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THE QUEEN IS DEAD LONG LIVE THE QUEENS!!!! The Death of Queen Elizabeth marks the end!

Updated: Sep 11, 2022


The Death of Queen Elizabeth marks the end of the reign of the imposter royalty and the return of the Dragon Queens, the Magi Grail lines, and the True Royals whose job is to not rule over people because people are God Sovereign Free but to reclaim their positions as the Guardians of OUR EARTH!

“We have been conditioned to believe that those who hold wealth and power are worthy of our trust, loyalty and obedience and that they are the representatives of “God” here on earth. That their orders should be followed with unwavering devotion even if it may cost us our own lives. We are taught from birth that those of the “upper class” with good breeding are our betters, our genetic superiors, the Lords and Ladies that preside over us. We have been brainwashed into believing wealth and power is more important than love and compassion. That a person’s words are more important than their deeds. That the “Elites” who possess money, position and power should never be questioned. The truth is there is nothing elite about these imposter gods, and their psychopathic children. They are simply dysfunctional mafioso families, not gods! In fact, they are the farthest thing from God or Divine Infinite God Source! Every child born into an Illuminati family undergoes Satanic Ritual Abuse. This means they have been sodomized, tortured, and are possessed by demonic entities. The more powerful the illuminati figure, the more powerful the demonic entity that possesses them. There is nothing noble about the “nobility” nor their families. If you dig deeply into the history of most “royal” families, it reads like a godfather novel, with tales of fratricide, patricide, matricide, sororicide and genocide. This does not mean there were not plants, evolved souls, avatars or “Christ Players” who incarnated into positions of power with missions to counteract these evil agendas. There have always been plants throughout the ages. But the ruling class of today are usurpers of the true nobility! They are demonic abominations of God’s Natural Laws, void of any sense of morality, integrity, justice, compassion or dignity. We are the true Royalty! We are the ELITES!”

Excerpt from The Infinite Human by Elizabeth Monroy M.S. & Peter Monroy M.D.

The queen of England died and the timing is very synchronistic. Whether she died today or last year is irrelevant. The timing of the announcement is very synchronistic.

The Original Royal Portal of 9/9 is tomorrow. This portal represents the awakening of the 13 pure blooded royal Elohim angelic lineages. These special lineage of angelics incarnated on earth and were put in waiting/sleep until the old reptilian monarch timeline collapsed.

These Elohim Angels are here to usher in a new and pure royal energy over the planet. When I say "Royal Energy" I don't mean that they're going to rule over humanity. Instead, they're ushering in a wave of healing to everyone that have lived a royal lifetime on earth. Every royal family, dynasty and empire that has ever existed throughout earth's history has experienced some form of infiltration and collapse.

The Queen of England, and her group, were responsible for the infiltration and collapse of a multitude of royal families, dynasties and empires throughout earths history which has created ripples of endless chaos and suffering. Her death is a reflection of that old age of destruction ending.

This wave is also awakening those who have royal galactic lineages, celestial royal lineages and universal royal lineages. People from all levels of royalty are receiving their royal DNA code activations and remembering their royal existence off planet, in other realms and dimensions. I've been working with many clients recently who I've helped awaken to their pleiadian royal lineage, Elohim Angel Royal Lineage, faerie royal lineage and Dragon Royal lineages.

9/9 is the Universal Royal Portal

~Antonio Arilo

My name is Elizabeth Monroy …Monroy meaning my King or Queen. Ironically in Italy, I was always called Queen Elizabeth by the Italians! I have always had neck problems since the kundalini of my crown charka was activated early in my life and I had to carry the weight of this crown most of my life. I always knew at some level that when Queen Elizabeth the last of the imposters MY reign and the reign of the true Guardian Royalty Bloodlines would commence. THAT DAY HAS COME!

It is a responsibility that is not to be born lightly. We who have been patiently awaiting this day for eons are at long last moving into the positions as the true Guardians of OUR EARTH. For those who are truly ready to SERVE the ONENESS of all things and uphold THE LAW OF ONE, the Holy Scepter of true power to carry out the Divine Will of Infinite God Source