and outlines steps to make that happen for you. You do not need to have a Guru, teacher, priest, preacher, shaman or any other intermediary guide you in today’s energetic vibrations. Nor do you need to use plant medicines, hallucinogenic, or any mind-altering substances. You can attain direct flow from the universe without any of those things. This book will help you know and understand how to do this with specific steps.

Elizabeth, the author, takes you on a journey with her life’s mission and path and the events that shaped her life, from her deep love and personal relationship with her husband Peter, and the ups and downs with having a deep love to her twin flame to where she is at today – over 30 years of a truly heartfelt journey about awakening on this planet.

The author covers some topics