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Updated: Dec 3, 2023


Much to my surprise Kiki and I have moved to MALTA where we rented a beautiful 300 year old palace which I have named the Palace of the Goddesses! It is three stories with ancient corridors winding stair cases and constructed from enormous limestone blocks which hold frequency. Part of it is built into the side of the mountain while the terrace overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. This island is running very high frequencies and I was told my palace was going to be filled with people pilgrimaging here to heal and do very powerful spiritual work.

Malta or Melita as it was known in Goddess times, is known as the Isle of Honey or Divine Plasma. It is the very heart centre of the Divine Feminine node or dragon node on the earth. Some of the oldest Goddess temples of Lemuria are still visible and standing in Malta.

Dragon nodes or Dragon Eggs are where Dragon lines or lay lines intersect. Since this is the heart center of Mother Earth’s Dragon Egg where all the leylines come together it controls the energetic template of our Mother Earth. It is not unlike the key point where one can upload whatever software program that they want Earth’s energetic body to run.

So you can image how powerful this island is and why it has been coveted by the Fallen angelic parasites. It was originally guarded by the Goddesses who were the embodiment of the hierogamic union of divine masculine and divine feminine in physical form. They performed daily toning rituals in subterranean healing chambers that honeycombed Malta. Modern day Malta is just the tip of the iceberg the mountain top of what was once MU. What ever is fed into these ley lines determines the energetic temperature of our planet. The Goddesses maintained our Earth in a high frequency. In the subterranean chambers of the Hypogeum where the Goddesses performed their toning rituals Krystala Spirals are painted in red ochre to symbolize the flow of life lava blood.

When Malta fell to the Luciferian Knights Templar they lowered the frequency of our Earth by penetrating the energetic template of the dragon egg heart center with satanic blood rituals and filled the holiest of holy sacred chambers with the dead who had suffered fear, pain and hopelessness. They programed the energetic template to serve their banking systems enslaving our free infinite energetic with their black magic finite prison.

But the Goddesses have returned and we are taking back our Mother Earth her precious template and resetting it back to the Krystala Spiral of Infinite Source!

Twin Souls:

Infinite human beings were at one time the embodiment of both male and female. When we decided to lower our frequencies to experience duality we separated our body into two physical bodies designed to be male (electro)and female (magnetic). Each of us has a genetic equal, twin soul or divine counterpart which is holding codes, jewels, crystals and sacred spiritual pieces of the other within themselves that are specifically designed to advance each other spiritually.

The Yoshi is the female magnetic half and carries 66 codes that spiral back up holding the Kryst Star Seed. This means the female is multidimensional and when she meets her Aden (male) version of herself she must wake him up so he can give her the codes he needs to wake himself up! The Female holds all the frequencies that belong to the Aden that progressively stimulates the lotus seeds so they each manifest 99 percent of their quantum so the Two and become Three to become ONE! When they can do this they become extremely powerful which is why the parasites have done everything in their power to stop this from happening. The hijacking of twin souls has been perhaps the greatest tragedy of our enslavement. I know it has left a deep and painful wound in the hearts of both men and women but probably women most of all because it has been our job to find our other half and heal them by giving them the codes they need to ascend.

If a Yoshi falls crisis for all if a Aden Falls Crisis for One

Because the Yoshi holds the Kryst star which affects many the Adens were the ones to be sacrificed if the couple was attacked. Many of us have been patiently searching for our twins to rescue them from the female fatalle who have entrapped them in the phantom worlds or our waiting for them to awaken from the dream traps. Many have been sent to alternate timelines unable to incarnate together. But as we shift timelines these distortions and attacks will be corrected!

Shifting from the Lunar Zodiac to Solar Zodiac Imprints

On the Krystala spiral the corrected solar calendar positions for the ascending timeline zodiacal alignments have now begun, there is no turning back.

The corrected solar calendar positions generated a morphogenetic blueprint barrier between 3D lunar matrix zodiac and its artificial timelines, and the 5D solar matrix zodiac and the organic timelines. Thus for many, this bifurcation split from lunar calendar to solar calendar in the timelines has generated a new position within the timelines, shifting the zodiac imprints and igniting intense solar activations and miasmatic purging of lunar overlays such as: Anti-Hierogamic Technology: AI red wave and red cube systems, red trident, fracturing and splitting humans away from reuniting with their authentic gender twin matrix, sending them into alternate or false timelines, making natural hierogamic union or sacred marriage very rare and highly difficult to achieve on the physical or astral plane. Creating the "war between the sexes", misogyny (and more recently misandry), female subjugation, false twin/reptilian interface, 'alien love bite', anti-hieros gamos technology, gender reversals and gender splitting tech.Those still hooked into the lunar zodiac birth imprints may not enjoy the major consciousness shifts and upgrades.

Tri-Flame of Khemalohatea (Camelot) The Triple Flames of Khemalot are required for ascending humans to sense the musical tones and hear the speaking-singing voice of the incoming Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father in their corrected gender twin flame matrix. This is currently twinning Khem Codes into the pineal, thalamus and higher heart complex which reverberates solar tones throughout the spinal column, skull and skeletal bone matrix.

Within the correct Khemalohatea tones ignited in specific locations, it was possible to retrieve the correct Gender Twin Flame pair alignments in the timelines. When the inner masculine and inner feminine are in energetic balance within a man or woman, then the female part is pulling in the energetic frequencies (magnetic), while the masculine part is transmitting the frequencies (electric). When the divine male and divine female come together in a loving and balanced sacred marriage, the energetic power of receiving and transmitting frequencies when united together magnifies the amplification of both receiving and transmitting of the solar frequencies with an exponential power being directed into a third creation tri-wave field. This is a secret in successful manifestation on the matter plane, the inner male and inner female energies must be balanced, then manifestations are greatly amplified in spiritual power.

The Return of the Goddesses MALTA:


During this retreat we will be Shifting from Lunar Zodiac Imprints to Solar Zodiac Imprints as we work with the Tri-Flame of Khemalohatea tones inside the Hypogeum acoustic Healing Chamber on the Lunar New Year, Shifting ourselves and our Earth onto the Krystala Spiral of the corrected solar calendar of the ascending organic timeline and away from the fibonacci spiral running on the lunar matrix zodiac and its artificial timelines. This will allow us to dissolve the AI lunar harnesses and imprints and heal the trauma and ancestral miasma to unite the inner divine feminine and divine masculine for amplified spiritual power and manifestation. You will also be given the opportunity to look deeply at your current life story and rewrite it redefining yourself and womanhood as living Goddesses. After your inner healing and rebirth you will come together in the spirit of co creation to give birth to the returning Goddess energy and a new expression of solar female through the new definition of women on the New infinite Earth!

February 7th-15th, 2024






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